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Monday, April 27, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Sherrie Holtz.

Readying to go into her mother's bedroom at the hospital, Vanessa comes face-to-face with Virginia. She appears to shocked and seems to recognize her calling out "oh my God," but instead rushes to her mother's bedside. As Vanessa awakens her mother Lena is stunned to see her daughter but recovers quickly and they collapse into an emotional embrace. Vanessa told Lena about Michael and her love for him. At one point Lena hugs Vanessa and told her there is something important she has to say but before that's possible Lena begins to talk like a child - as if Vanessa were her mother. Her demeanor changes drastically as Vanessa tries to comfort her but she is not lucid and is becoming agitated and unnerved. Tyus, who has been waiting at the door, helps Vanessa out of the room while the nurses care for her mother. Vanessa tells Tyus she might have made a mistake but she wanted her mother to know that she would not abandon her. She falls into Tyus' arms as she crys to him that she needs her mother, she wants her mother. Tyus assures her that this was not a loss, not a bad idea, that her mother did recognize her and that was a good sign.

Michael is at surf central telling Father Antonio he wants to give Vanessa a ring, ask her to marry him and asks the good father to perform the ceremony. He plans to have a party, which Vanessa will think is for Jimmy's birthday, but in reality, be the ideal time for him to present Vanessa the ring.

Virginia walks into surf central once again pleased as punch with herself having just come from Ms Moreau's place where a new, much more harmful potion has been whipped up for Vanessa. Michael asks Virginia to take a walk with him (to let her down easy about the upcoming nuptials). As she leaves the house for their walk she realizes her purse is on the table with the deadly potion in it but does not turn back. Jimmy, looking for hidden birthday gifts opens his mothers purse and discovers the we last see him he is examining the bottle.

Sean is over at Cole's gathering up the courage to tell Cole the truth about Caitlin and the real/fake baby saga (as he knows it). Just when he is finally going to spill the beans Caitlin walks in and weaves Cole a story about Sean being worried that the move to the 'big house' might not be a good idea. When Cole leaves Caitlin takes Sean aside and he tells her Annie is over at her house. After Caitlin told Sean that she DID NOT tell Gregory anymore than she knew about the 'we'll tell you your baby is dead' story they are both frightened with what beans Annie might spill.

Annie, in the meanwhile, is speaking to Gregory and denying any fault. Gregory doesn't have a clue as to what she is talking about while Annie assumes that Caitlin told him everything. Without our knowledge (we, the audience) following a commercial break we see Annie telling Gregory EVERYTHING, the Cole/Olivia affair, the fake Baby, Olivia's real baby story, etc. For a moment we are dumbfounded until we realize this is a dream and in reality, Annie is still trying to deny she's to blame over something that hasn't even been talked about and that Gregory has no knowledge of.

While Gregory is fishing and Annie is denying in walks Caitlin, on the heels of Aunt Bette. Each one thinks the other has told one lie or the other,--whichever lie has concerned them -- when in fact, nobody has told anybody anything. (If you're confused, think of the poor writers.) Caitlin again weaves a story and everybody is satisfied except Gregory, who is still not appeased and thinks there is something he is missing (I'd say so..).

Cole is in the Gregory's office trying to find evidence that will show Gregory is behind the attack on him.

Unknown place: We see someone (no face and no acknowledgement of who it might be) say that Cole will be a match and for what is not known.

Cole, Caitlin and Trey are in the living room with Cole telling Trey how much he loves him and will protect him from everything and everyone, including his grandfather and Caitlin has sworn to secrecy anyone she has told (whoever that is at this point) about her father and his rouse to tell her that her baby was dead.

Tuesday, April 28, 1998

At Cedar Oaks,
Vanessa runs into Tyus who asks her if she has made a decision as to whether or not she's going to tell Michael about having the disease. Vanessa told him that coming to see her mother was a good decision, because it made her realize how important it was to have people around you that care about you. Tyus tells her that is great and asks her what she plans to do. Vanessa told him seeing her mother also made her realize that being away from her all these years was a big mistake, adding that Lena could have been much happier if she and her father were there for her. Vanessa told him that she now knows she can't make Michael's decisions for him, nor can she cut off the people who love her or who she loves. Tyus told her that's good, because she should never ignore her heart. Vanessa then thanks Tyus for all his help and told him he is a good friend, adding that she wishes Lena had someone like him to talk to back when this was happening to her. Tyus told her she's welcome and he wishes her the best. Vanessa leaves to go to see her mother one more time. As he watches her walk away, Tyus told himself the best is all he's ever wanted for her. Back in Lena's room, Vanessa told her mom she loves her and things will be a lot different now. She'll be back and nothing will keep her away.

At Surf Central,
As Jimmy is opening the bottle containing the potion, Michael walks into the kitchen and asks Jimmy what is that. Jimmy told him just something he found and as he proceeds to open it, Virginia enters and sees him, yelling Jimmy no! Startled, Jimmy spills some of the potion on him which throws Virginia into a panic. She grabs Jimmy and pulls him over to the sink and tries to feverishly wash the potion from off of his arm. Michael asks her what is wrong. Virginia tells him that it'll do damage to his skin if they didn't get it off. Michael tries to calm Jimmy as Virginia continues to scrub his arms real hard. Jimmy pulls away, but Virginia tries to grab him back but Michael grabs her and tells her that he thinks she got it all. Virginia then asked Jimmy if he had been going through her purse again. As he starts crying, Jimmy told her yes. Virginia then told him not to ever go in her purse or through her personal belongings again. Seeing how upset Jimmy is, Virginia grabs him and hugs him telling him that she's sorry, adding that if anything ever happened to him she would just die. Jimmy told her he is going to go put on some dry clothes. After he is gone, Virginia went to sit down saying to herself, what in gods name have I done. Michael went over to comfort her and told her not to blame herself it was just a mistake. Virginia told him that it is more than that, adding that she is a terrible person and has done some terrible things. Michael told her that she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. Virginia says to him, you know I love my boy and I would do anything for him, but this time, I have gone too far and because of what I did, it put Jimmy at harm. Michael tells her again it's not her fault. Virginia told him that he doesn't know the half of it.

At Ben and Meg's Place,
Derek is thinking back to his talk he had with Eddie. Mad at the thought of letting Eddie get the better of him, Derek takes the letter opener and stabs it in the table. Just then, Meg comes in behind him and Derek pulls the letter opener out of the desk and lays it down without Meg seeing. He told her he was looking for a letter. Meg asked him if he meant this letter as she stands there holding up a letter. Derek thinks to himself that Meg got her hands on Eddie's letter. He then asks her if she has the letter. Meg told him it's a love letter. Derek realizes they aren't talking about the same letter and takes the one she has from her and reads it. After he's done reading about how much Meg loves him, Derek kisses Meg. He then told her they should run away and get married. Meg told him that she thinks they should wait until his headaches get better. He told her they are better. Meg told him they should still wait until the tests come back, but adds that she will tell everyone that the wedding is back on. Derek seems pleased by this news telling himself, then he can kill Ben and take over his life. Joan arrives and Meg asked her how Tim was. Joan reports that he is still just sitting there staring. Meg tells her maybe their news would cheer her up. Derek told her that the wedding is back on. Meg and Joan then leave to go shopping. Alone, Ben has a vision that he and Meg are about to be married when Eddie disrupts the wedding to tell her that he isn't Ben. As Derek tries to explain, the real Ben enters and told her that it is true. As he comes out of his dream, Derek tells himself that he has to hurry up and get the password from Ben. He then thinks to himself that maybe there is a way to kill two birds with one stone. He then forges another letter in Eddie's handwriting explaining how one of his bookies he owed caught up to him and took him out. He then calls Eddie and told him that they need to talk.

At The Java Web,
Ricardo and Gabi are having coffee together and Ricardo told Gabi he had fun the other night on their date and would like to do it again and asked her what she thought. Gabi has a flashback of her father sexually abusing her and tells Ricardo that she is in a weird place right now and needs to think about it. Ricardo asked her if she had a good time. She told him she did. Just then, Madame Carmen walks up and asks if she is interrupting anything. Gabi tells her no, she was just leaving. Once she is gone, Carmen told Ricardo that Gabi is such a nice girl and pretty too. Ricardo agreed and told his mother there is something she needs to know about Gabi. Ricardo told his mom that Gabi was the person who accused him of raping her. Shocked, Carmen told him that although she feels sorry for what Gabi's father put her through, she believes it would be a mistake for Ricardo to start dating her.

Outside the Java Web, Bette is reading he mail and comes across the letter Eddie sent to her. After reading that Eddie doesn't want her to open it until he is killed or some other kind of mishap, the curiosity gets the better of Bette who proceeds to open the letter. Eddie arrives however and stops her from opening it. He told her that if she knew what was going on now it could put her life in danger so do as he requested. Bette asks him if he is in trouble with one of his bookies again. Eddie told her no and that what he is involved in is going to bring him a big enough profit that he'll be able to leave Sunset Beach and when it happens he wants her to come with him. He then kisses her and leaves. Bette says to herself, I hope you are not in over your head.

Back at Surf Central,
Virginia prepares to explain to Michael about all of her misdeeds, but before she can, Vanessa shows up telling Michael she has something very important she needs to tell him. Virginia asked her if everything was all right. Vanessa said she didn't even register that she was there and hoped she didn't interrupt anything. Virginia told her it was okay, it looked like she needed Michael. He asked Virginia if she was going to be alright. She said yes. Michael told Vanessa they could take a walk out at the beach and they left. Jimmy walks back into the room. Virginia looks at his arm to see of it was okay. He apologized again and Virginia told him she was glad he was alright. Jimmy told her he was going over to a friends to watch a baseball game. As he left, Virginia told herself that he needed a father and she needs to get Vanessa out of the picture. She then said that she didn't know what Vanessa was telling Michael outside, but once she got through with her, she would think Martin's Syndrome took over her entire body and wouldn't want to have anything to do with Michael after that.....Outside At The Beach, Vanessa told Michael she hadn't been totally honest with him about something and wanted to apologize for always being on edge. Michael told her that she probably had cold feet about him moving in and things would work out. As she is getting ready to tell Michael about her skin condition, he gets paged. Michael told her that it's probably an emergency and he will meet her at home. Vanessa told him she would be waiting.

Antonio is also at the beach and runs into Gabi who told him about her feelings of guilt for blaming Ricardo about the rape. Antonio told her that everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone gets a second chance to correct their mistakes. He then told her that most people would kill to be able to have a second chance again, so she should try to put her past behind her and go out with Ricardo again. Gabi thanks Antonio for his good advice and went to tell Ricardo that would like to go out with him again. Upon entering the Java Web, Gabi overhears Carmen telling Ricardo that dating Gabi is a big mistake, it will bring nothing but trouble in your life. Gabi runs out, Ricardo tells her to wait. Carmen told him not to waste his time on her. He told her she is wrong about Gabi.

At Vanessa's Place,
Virginia tries to break in, but Vanessa has changed the locks. Virginia tells herself that her plan has to work before Michael proposes to Vanessa. She then tells herself that she has to give Vanessa a dose tonight.

At The Warehouse,
Ben has managed to break the chains and free his arms. As he is working on the cuffs around his ankles, he hears someone coming. He tapes his mouth up and puts his arms back around his back. It is Eddie. Eddie told him that Derek is a nut case and he just barely escaped with his life. He then told Ben that he is the only Ben he can trust, adding that he has come to let him go......

Wednesday, April 29, 1998

Meg happily welcomes her sister to Sunset Beach, while Joan wonders why Sara didn't let them know she was coming. Though Ricardo apologizes for his mother's catty remarks, Gabi tearfully insists that Carmen was right. Annie shares a juicy piece of gossip with Antonio, who advises her to mind her own business. Cole begins monitoring his father-in-law's phone conversations. At the warehouse, Eddie offers to free Ben in exchange for certain monetary considerations. Amy asks Sean for a second chance and is pleased when he invites her out. Gabi explains to Ricardo that she can't think about the future until she's dealt with her troubling past. Annie turns to Dr. Brock for some special pharmaceutical help. Cole bristles when Gregory arranges to have Trey baptized without even consulting the baby's parents. Sara nervously avoids Meg's questions about her life as a congressional intern in Washington, D.C. As Ben struggles with Eddie, Derek comes up behind his twin and knocks him cold. Annie slips a truth serum into her aunt's drink just minutes before Bette is scheduled to take the stage for her singing debut at The Deep.

Thursday, April 30, 1998

At Ben and Meg's Place,
Meg cuddled up to Derek and wanted to know what the diversion was he had planned for her tonight. Derek told her that she'll just have to wait and see, but he'll give her hint and then kissed her. Meg told him she liked the sound of it. He told her it would be a night they would never forget. Meg said in that case, I'll go change into something more memorable. Once Meg left the room, Derek called Eddie to find out if everything was ready. Eddie told him that he needed an extra hour. Derek told him fine and to have everything set when they get there. Eddie told him he would and that Meg wasn't the only one in for a shocker. Meg comes downstairs wearing a dress and her hair up, she looks nice. Derek stands there and looks at her. She asked him what was wrong and to say something. Derek says, you take my breath away. Joan and Sara arrive. Meg introduces Sara. Derek told her he would love to stay and chat but they have plans. Meg asked her sister if she planned to stay in Sunset Beach for a while. Sara told her maybe, right now she was unsure. Joan and Sara tell them to have fun and they leave.

At The Deep,
Annie says to herself, all I have to do is slip this truth serum in Aunt Bette's drink, then I can find out about Cole and Olivia. Annie then walks over and offers Bette the drink. Bette told Annie buying the drink was very thoughtful, she didn't think she cared or was even interested in her singing. Annie anxiously waits as she starts to drink. Bette takes the glass from her mouth, deciding that it wouldn't be good for her voice. Instead she was going to have some hot tea. Bette went to the bar and asks for a hot cup of tea. Annie comes up beside her saying, two hot teas. Bette asks her what gives. Meanwhile, Casey is also at The Deep and as Gabi went over to take his order, she notices that the Torres brothers have arrived. As she went to get Casey a beer, Ricardo asked Gabi for a minute of her time and asked her how she was doing. She told him good for someone that causes trouble. He told her not to listen his mother and she needs to put what her father said out of her head. Gabi told him that will deal with it herself. Ricardo told her he will help her, he is on her side. Gabi leaves. Antonio asks Ricardo if he made progress. Ricardo told him he is not letting her get away that easily. Afterwards, while Ricardo is making a phone call, Gabi enlist Antonio's help in discouraging his brother from pursuing a relationship with her.

At The Java Web,
Sean informs Cole that there is enough dirt in Gregory's secret spot that could place him in hell. If he had any plans, they would be in the hiding place. Cole thanks him. Sean says don't thank me until you break into it or if you break into it. Cole told Sean that there is no safe he can't break into. Sean warns Cole that even his highly developed safe-cracking skills may not be enough to gain entrance to this hiding place. He then went on to explain about Gregory's Chinese Pandora's puzzle box. Cole told Sean that he'll get inside and Sean wishes him good luck as he went to get ready for Bette's appearance at The Deep.

At The Richard's.
Olivia calls Caitlin, but before Caitlin has a chance to speak to her mother, Gregory grabs the phone out of her hands and tries to speak to Olivia himself. Her response, a dial tone. Caitlin stares at her dad in utter disbelief. Gregory told Caitlin that she hung up on him, before he got a chance to ask her when she was coming home. Caitlin told him that maybe if he would have given her a minute to talk, she could have probably found out. Gregory is still peeved that she hung up on him. Caitlin told him that Olivia thinks he blames her for losing the baby. Gregory told her that he does and he doesn't even know why he wanted to talk to her in the first place. Caitlin told him because he still loves her. As they are talking, Cole has slipped into Gregory's study and is fiddling with the puzzle box. As he figures out how to open it, he hears Gregory coming. As Gregory enters, Cole hides behind the door. Caitlin enters not too far behind him with a file in her hand and asked Gregory if this is what he was looking for. He said it was and asked her where she found it. She told him in the living room, as they leave. Cole went back over to the box and opens it. He finds old love letters from Olivia and Gregory, JR's death certificate. He shuts the top of the box and looks for another opening. He finds a drawer. It has a paper in it saying Gregory Richards, Sunset Beach Police Department Case # 78606. Cole wonders if Gregory has had troubles with the Police. He writes down the case number and decides to investigate his findings more thoroughly.

Back At The Deep,
Sean and Amy have arrived. Amy told Sean she is surprised that the "Queen of the night" is singing. Sean told her that she lost a bet with the Mayor. Amy tells him she can't wait to see Bette perform. Meanwhile back at the bar, Bette asked Annie if she is on the wagon. Annie told her that she feels a cold coming on and thought hot tea would do her good. Thinking of a way to put the serum in Bette's drink, Annie points across the room saying, it's the music columnist. Bette turns around to look and Annie puts the serum in her tea. Bette says she didn't see him. Annie told her maybe it was just a look- a-like. Bette sees through her nieces maneuvers and drops something on the floor. She then asks Annie to pick it up because she has a bad back. As Annie bends down to get the object, Bette switches the cups so that Annie drinks the drugged one and then they take a drink. Meanwhile, Derek and Meg have arrived. Casey walks up to them and asked if Bette roped them into it too. Meg said yeah, they had other plans but Derek insisted we come. Meg sees Gabi and goes to chat. Annie feeling the effects of the serum, walks over to Ben and says well if it isn't prince charming and the old stiff he brought with him, come on Ben. Derek told her he is with Meg. She told him isn't that a shame, I want you Ben and will ache for you always. Derek told her at least you are honest about it. Annie says yeah, Annie Douglas honest, what is wrong with me. Gabi asks Meg if she wants her to throw cold water on Annie. Meg told her no, she's not worried about Annie. They talk about the pearls that Ben was suppose to be giving her and hasn't given her in a while. Meg asked Gabi if it was true that they haven't gotten paid. Gabi confirms that they haven't. Derek walks up and told Meg he needs to go to his office. Meg says Bette is about to sing. He told her it's important and leaves.

At Ben and Meg's Place,
Joan asked Sara if she wanted to talk since she hasn't said much. Sara tells her mom all she did was type a few letters. Joan says they were probably to President Clinton. Sara told her no big deal. Joan told her it is a big deal, being in the capital. She then told her that she has a good head on her shoulders and that is why they trusted her, adding look at the Monica Lewinski stuff. We know we don't have to worry about you. Later, the phone rings. Sara answers it, it is a man. She asked him how he knew where she was. He said you can know all when you have the right resources. He asked how she was doing, and if her family knows everything. Sara told him they don't suspect. Joan walks back in and ask her suspect what.

Back At The Deep,
While Bette's singing debut wows the crowd at The Deep, Annie discovers to her horror that she cannot tell a lie. Afterwards, Sean and Amy come up and tell Bette that they thought her performance was great. Annie told her that they are just sucking up to her. Next, Derek told Meg it's time for there surprise and they need to get going. Before they leave, Meg went by to let Bette know that she thought her performance was great. Annie mimics her and says she is Little Miss Perfect, Ben loves you and your parents love you, the whole town loves you, that is probably why I am jealous of you, she covers her mouth. Bette snatches her away as Meg and Ben exit, Bette asks Annie what is wrong with her. Annie told her not only did she lose Ben, she lost Gregory too, she covers her mouth again. Annie then wonders what is going on with her. Bette says that is what she would like to know. Annie says you were suppose to get the truth serum. Bette says so that's what it is, well I fooled you. I switched the drinks. She then demands to know just what is this all about and why did she put it in her tea. Annie told her she wasn't trying to hurt her she only wanted her to tell the truth about Cole and Olivia. Bette says I can't believe you tried to drug me for that. I thought you loved me. Annie goes to hug Bette and told her that she does love her and she is the most important person in the world to her. Bette pushes Annie off of her and says how could she do that to someone she loves. She then told her that she knows she is after Gregory and maybe she will get him, but hopes she is prepared to pay the price and then leaves. Annie is feeling mighty low. Eddie arrives looking for Bette. Gabi told him already missed the show. Eddie has a devilish grin and says to himself that he thinks it is just about to begin.

At The Warehouse
Ben is now tied up in a chair facing a mirror that looks to him like a window. Actually it is a bedroom set up with a two way mirror. Ben is in a chair facing the mirror. Just then, he sees Meg and Derek enter. Meg told Derek that she can't believe he did this. He told her he thought they would get a taste of the future in their new home. He then told her he wants to make love to her, here and now. Ben is mad as he realizes Derek plans to make him watch in horror, while he makes love to Meg.....

Friday, May 1, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Sherrie Holtz.

At Ben's home we find Meg and Ben (Derek) readying for a surprise evening when Meg's mother Joan and sister Sarah walk in. An introduction is made and suggestion that the evening be a get-to-know you fest. Derek crawls out of this explaining that he has plans and Joan and Sarah agree the get-to-know you can take place at a later time. As the real Ben sits chained in front of a two way mirror Derek enters with Meg who is thrilled at the romantic setting Derek (she thinks he's the real Ben don't forget) has staged. Ben waits and looks on in horror while Derek sweet talks Meg and begins disrobing her ready to make love and taunt Ben. At one point he sneaks into Ben's prison of a room and gives him one last chance to offer up the numbers to his accounts. Ben declines to take the bait for fear that Derek will kill the both of them the minute he has this information.

Our favorite evil one is agonizing over how to quickly put the potion that Ms Moreau has whipped up - a more potent, more dangerous potion - onto Vanessa so that she can immediately begin the ruination of her life. Vanessa comes over to surf central and Virginia tries to distract her to possibly put the potion in her lotion in her handbag or some such thing. In any event this is not successful. Vanessa told Virginia that she has decided to make more time to be with the ones she loves, including Jimmy. Virginia is not happy about Vanessa's good will. This makes Virginia a tad guilty. but not enough to abandon her plans. After Vanessa leaves Virginia receives a call for Vanessa that her dress for that evening is ready and Joan will leave Ben's key b y the door so that Vanessa can pick it up. A lightbulb went off in Virginia's head and she sees opportunity knocking; leaves surf central and rushes to Ben's house to perform her dirty deed. She finds the key, opens the door and dons the most ridiculous waterproof outfit - bright yellow headress, coat, gloves - all to protect her from the deadly potion. She then sprays Vanessa's dress and gets ready to exit. Before she can go, however, Joan walks in and then the doorbell rings we last see her Virginia is stuck in her yellow big-bird outfit knowing if that door opens she has no possible explanation.

At the hospital Tim is listening to Tyus explain he will have the use of his arms and hands in due time while Tyus is not aware that Tim even understands him. There just 'happens' to be a pad and pen directly in front of Tim and he, with some difficulty, writes a note. Casey visiting does not spot it. Tyus calls Vanessa to see if she's told Michael her news but Michael answers the phone at Vanessa' and discusses the upcoming party, leaving Tyus the notion he has not been told about the Martins Syndrome.

Sarah is seen talking on the phone in her hotel room and there appears to be a secret she is running from. Casey walks her home from Ben's and she is rude and obnoxious to him. Casey is stunned and she finally apologizes but doesn't tell what is going oh. After Casey leaves she gets another phone call warning her the 'story' will be in the paper.

Vanessa walks into Ben's ready to get her dress -- Will she find Virginia?

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