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Monday, March 16, 1998

When Michael demands to know why she's rummaging through Vanessa's apartment, Virginia claims she saw a prowler coming out through the front door just as she happened to be driving by. Antonio suggests to Ricardo that he deal with the Madame Carmen situation once and for all. Meanwhile, Ben is irked to learn from Gabi that Meg has returned to the fortuneteller for a second peek into her future. In her hypnotic trance, Meg sees through Mark's eyes as he struggles with his killer on the island. Casey encourages Gabi to start thinking about her own needs instead of always trying to be there for her friends. Frightened by the visions of Mark's deadly struggle, Meg begs Madame Carmen not to show her any more. Antonio considers renting out Mark's old room at Surf Central while the mission undergoes renovations. Michael and Vanessa are surprised when Jimmy verifies his mother's tale about an apparent break-in. Ben rushes into the psychic's storefront and shakes Meg from her trance just as "Mark" begins to remove the murderer's mask. Later, Madame Carmen is revealed to be Antonio and Ricardo's mother---and Ben's former mother-in-law. Shortly after completing a nightly ritual with her skin moisturizer, Vanessa is horrified to see ugly blisters on both her arms.

Tuesday, March 17, 1998

In the morning asleep in her bed, Meg has dreams about Madame Carmen putting her in the trance. She dreams of the killer and who's face is behind the mask. As she gets ready to unveil the face behind the mask, she pops up out of her sleep to find Ben standing over her. Meg asks Ben if there is a problem and why is he standing there staring at her. Ben told Meg, she is the problem. Then he told her she's been tossing and turning all night long. Meg covers by telling Ben that she's just excited about the wedding and she can't wait until they elope in Venice. Ben wonders if Meg was having dreams about Madame Carmen's predictions. Meg admits that she was thinking about what Madame Carmen told her. Upset, Ben starts blasting the fortune-teller for feeling Meg's head with such nonsense. Meg calms her man by suggesting that Ben makes love to her and they come up with their own predictions. As they are about to embark on just that, Joan knocks on the bedroom door to complain about a leaky faucet. Ben went to fix the faucet and told Meg afterwards he is going jogging. Joan apologizes to them for interrupting. Meg asks her mother why she feels so uncomfortable around Ben. Joan told her daughter that with Tim's accident and everything, they really haven't had a lot of time to get close. Meg told her mother that she hopes to change that and admits to her mother that she is eloping tomorrow with Ben in Venice. Joan is thrilled that her daughter will have her dream wedding and told Meg she just wants her to be happy.

At Vanessa's Place, Vanessa wakes up thinking maybe her blisters will be gone like they were before. When she realizes that her skin condition has worsened, courtesy of Virginia's potion. Vanessa wonders how she is going to face Michael. Gabi shows up and told Vanessa they have plans and seeing that Vanessa is already dressed, told her to come on. Vanessa thinks she forgot about plans her and Gabi already had and told her friend maybe they should do it another time. Assuming that Vanessa's jitters stem from the burglary, Gabi tries to cheer up her friend by inviting her to a champagne breakfast at Meg's. Feeling that she does need to get her mind off of her skin condition, Vanessa agrees as the two of them leave to go to Meg's.

At Cole and Caitlin's, Cole is holding baby Trey and feeling sad about the son he lost that could have been his. Recalling to himself about how certain Olivia was about hearing her baby cry, Cole privately vows to learn what really happened to the baby. Cole told baby Trey that it's a shame he'll never get to know his little brother. He then says it's a shame they will both never get to know him, as Caitlin enters and asks Cole "it's a shame they'll never know who?" Cole admits to Caitlin he was thinking of Olivia's baby and says he would hate it if that would have happened to them. Feeling guilty, Caitlin told Cole she agrees, then adds that Gregory plans on moving he and Olivia out of the house today. Shocked, Cole told Caitlin that Olivia's not ready for that. Caitlin responds by telling Cole that Gregory is mourning too and feels it would be best for Olivia to not be around constant memories of the baby. Cole doesn't agree and told Caitlin that Olivia just delivered a full-term baby dead. He then adds that Olivia is so freaked out by all of this that she doesn't even remember how it happened. Caitlin tells him that she is sure her father is taken all of that into consideration. Cole then told her that if he was, he wouldn't be pressuring Olivia to move out of a place that she has called home for the last 20 years. He shakes his head and told his wife that Gregory claims to love Olivia, but if he did then how could the selfish bastard do something like this to her? Caitlin asks Cole, "since when have you been so concerned about my mother?" Cole told her think of how Olivia must be feeling not knowing all of the answers. Caitlin tells him she knows he doesn't like her dad, but he is grieving too. Cole says Olivia is the one who needs us now and Gregory can take care of himself. Caitlin, recalling her own loss agrees, and told Cole that Olivia is the one who carried the baby inside of her for nine months and then lost it. She then tells Cole that she's gonna go over and see if she can make things easier for her mom. Cole suggest that they all go.

Over at the Richards', Olivia recalls hearing the baby crying and went to the nursery to see if she can remember anything. Upon entering, Olivia is shocked to see that the hole room has been packed up. Gregory enters an informs a startled Olivia that they are moving out of the house today. Upset by all of this, Olivia wonders how Gregory could do this without discussing it with her first. Gregory informs her that she really hasn't been in the right state of mind to discuss anything and he has already made all of the arrangements. Olivia told him all of their hopes and dreams and memories are in this house. Gregory told her that is precisely why they have to move on. Olivia asks Gregory if he thinks that she could just forget about everything and not look back and forget that she lost her son. Gregory answers by telling her it shouldn't be to hard since she can't seem to remember how he died. Feeling like he just put his foot in his mouth, Gregory apologizes for his last remark. Olivia asks Gregory what does he want from her. Gregory says "answers." He then told her he tries to think about her, his children and throw himself into his work, but the questions about what happened to their son always keeps popping up in his mind and he just wants it to all go away.

Meanwhile downstairs, Annie shows up to find movers moving furniture out of the Richard's home. She enters and spies the Music Box on one of the tables and tries to retrieve it, but is stopped by Sean. Sean wonders what she is doing there. Annie covers by telling him she's there on Liberty Corporation business and then asks Sean what's going on. Sean explains by telling her about Gregory's plans. He told Annie that watching his mother mourn her loss, he can't help but think about the birth mother who gave her child to Cole and Caitlin. Annie wonders what does the birth mother have to do with all of this. Sean told her that he's worried that the birth mother will want to take her baby back and if that happens what is going to happen to Cole and Caitlin's marriage. Annie assures him that this won't happen. She then adds that they put Trey in a loving home with Caitlin and Cole and the baby is better off with them as loving parents. Sean then told her that he owes Caitlin everything because she was always there for him growing up. Annie cuts him off by saying that he now has the opportunity to pay her back and it wouldn't do Caitlin any good if he started feeling guilt pains about all of this. Sean agrees and told Annie he's going to go and help finish packing, but before he does he takes the Music Box from her and gives it to one of the movers to pack. Annie told Sean she'll see herself out, and waits until he leaves the room so she can dig into the box containing the Music Box.

While Ben is jogging, Eddie corners him and asks him why he hasn't been in contact with him. Not really knowing what Eddie is talking about and feeling one of his headaches coming on, Ben told Eddie he doesn't have time for his games and then jogs off giving Eddie the brush off. Eddie gets even angrier as he flashes back to him and Ben's deal they made. He then vows that soon he will have the upper hand and make threats of his own if Ben doesn't pay him the money he owes him. Meanwhile Ben shows up at the warehouse, (IN DIFFERENT CLOTHES) pulling out items from his bag that he used on the victims on the island. He then thinks back to the confrontation he had with Tim and smiles to himself saying, "Oh Tim if you could only talk the stories you would be able to tell, but unfortunately for you that isn't going to happen." Ben then takes a drink of vodka, (something he is not suppose to do while on the medication that Dr. Robbins prescribed) and then toast the victims pictures on the wall in the warehouse. He then continues to voice more dark plans for Meg.

Back at Meg's, Gabi and Vanessa arrive with a bottle of champagne to help Meg celebrate her elopement. Joan asks them if they think it's a little early to be drinking, but Gabi informs her that since none of them will be in Venice with Meg and Ben that they will all celebrate now. Vanessa and Joan excuse themselves to go into the kitchen for some champagne glasses. While they are alone Gabi asks Meg if she went to see Madame Carmen and what happened. Meg plays if off by telling her she thinks Madame Carmen's predictions are all hocus-pocus and any way they all know that Groagen is the killer. Upon hearing his name Gabi thinks of Mark as her and Meg reminisce on how much they still miss him. Gabi told Meg that it is time to move on and now is the perfect time for her to go to Venice and just lose herself in romance. After Meg hears Gabi say the words lose yourself, she thinks back to Madame Carmen telling her to lose herself to the trance and become Mark. She then visions herself as Mark back on the island tussling with the killer and just as Mark is about to pull off the mask to reveal the killers face, Meg's trance is broke again. Joan and Vanessa return with the champagne glasses, and Joan asks her daughter if she is okay. Meg covers by telling them she was just lost in thought. They all kid her about the fact that she was probably thinking of Ben and her honeymoon in Venice. Meg allows them to think that, but secretly vows that she has to find out who the killer is. After the foursome are done toasting Meg and giving her best wishes, Vanessa and Gabi leave so Meg can finish packing for her trip. Meg told her mom she's going over to give her condolences to Olivia and Gregory and leaves. While she's alone, Joan calls Hank to tell him of Meg's good news. He then decides to fly out to Sunset Beach to see his daughter before she leaves.

Back at the Richard's, Annie digs the Music Box out of the moving box and almost has it, but Caitlin and Cole show up. Caitlin enters asking Annie what she is doing there and why does she have the Music Box. Annie covers by telling Caitlin that Olivia is distraught over losing the baby and maybe it would be best if they got rid of it. Caitlin told Annie that Gregory gave the Music Box to Olivia and she thinks it should be there decision to get rid of it. Gregory then comes downstairs and asks Annie what is she doing here. Annie told Gregory that since everything that's been going on, she's been taking care of all of the Liberty Corporation business for him and she needs him to sign some papers. Eddie also shows up to tell Gregory that he has the report he wanted. Gregory signs the papers and told Annie goodbye. Gregory asks Caitlin is she's there to say goodbye to the old house. Caitlin told her Dad she came by to see how they are doing. Just then Cole comes in with the baby and Annie told Caitlin she thinks it's a bad idea for Olivia to see the baby. Gregory told Caitlin it's okay because Olivia can't remember anymore than she has. Annie suddenly excuses herself telling Caitlin she has business to take care of, once outside she wonders what Gregory meant by his last remark and hopes Olivia isn't getting her memory back.

Back at Vanessa's, Gabi and Vanessa return to Vanessa's apartment where and Vanessa thinks Gabi for cheering her up. Gabi told Vanessa they should plan on throwing Meg a wedding shower. She then notices a note from Michael by Vanessa's door and told Vanessa she'll catch up with her later. Vanessa reads Michael's loving note and after seeing that her arm is still blistered cries to herself saying she can't let Michael see her like this.

Annie follows Gregory to the Richard's Communication Corporation and asks him if Olivia has remembered anything yet. Gregory told her this is his office and if she's not there to talk business then leave. Annie hints to Gregory that in spite of everything Olivia went through, it's no surprise to her why Olivia can't remember anything. Gregory told Annie if she knows something she had better say it. Annie prepares to tell Gregory her version of why Olivia can't remember anything.

Wednesday, March 18, 1998

Meg shows up to meet Ben at a secret rendezvous spot and confronts him about the headaches he's been having. Later, while Meg is picking berries, Ben is seized by one of his headaches and comes up behind Meg as if to try and push her over the cliff. Annie continues to worry Olivia will regain her memory and vows to do away with anything that could trigger it, including a music box Gregory had given to Olivia right before she went into labor. Cole manages to talk his way out of Caitlin overhearing him tell Antonio Olivia's baby could his by saying he and Caitlin could just have easily lost their baby as well.

Thursday, March 19, 1998

At Ben and Meg's Place, Meg and Ben prepare to leave for the airport just as Joan and Gabi arrive to take Meg to her surprise bachelorette party. When Joan asks Meg what's going on, Meg replies by telling her mother that she and Ben decided to elope tonight and they are leaving. Upset about hearing this news, Joan told Meg that they've planned a bachelorette party and asks them if they can postpone the elopement. Ben told them they really need to leave today, forcing Joan to reveal that Meg's father is coming to surprise her for a visit. Ben agrees to postpone the trip until tomorrow and later he and Meg exchange wedding gifts before Meg leaves to attend her party.

Over at Vanessa's Place, Vanessa is upset to still find that her arms are covered with blisters. Michael drops by forcing Vanessa to wear long-sleeved blouses to hide the blisters on her arms. Michael wants to pick-up where they left off before the burglary incident, but Vanessa informs him she's on her way out to attend Meg's bachelorette party. A disappointed Michael see's her off, but then thinks to himself of a way to see Vanessa tonight.

Dr. Brock had better start faking some documents, Gregory's coming to town. While on his private jet to San Francisco, Gregory begins to wonder if Annie could be right about Olivia falling off the wagon at the tail end of her pregnancy. He then told himself that Olivia wouldn't risk jeopardizing the baby and puts Annie's idea's out of his mind. Meanwhile Annie is on the phone with Dr. Brock who has just informed her that Gregory wants a report on Olivia's stillborn incident. Annie told Dr. Brock he just better make sure the documents are to Gregory's satisfaction, adding that they both can't afford for Gregory to get suspicious. Annie then heads over to the Richard's to try to Re-retrieve the Music Box.

While in San Francisco, Cole is still haunted by Olivia's certainty that she heard her baby cry during delivery despite being told her baby was still born. Cole then sneaks into Dr. Brock's office and sifts through his files in an effort to determine if Olivia's baby really was stillborn. As Cole gets the file, Dr. Brock enters and forces Cole to hide. Certain that the Richard's file was in the filing cabinet and desperate to find it before Gregory arrives, Dr. Brock questions one of his nurses about carelessly leaving it out. She told him she can't remember if she filed it or left it on his desk. Just then a patient needs Dr. Brock's attention and he leaves the office. Cole comes out of hiding and gets ready to leave with Olivia's medical file when Gregory arrives. Gregory is furious to find Cole in Dr. Brock's office with Olivia's medical file. Cole explains that he wanted the information for Caitlin's sake. Gregory questions Cole's heroics snatching the file out of his hands telling him it was his baby that died and if there are answers to be found, he will find them. Dr. Brock shows up and neither men get to read it yet, because Dr. Brock told them that he needs Olivia's consent to show it to them. Gregory told him he'll phone Olivia, but Brock add's that he needs Olivia's written consent. This remark further intensifies Gregory's suspicions and he insists that the doctor return to Sunset Beach with him to obtain permission. Dr. Brock told Gregory that this whole thing is quite unorthodox. Gregory told him so is the death of his child, not to mention the unauthorized disposal of his body and once he (Gregory) proves that, he intends to destroy Dr. Brock. He then told Brock that he already has enough evidence to take to the authorities without the file, adding that if Dr. Brock is as innocent as he says he is then there should be no objection to him flying back to Sunset Beach. Cornered, Dr. Brock agrees. Gregory then tells Cole that he can make it back home on his own, as he and Dr. Brock leave to hop Gregory's jet. Alone, Cole told himself that he has to get that file to keep Gregory and Caitlin from finding out that he may have fathered Olivia's baby.

At the Richard's, Olivia watches as Caitlin quiets her baby with the music box. The lullaby brought back memories as Olivia struggles to remember who phoned her on the day she went into labor. Caitlin notices her mom watching them, and told her she thinks it would be best if she left with Trey now. Olivia told her daughter it's okay and that seeing them and hearing the music box play, makes her memory come back a little. Annie is just outside the doorway listening in on all of this and panics from hoping that Olivia won't remember. Caitlin ask her mom if she would like to hold Trey. Olivia tries to, but can't right now. Caitlin told her mom that she'll have plenty of time to hold baby Trey. Caitlin then leaves to take the baby home. Alone, Olivia picks up the music box and continues to struggle to remember; as a panicked Annie leers from the doorway hoping she won't. Just then one of the servants told Olivia that one of the movers needs to see her about something. As Olivia leaves, Annie makes a play to get the music box but is busted by Olivia. Olivia asks Annie what is she doing there and why does she have her music box. Annie lies telling Olivia that she came by to drop some papers off for Gregory. She then told Olivia that she thinks hearing the music box is not good for her so she just thought she would put it away. Olivia tells Annie that Gregory gave her the box and Annie's only there to try and take it because she wants to take everything Olivia has including Gregory. Annie grabs the music box and as the two women struggle, it falls on the floor and starts playing the lullaby. Olivia's memory kicks in again, as Annie panics that she'll remember. Suddenly the music stops and Olivia picks it up and finds that it is now broken thanks to Annie. Satisfied, Annie leaves.

Alone taking a midnight stroll, Ben experiences memories of Maria and wonders to himself why he is thinking about her just as him and Meg are about to be married. Madame Carmen shows up and told Ben that terror is about to start again and warns him not to let the same fate that happened to Maria, happen to Meg. During her party at "The Deep," Meg's friends all wish her well as they give her something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Michael and Casey show up to crash "Girls Night Out," at The Deep to offer Meg their best wishes on her marriage to Ben. Vanessa is startled when they show up, for now she has to keep coming up with excuses to keep Michael at arms length. Bette and Eddie are also there dancing up a storm, when Bette excuses herself to go over to the bachelorette table to interview Meg. Meg gives Bette and exclusive for her gossip column and then told everyone to enjoy themselves at her party. Casey asks Joan to dance, as does Michael with Vanessa. Once Meg and Gabi are alone, Meg discusses her encounter with Madame Carmen with Gabi and admits she has a strong feeling that the killer was not Grogan. Ben gets another raging headache and trashes Madame Carmen's shop, saying that she won't get in the way of his plans for Meg..... Back at home Ben keeps experiencing memories of Maria, along with memories of Meg and wonders aloud what is happening to him. Outside, a mysterious figure shows up watching Ben......

Friday, March 20, 1998

Wanting to keep Joan away from Meg, Ben proposes to Meg they elope in Venice right away. Later, Ben is upset when he learns Meg has gone to consult Madame Carmen. Meg is disturbed to hear Madame Carmen predict she will be the next to die in Sunset Beach and agrees to let her put her in a trance. Later, Madame Carmen regresses Meg who finds herself assuming Mark's persona on the island.

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