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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of July 7, 1997 on SB
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Monday, July 7, 1997
by Sharon Shevelon

Due to NBC's extended coverage of Wimbledon, Sunset Beach was not shown last week. Today's show picks up where June 27th's show left off

Ben is staring at the picture of Meg that he tore up. He throws the pieces to the floor in a fit of anger.

Gregory comes to pay Ben a visit. He told Ben that he is there so that he can help Ben get over Maria. He told Ben that he knows that they were having problems the day that Maria died. Ben told him that this in not any of his business. Gregory says it is his business as he was his best friend, and was his best man at their wedding. He is like family. He told Ben that they were good together as a team. Ben said that he thought the door was closed on their friendship a long time ago, ever since the Annie trouble. He told Ben that they could be a team again when he is ready to let Maria go.

Annie is burning the pages that she has added to the journal. Tim told her that this is not going to work. Annie shows him the pages plus the journal and dares him to tell the difference. He can't tell which is which. He reads and asks Annie if any of this is true, and she told him she wouldn't be with Ben if it were. Tim told her that women are attracted to serial killers. Annie asks if that is why he is attracted to her and he says that Meg is his type. Annie asks if that is what he told the maid of honor when he was cheating with her on Meg. He vows that if he gets Meg back that he will not ever cheat on her again. Annie starts to tempt Tim, when he tells Annie to get the journal back to Meg's before she realizes it is gone.

Olivia tries to call the hospital to see if she could get an earlier appointment for the abortion. She finds out that is impossible, when Gregory walks in. Gregory asks if she is ready for their trip to Lohoya. She says that she is still feeling under the weather, and Gregory told her that he knows the real truth. He says he knows that she is still drinking, and Olivia assures him that she is definitely not drinking anymore. She is just having a hard time shaking this flu. Gregory decides that she should see a doctor. He told her either you make the appointment or I will. She says that she will under one condition, that she be allowed to go alone. He tells her that he is just worried about her. Gregory is telling her that he wants her to take care of herself, when Bette enters saying "Thank goodness you have decided not to go through with this". Olivia signals her to shutup. Olivia covers herself by saying that Olivia was going to cut her hair short. Gregory is satisfied with that and leaves to take care of business. Olivia is having second thoughts, but she can't do this to her family not now when things are going so good. Bette told her that Gregory will never know that the baby isn't his. Caitlin enters and says hello. Olivia told Caitlin that she has some things to do, Bette says she will go with her and they leave. The phone rings, it is the hospital saying they have a cancellation and she needs to get there right away. Caitlin told them they have the wrong number. She hangs up and decides to call back and pretend that she is Olivia Cole and told them that she will be there. She asks if the procedure is complicated, and the nurse says terminating a pregnancy could always be complicated. Caitlin now knows that her mother is pregnant and rushes to the hospital to stop her.

Casey has resigned himself about Alex's fate. He told Meg, Mark and Michael that he knew that everything would be ok when he saw Alex with the baby with Aides. He said that all she cared about was that baby was loved before he died, not about herself. He told them that she did that for him when he was little, telling him that everything would be ok. Michael and Casey make up after their little tiff, and decide to take Alex home. They enter her room and she is already packing and asked them what took them so long. She asked them to bust her out of there.

Olivia is in the room where the procedure is going to be done. She is having an image of Gregory with the new baby and he says he doesn't think that the baby is hers, and she told him that she would never lie about that. He tells her that she shouldn't try to lie to him as he will always find out the truth. She knows that she can not go through with this pregnancy. The nurse comes in to prepare her for the doctor. Caitlin is at the front desk asking about the whereabouts of her mother. Will she be in time to stop her mother from making this big mistake???

Gregory runs into Annie at the pier. He told Annie that he just came back from Bens. He told her that it is time that she help Ben get over Maria. She told him that she thought he was Ben's friend, and he says that is why he thinks it is time for him to let Maria go. Annie told him he should talk to Meg as she is his confidant at this time. Gregory says that Meg is a passing fancy for Ben. Annie told Gregory that Ben really loved Maria, and Gregory said that Ben didn't love Maria for Maria but what he imagined she could be. Annie takes this all in and leaves with a smile on her face. Gregory too has a smile on his face, when Cole comes up. Cole wants to know who is in trouble now? He told Gregory that when he sees that smile he knows someone is in trouble. Gregory and Cole square off about Caitlin. He hopes that Caitlin has left Cole and Cole told Gregory that Caitlin went after Olivia. Gregory decides that Olivia should have been home by now and leaves to find out where Olivia could be.

Tuesday, July 8, 1997
by Lisa Smith

Caitlin bursts in and demands some answers from Olivia about why she is terminating her pregnacy. She bluntly asks her mother whether or not the baby is her father's. Olivia tries to explain that things are working so well with Gregory that she is afraid of messing things up. Later, Gregory and Cole are searching for both Caitlin and Olivia and find out from the maid that Caitlin made a call and ran off to the hospital. The two men go to the hospital and find Caitlin who doesn't tell them what she knows. Gregory goes on a crazed search for his wife. The only problem is that she is going under an alias name. Meg reads more of the tampered diary. Ben sees her on the beach and debates whether or not to go out and talk to her...Alex, Casey, and Michael take some pictures with Vanessa shooting them. Alex gives Vanessa a compliment about her writing skills which does a lot for Vanessa's esteem.

Wednesday, July 9, 1997
by Sunset Bum

Olivia covers to Gregory as to why she∆s in the hospital and claims she's having an exploratory procedure done because she may have an ulcer. Just as Ben is about to give into his feelings for Meg, he pulls back at the last second and told Meg to stay away from him. Annie takes advantage of a vulnerable Ben and encourages him to let her help him forget what's troubling her. Later, she engages him in a kiss an it looks as though the two will make love. Gabi slyly gets herself invited to the Surf Central party but is un able to effectively come between Ricardo and Paula.

Thursday, July 10, 1997
by Mary DeRock

Medical Woes
Gregory walks in as Caitlin says, "Daddy deserves to know the truth." Caitlin tells him it isn't a simple ulcer, and Olivia explains that's why she's having the exploratory procedure. Gregory asks Caitlin to give him a call with any news, he needs to step out of the hospital for a while. Cole asks Caitlin to tell him what is wrong with Olivia, and she asks him to never keep secrets from one another. Cole went to check on Olivia and asks why there is so much mystery surrounding her "illness." Dr. Robinson comes in and realizes something about Olivia's "friend" Cole. Later as she is asked to make her final decision, Olivia has a flashback to one of her mother-daughter relationship with Caitlin and her discussions with Gregory. She changes her mind and when Caitlin walks in she told her daughter she "couldn't go through with it." Caitlin happily hugs her mother, and she asks Caitlin not to tell anyone about her pregnancy.

A Surprise
Ben arrives at Surf Central to see Meg. He told Meg it is time he get on with his life with her and put the past behind him. Smiling, Meg finds comfort in his arms as Tim watches. She asks why the studio was locked up and Ben told her not to worry about it. Unfortunately, it has all been a daydream of Meg's while she dances with Tim. Meanwhile Annie tries to convince to let her "help him" by making out with him. Ben fantasizes about Meg while kissing Annie and gets into things with Annie more so as a result as his thought of Meg. Tim realizes Meg is thinking of Ben and asks her to stop. At Surf Central Tim, Gabi, and Mark talk to Meg about her addiction to Ben. Annie asks Ben if he's letting things happen between the two of them to hurt Meg or to hurt Annie. Annie surmises that Ben is trying to be with her because he doesn't love her and he can't get hurt or really hurt her. However, he loved Maria and loves Meg and Annie thinks he is afraid of hurting Meg. Ben told Annie to stop babbling, and she agrees since she wants him no matter what. Meg went up to talk to Ben and when no one answers at Ben's, she went to Annie's in hopes of getting a lead on Ben from Annie. Looking through the sliding door, she sees them in a passionate kiss.

Casey and Alex have a heart to heart about life and death. Mother and son profess their love for each other. Paula takes notice of Mark and Gabi's closeness. Gabi showers Mark with praise of his abilities as a DJ. Gregory visits Alex at Surf Central and she told him of her cancer. He offers to help her in any way, she asks him to review her will and tell her if it is legal and binding. He asks her to tell him it is all a joke, Alex can only look at him teary eyed.

Friday, July 11, 1997
by SunsetBum

Annie is surprised when Ben makes no move to go after Meg who has just witnessed the two about to make love. Later, Meg finds Ben and told him she's decided to stay away from him for good. Casey and Alex decide to leave Sunset Beach in search of a cure for her diseases or in the hopes she will go into remission. Eddie informs Bette that he found her financial advisor and he has blown all of her money. Later, Bette realizes She'll have to get a job or perhaps find a sugar daddy. While talking to Mark, Gabi manipulates her rendition of the day Ricardo saw her in the nude making it seem like Ricardo set it up.

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