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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of February 23, 1998 on SB
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Monday, February 23, 1998

The Police Station
Ricardo traced Caitlin's location to Silverado Canyon for Cole.

Surf Central
Gabi and Jimmy discussed how much they miss Mark. Thinking about Tim's accident, Jimmy worried that a killer was still on the loose. Gabi assured him that the killer was dead, but was she trying to convince him or herself?

The Cabin
On the phone, Dr. Brock told Annie that she would have to deliver the baby since Olivia's contractions were so close together. Annie freaked out when Olivia recognized her, but Dr. Brock assured her that Olivia wouldn't remember anything later. Annie delivered Olivia's baby while Olivia screamed for Gregory. Olivia asked to hold her baby boy.

The Woods Caitlin was upset that Annie was taking such a long time. Worried that Cole might start wondering about her, Caitlin tried to call him at work and was told he was at another site so she assumed he was still working. Caitlin saw headlights and assumed it was Annie, but unbeknownst to her it could be Cole.

The Police Station
Gabi stuck up for Ben to Ricardo that Ben wouldn't have hurt Tim. Gabi realized that Ricardo's accusations went back to his feelings about Maria's death. Ricardo admitted he would never understand why Maria was gone.

South Bay Hospital
Ben smothered Tim with a pillow until he was no longer breathing.

Meg talked Tyus into letting her in to see Tim. Before she could go in, she ran into Gregory. Gregory told Meg that he was taking care of Tim's hospital bills. Ben narrowly slipped out of Tim's room without being noticed. After she got through talking to Greg, Meg entered Tim's room and was shocked to find him not breathing. She yelled for help and Tyus and a nurse come in and webt to work on Tim. They made Meg leave the room. Ben walked up to Meg like he had just got to the hospital. Ben comforted Meg who reminisced about how she made Tim promise to follow her anywhere when they were 10-years-old. Ben suffered from another headache, but insisted on staying with Meg. Tyus came out and announced that he had bad news.

Gregory's Car
Gregory daydreamed about playing ball with Gregory Jr. as he drove.

Tuesday, February 24, 1998

South Bay General
Tyus told Meg and Ben that Tim may have brain damage from his suffocation. When Ben asks Tyus why the alarm didn't go off, Tyus told him that the connections had come loose. Eddie sees Antonio comforting Gabi. After Gabi walks away, Eddie tries to turn Antonio against Gabi by telling him about her false charge against Ricardo. Meg, overwhelmed with guilt about Tim's injuries, told Ben that her parents could have convinced Tim to get the help he needs. After Ben leaves, Meg told Gabi about her encounter with Madame Carmen the night of Tim's accident and about Madame Carmen's feeling that the Terror Island killer was going to strike again that night.

A Cabin
Annie lets Olivia hold the baby. When she remembers the conditions on her Liberty Corporation stock, she takes the baby from Olivia and leaves. Olivia is asleep when Dr. Brock arrives. She awakens and asks Dr. Brock where her baby is. While preparing Olivia's injection, Dr. Brock drops the syringe, allowing Olivia to escape.

The Highway
Annie gets into an accident. When she realizes that Gregory was involved, she sneaks away. Gregory recognizes Annie's car.

The Woods
A passerby told Cole that he saw Caitlin and Sean discussing visiting an antique store. When she realizes that Gregory will probably recognize her car, Annie calls and reports it stolen. Cole runs into someone who saw Caitlin and Sean sitting in Sean's car around the bend.

Sunset Beach Police Department
Antonio and Ricardo discuss Gabi's charges against Ricardo. Bette arrives for information about Annie's car being stolen. While she's there, she gets a phone call from Dr. Brock about Olivia's condition.

PseudoBen's Lair
PseudoBen decides to use Eddie in his plan.

Wednesday, February 25, 1998

Virginia manages to replace Vanessa's beauty cream with the disfiguring potion and then later, is able to put some on a sleeping Vanessa's arm. Meg is surprised when her mother, Joan, shows up unexpectedly in town. Later, while they visit Tim in the hospital, Ben confesses to Tyus he's been having headaches much like the ones he had around the time Maria died. Father Antonio is surprised by Ricardo's caring attitude toward Gabi, considering she once accused him of rape. Later, he asks to talk to Gabi about her and Ricardo's relationship.

Thursday, February 26, 1998

Cole heads to Sean's car with Caitlin but before he can discover Annie hiding in the trunk, he hears the baby cry and decides to rush her and the baby to South Bay General. At the hospital Tyus takes the baby away but reminds Caitlin that she's next on the examination table. Caitlin worries that once he does so, he'll realize that she didn't give birth to the baby. An upset Gregory steels himself before telling Olivia that their baby was still born. Later, he corners Dr. Brock and asks to see the body of his infant. Brock panics and tries to convince him otherwise, knowing that there is no body. With a briefcase full of cash, Ben meets Eddie and told him that he's got a job for him. Eddie heads off to break into Ben's house while Ben explains to Meg that he wants to meet her somewhere. After Michael catches Virginia breaking into the cash register at the Waffle Shop, she quickly thinks and told him that she was actually putting money back into the register. She then claims to have school expenses for Jimmy and he offers her the money she needs. Virginia then rushes to see Mrs. Moreau and pays her for the special potion that will make Vanessa believe that she is coming down with Martin's Syndrome.

Friday, February 27, 1998

After bumping into Annie as he makes pastoral calls at South Bay Hospital, Father Antonio promises his sister's old friend he'll say a prayer for her. Ben and Meg dine in The Deep's wine cellar and reminisce about the first time they spent an evening together there. Caitlin panics when Tyus reminds her that she must undergo a postnatal examination. Dr. Brock told an outraged Gregory that his newborn son's body has already been cremated. Eddie practices his safe-cracking skills for some quick cash. Annie swipes a form from the nurses' station and alters the document to make it appear that another physician has given Caitlin a clean bill of health as a brand new mother. A weeping Olivia clings to Gregory after learning the fate of her child. As a screaming Meg struggles with a masked intruder, Ben picks up a gun and fires. Recalling the bizarre stories he heard in his confessional on the day of Cole's wedding, Father Antonio asks Caitlin how the baby she's cuddling can possibly be her own.

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