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Monday, June 1, 1998

Annie is seen on the beach talking to a bird (probably the only one who'll listen) weaving her latest web of deception. She is deciding how best to get in the Richards home so that she can see to it Olivia never sees Trey. She begins talking to herself knowing full well that Caitlin is within earshot. Annie picks up her cellphone; "You're going to cancel my credit cards!!!! What am I supposed to do? Where am I supposed to live??" Of course this is for Caitlin's benefit. As expected Caitlin walks up having 'accidentally overheard' Annie's conversation. She questions Annie about her sudden poverty to which Annie weaves a story about spending $l5,000. to pay the birth mother of Caitlin's baby. She told Caitlin that she didn't ask her for the money because she knew it would arouse suspicion as to what Caitlin might need the money for. Annie decided instead to take care of it herself. This is all for the anticipated guilt trip that Caitlin is now on. Hearing this information and knowing how Annie is responsible for her beautiful Trey, Annie is offered to come stay at the Richards house until she can get herself situated. At first Annie pretends not to wish to impose but when Caitlin seems to say ok and leave, Annie does a quick dance and agrees she really does need the help and will take Caitlin up on her generous offer.

A.J. is on the phone speaking to someone to ask if he had the information he wanted . He hangs up to responds to a knock at the door and is surprised to find Gregory on the other side. Gregory wants to know the real reason A.J. is in town. He told A.J. he does not believe for a minute that he's there to bond with his son, and that in fact, he thinks he is there because of Olivia. A.J. questions why Gregory would even care since he "threw her away like some refuge." He also told Gregory he is no longer afraid of him. A.J. informs Gregory that he shares a grandson (in case he forgot) to which Gregory bellows out that 'one Deschanel in the family is more than enough.' The two go on with their old arguments until A.J. thanks Gregory for he has come into a great deal of money. Gregory looks puzzled until A.J. shows him a piece of seems to have something to do with the resort Gregory is building......

OLIVIA HOUSE (formerly Annie's)
Cole has come to see Olivia with questions as to whether she told A.J. about their relationship. Olivia lets him know that not only has she not told him but she will never tell him or anyone else. Cole believes it is time for her to see Trey and she reluctantly agrees. She is hesitant about going to Gregory's but Cole convinces her no one is home and she won't be confronted with Gregory's presence. While Cole went inside Gregory's to check out who's home Olivia stands outside the door rooted to the spot. She finally agrees to come in and as Cole puts Trey in her arms we are not sure of her expression. Does she recognize Trey? At the open door we see Annie, the look of stark terror on her face. She is certain that Olivia may very well recognize her baby.

Father Antonio and Ricardo are talking once again about the junkie who is believed to have beaten Ben and torched the warehouse. Because Ricardo has voiced suspicions that there was more to this case the good father reminds him when they were boys and someone was accused of some crime. Ricardo's gut instinct told him this person was not the perpetrator and it turned out Ricardo was right. This 'down memory lane' (from Antonio) gives Ricardo the push he needs to get back on this case and to go with his gut feeling that there is, indeed, more to this story.

Derek told Ben "Just relax, you won't feel a thing, " as Ben struggles to free himself of the IV and away from Derek. He is unsuccessful, however, and in seconds we see Ben collapse. Derek seems to think he is dead enough (his dream) and without a blink of an eye begins plans to transport him out of the hospital room. At one point Meg and Sarah go in to take a peek and when they see Ben seemingly sleeping soundly they bow out. The next step of Derek's plan has already begun as he calls the nurses station pretending to be the Administrative Office asking for Meg to come down to fill out some papers. Now that he has a clear path he puts Ben on a Gurney ready to take it to the morgue. He is stopped by the nurse and gives her a story about needing X-rays, doctors orders. He gets in the elevator and just as the door closes Sarah enters. Looking at him she says "Don't I know you," but before anyone can say anything Sarah's name is called and as she turns she sees it is Melinda, her friend from DC.

Melinda sits down with her and offers her support; she told Sarah how she must tell the truth. "We're alone," she says, " you can tell me." In the meantime the camera pans down to Melinda's purse -- her tape recorder is sticking out just far enough --to record their conversation. (Surprise?)

Derek has reached the morgue. The attendant is not happy to see him. He's very busy and he doesn't need another body. "It ain't a hotel," he snidely remarks. Derek told him this customer needs to be cremated - another John Doe - so he doesn't have to be here long. After giving the necessary papers to Derek the attendant begins zipping Ben into a body bag (very unsettling) and Derek leaves for the last phase of his plan. We next see Ricardo come into the morgue. He told the attendant he is looking for John Doe, as the attendant points it seems Ricardo is ready to open the bag Ben has been zipped into......

We see Meg walk back to Ben's room. She is having uneasy feelings about their connection; and that something is amiss. She opens the door and is startled by what she sees......

Tuesday, June 2, 1998

At The Resort At Sunset Beach
Gregory is taken aback when A.J. informs him that the beach he plans to build his resort on is owned by A.J. Gregory asks him what the hell is that suppose to mean. As A.J. pours himself a drink and sits down he tells Gregory it means he can't put one foot on it, without A.J.'s permission and then shows Gregory his signed document. Gregory standing, looks it over and tells A.J. sorry, but he's afraid the document is a forgery. A.J. suggest that he call the county registrar and get his own copy of the deed to his property. Gregory told him he already has a copy and he knows what it says, that the Liberty Corporation owns every inch of land that the resort is being built on. A.J. says and not one grain of sand of the beach that borders it and then asks Gregory who is gonna want to stay at his new cemented atmosphere. Gregory laughs it off and says sorry A.J. I don't buy your phony document. A.J. told him sorry or not, it's the truth. Gregory says the truth, oh please A.J. you can do better than that. He had a battery of attorneys do a extensive title search on that property and the Liberty Corporation owns that property and the beach in front of it. A.J. looks at him and told him that he is sweating. Gregory plays it off by telling him that he is seeing the flesh of victory and by the way even if he did own the beach, he's forgetting something because Gregory, owns the courthouse. So even if A.J. was stupid enough to pursue this, that is where he will be, in court. As Gregory heads towards the door, A.J. told him that he will lose and Gregory says don't bet on it and then leaves. Outside A.J.'s door, Gregory calls one of his people and says to himself that this had better not have fallen through the cracks.

At The Richard's
Olivia is getting ready to hold her grandson for the first time, while a panicked Annie watches in horror. As Cole hands the baby to Olivia, he begins to cry, which causes Olivia to start having flashbacks of holding her baby. She then says I remember something. Annie is peeping in through the doorway and says to herself, "Oh my God, she's going to figure out that's her baby". Cole says what do you mean you remembered and Olivia tells him she is not sure, but she remembered. As she strains to remember, Trey has stopped crying and Olivia told him now it's gone. Annie says to herself that it needs to stay gone Olivia. You can't remember I delivered your baby and took it away from you and I have got to figure out away to get that baby out of your arms. She then burst into the doorway yelling hello everyone and then went over to Olivia holding Trey and says hello Trey and starts clapping her hands real hard in front of the babies face. Cole and Olivia are both startled and Cole asks Annie if she is crazy and then takes Trey away from Olivia and told her he is going to put Trey to bed. Once he is gone, Olivia blast Annie for just bursting in like she did without knocking. Annie told her that she is not in the habit of knocking at her own front door. Olivia asks her what is she talking about and Annie is so pleased to tell her that she lives there now. Olivia says what do you mean you live her and Annie is pleased again to tell her that Caitlin was so generous enough to invite her to stay. Olivia asks Annie what did she pull to get Caitlin to agree to that and Annie told her that she hasn't pulled anything Caitlin has a generous heart, unlike hers that has turned into stone ages ago. Olivia told Annie that she just sees her for what she is a manipulative little witch who bull-dozed her way in to get closer to Gregory. Annie told her that' not what Gregory thought when they were in bed together and if she wouldn't have barged in, they might still be there. Olivia told her she doubts that, but Annie says it really bothers her or why hasn't she told Caitlin and Sean what happened. Olivia told her the reason the only reason she has kept this from her children, is because it will devastate them to know that their father has taken up with the town tramp. She then says she's had enough of Annie's gibberish, she's leaving. Annie says leaving so soon, goodbye and next time you comes over be sure to knock first. Olivia says over your dead body and Annie told her if Caitlin's not around she'll be happy to supervise Olivia's visit's with Trey. Olivia told her she is that baby is her flesh and blood and no matter how hard Annie tries she will not worm her way into this family. Annie says I guess this means you won't be coming by for a visit any time soon and Olivia told her between her and Gregory, the house appeals to her as much as a alligator infested swamp and then she leaves. Annie says to herself that Olivia is making it so easy for her to get her hands and the rest of her all over Gregory.

At South Bay Hospital
Melinda Fall is trying to slyly coax a confession out of Sara. She tells Sara she doesn't mean to upset her, but how long can she run from the inevitable, eventually people are going to know you've been lying and that you and Congressman Blithe really did sleep together. Before Sara can reply, Casey shows up to tell her that Ben has come out of his coma. Sara introduces Casey to Melinda and then excuses herself to go see Ben and Meg. Alone, Melinda says don't make me wait to long Sara, because I need your confession on tape.

In The Morgue, Ricardo shows up and told the Morgue attendant that he is there to check up on that John Doe again, because he supposedly attacked Ben Evans. The attendant told him the body is over there and Ricardo goes to where Ben is and is just about to fully unzip the body bag containing Ben, when the attendant told him that he has the wrong body. Ricardo says what do you mean I've got the wrong body. The attendant told him there are two John Doe's and his is over there. Ricardo then offers to re-zip. the bag back up, but the attendant told him no, he'll do it. Ricardo then takes some hair samples for testing to see if it matches the samples found on Ben's clothing. He then gets a call from the station alerting him that Ben Evans(Derek) has become conscious. As soon as Ricardo leaves to go question Ben/Derek, the coroner shows up to collect the bodies of the John Does. Unfortunately because he dropped the papers he gets confused about which one went to the funeral home and which one gets cremated. He puts the buried tag on Ben and the cremated tag on the guy Derek killed and the coroner leaves with the bodies.

In Ben's Hospital Room, Meg is stunned and surprised to see that Ben is awake. Unfortunately for her it's not Ben, it's Derek. A nurse comes in and asks if everything is alright and Meg told her that it is now. The nurse then says welcome back Mr. Evans and went to tell Tyus that Ben/Derek has regained consciousness. Meg told Ben she is so happy to have him back with her. Derek continues to play it off and told Meg that he can't believe he was out for so long, because it seem as if he were in her arms a few minutes ago. Meg told him about how he kept on drifting in and out trying to tell her something. Derek told her he remembers and adds that he was just trying to see if she where alright. Meg told him that it is just like him to worry about her when he was the one who was hurt so badly. Derek tells her he will always be thinking about her and then Meg gets a strange feeling that the connection she was feeling towards Ben is different again. When he asks her what is wrong, she told him nothing. Casey and Sara descend upon them and tell Derek how nice it is to see him up. Casey tells him that he can't believe how well Ben looks, as if he where never attacked. Derek says to himself "Shut Up". Meg then told Derek that Casey was the one who found him and called the paramedics. He has really helped her through this whole thing, he's been wonderful. Derek looks at Casey and says I bet he has. Meg then asks Ben/Derek if he is up for any visitors and he told her yeah he's feeling okay. Ricardo walks in and says good, because I was wondering if you could answer a few questions. Ricardo asks Ben/Derek about his involvement with Eddie Connors and Derek told him about Eddie having some lead to the stolen items that where taken from his home. He then plays like he can't remember anything more and Meg tells Ricardo that's enough questioning for tonight. Ricardo, Casey and Sara all leave so Ben can get some rest. Meg asks Casey and Sara to go by the house and bring Ben back a change of clothes. She then forgets something else she wanted them to bring Ben back so she leaves out the door to catch up to Casey and Sara. Alone, Derek calls the morgue to find out about the body and the morgue attendant told him it has been sent off for cremation. Satisfied, Derek lays back and thinks of taking over Bens entire life. Soon Meg returns with the doctor and told Ben/Derek he is there to examine him. The doctor checks Derek out and then asks him if he is sure he is Ben Evans. Derek told him of course he is and Meg asks the doctor if there is a problem. The doctor told her that something doesn't add up.

Back At The Richard's
Cole confronts Annie about her moving in and asks what is it all about. Annie told Cole she is tired of defending herself. She needed a place to stay and Caitlin offered this and that's the end of the story. Cole says it's one thing that she is Caitlin's new best friend, but for her to ask you to move in here. Gregory shows up and says asked who to move in here. Cole says obviously you're the last to know, why don't you meet your new roommate Gregory. Cole then leaves and heads to the Mission. As Annie explains why Caitlin offered her home to her, Gregory has a good laugh at Annie's constant manipulations to get into his life. He told her she is some piece of work and no one is as conniving as she is, no one has the skills for manipulating and two-timing as she does. Annie says so you're not angry and Gregory told her no, he is impressed, she reminds him of her father, the scheming old bastard. Annie told him that she is not so sure she likes the comparisons, but as long as he is happy. The phone rings and Gregory told Annie why doesn't she go upstairs and settle into the house. As Gregory answers his phone call, Annie does what she does best, listening in on private conversations. She finds out from Gregory's call that A.J. Deschanel is back in Sunset Beach and owns the beach that Gregory is planning to build the resort on. She then says she wonders how grateful Gregory would be if she managed to save the day and bets that he'll be walking her down that isle sooner than she thinks.

At The Mission
Gabi shows up to lend Antonio a hand at the mission. As they are putting away things that where donated to the mission, Gabi asks Antonio if he always wanted to be a Priest. Antonio told her no, not until he was older. He use to do all of the normal things kids do such as go ice skating, partying, and things like that. She then asks him what happened that changed his life to turn to God. Antonio told her things changed when his sister Maria died. It was so senseless and she was such a beautiful person that he couldn't understand how a person could die so tragically and he was very angry like Ricardo, but he turned to God for answers and he found them and wanted to help others find that kind of peace too. Gabi asks him if he ever regretted becoming a Priest and giving up so much. Antonio told her no, his only regret is that he couldn't help his own brother and Ricardo is still so angry about it. Gabi told him she knows he is and Antonio tells her that resentment is a heavy load to carry. Cole shows up to tell Antonio that he wants to schedule Trey's baptism. Antonio leaves to get his calendar book, while Cole and Gabi discuss A.J. Antonio returns and catches the end of their conversation and learns that A.J. Deschanel is back in town and asks Cole if he is going to invite him to the baptism. Cole tells him he doesn't think so and Antonio reminds Cole that he needs to be a little more forgiving of his father and give him another chance. Cole tells Antonio about all the strange things that have been happening to him and how he first thought Gregory was behind them, but now he thinks A.J. is the one who is behind them. Antonio told Cole that instead of looking for a enemy in his father, he could find his strongest ally. Gabi interrupts to tell them that her lunch hour is over and she has to get back to work. Alone, Antonio and Cole continue to discuss A.J. Cole told Antonio that he just doesn't trust his dad and then complains again about A.J. walking out on him and Elaine. Antonio told Cole what if one day Caitlin found out about he and Olivia's affair. Cole told him he is working hard to keep that a secret, but Antonio asks him what if she did, wouldn't he want her to give him another chance. Cole says yes and Antonio told him that he thinks that is all A.J. is asking for.

Back At The Resort
A.J. is still laughing to himself about the look on Gregory's face when he finds out that the beach Gregory's resort is being built on belongs to A.J. Just then he gets a knock at the door and thinks it is Gregory, but it turns out to be a frustrated Olivia. He invites her in and Olivia told him about the flash of memories she was having when she was holding Trey. A.J. suggest to her that it must have something to do with holding Trey and she has to go back and hold him again, because it may trigger the memory. Olivia told him she can't, because holding Trey was one of the hardest things she has ever done. A.J. told her in spite of Gregory or anything else, she has got to find out what happened to her that night. Olivia tells him he is right and then thanks him for always being there for her. A.J. tells her that he owes her for telling him about Cole. Olivia has a flashback of her and Bette talking about their involvement with Del and how they helped him steal Cole from Elaine. She then told A.J. she has to go and leaves. Outside she told herself that A.J. can never find out what she has done.

At The Funeral Home
The Coroner arrives with the John Does and brought Ben into the mortician who handles the bodies. He told her that the cremated one is around back and this one, meaning Ben is to be buried. He then teases her about being so involved in her romance novels. She told him that her dream man Steele, is the perfect man to her. He told her she'll never meet her perfect man if she doesn't get her head out of those books, then he leaves. She puts the book down and prepares to get Ben ready to be buried. Upon unzipping the bag she sees Ben's face and says Steele, fate has finally delivered you to me.......

Wednesday, June 3, 1998

We open at the hospital where Casey and Michael are discussing Ben. Michael told Casey he is anxious to talk to Meg. Since she is Vanessa's best friend, he's hoping she might have some information on where Vanessa might have gone, some news or clue that may help find her. Casey agrees with Michael that he should continue his search and lets him know he supports him completely. IN Ben's (Derek's) room a doctor is puzzling over the fact that Derek's injuries do not match the chart in front of him. The doctor notes "he is like a totally different patient according to these records." He does not understand the discrepancy and insists on examining Derek. Derek becomes very agitated and Meg chimes in telling the doctor what Ben has gone through and that he is only upsetting him. She asks the doctor to leave and promises that Tyus, his regular doctor (and doc of all citizens at SB) will attend to him later. Meg leaves the room and, later, she returns to find Derek clothed and expressing a desire to go home. Meg argues but to no avail. Derek is adamant that he be taken home and finally Meg relents. Elsewhere in the hospital Melinda is anxiously waiting to talk with Sarah. She has told Sarah she is here for her. That Sarah must talk about her affair; get it off her chest. They are friends, she will understand -- whatever Sarah has done she will support her. Just waiting for the opportunity, like a snake in the grass, Melinda (with her tape recorder ready to roll) is anxious to hear and tape what she believes will be admissions of an affair with the congressman.

Diane is fawning over Ben, getting ready to take the steps to embalm him. She sighs and notes as the looks into his eyes; "This is a cruel twist of fate to be united with my beloved Steel..." Diane, who has a few screws missing, takes Ben to be her romance novel hero. All of a sudden Ben's eyes flutter open; he asks where he is and then drifts off to sleep once more. Diane is beside herself with happiness. He is alive and she is going to have her hero after all. We next see she has arranged a romantic candle laden 'something' ....just what we are not sure-- but it looks romantic...embalming fluid and equipment nearby!

Earlier Sarah had gone to pick up some fresh clothes for Ben. Hank and Joan were in the living room as she burst in the door. "I can't even listen to the radio without hearing about ...." and she went on to mention not only her own story but the latest goings on with Monica Lewinsky and etc and etc and etc. Joan and Hank once again tell Sarah they're behind her, they support her. It seems they really haven't a clue what the real story is. (Anymore than we do with 'you know who.')

Vanessa is telling Tyus (again) she is leaving, for good this time. Tyus, however, convinces her to move into his mother's apartment which just so happens (we later see) is smack-dab-across from Mr. Moreau's.

Virginia barges into Ms Moreau's "You got what you wanted, what are you doing here?" says Ms. Moreau. "Michael" Virginia told her "is still carrying a torch for Vanessa; she may be out of town but she's not out of his heart." She asks Ms. Moreau for something "to make Michael love me." Ms. Moreau laughs; "You're a piece of work aren't you? " she told Virginia and went on to say there is no such thing. Virginia then relates to her how she saw Vanessa, how horrendous she looked. Moreau told her it's no wonder, after what she did to her. Virginia went on to say it was more than how she looked, it was the sadness, the hopelessness in her eyes. She told Ms. Moreau how, ironically, Vanessa pleaded with her to take care of Michael. Moreau asks Virginia "What are you going to do when Vanessa finds out what you've done?" But Virginia thinks Vanessa is long gone...little do they both know she is but a door frame away.

Michael and his friend are discussing Michael's pawning the engagement ring he was to give Vanessa the night she disappeared. He told his friend he needs the money to finance the search for Vanessa; that he plans to hire a private detective. As they talk, Virginia walks in and overhearing the conversation she tries to deter Michael from his quest to find Vanessa. Virginia, without thinking says "But Vanessa told me .."Michael does a double take. "When did you talk to Vanessa ?" he asks her

Joan, Hank, Casey, Meg and Derek prepare to go home. Derek believes his plan to have worked out perfectly. He believes Ben is dead and now Meg is his and the only problem he foresees is figuring out how to get Ben's money.

Thursday, June 4, 1998

At Surf Central
A eager Michael ends up telling Virginia that he is going to use all of his resources and hire a detective to track down Vanessa. A panicked Virginia lets it slip and told Michael that Vanessa doesn't want to be found, she stood there and told Virginia herself. Michael asks Virginia if she saw Vanessa and Virginia tries to play it off by telling him that what she meant was that Vanessa told everyone that in her letter when she left town. Unfortunately, Michael heard what she said and calls her on it and then demands to know why Virginia didn't tell him that she saw and spoke to Vanessa. Virginia says, you're so desperate to find Vanessa that you're twisting my words around. Michael told her that he knows her too well (Not well enough apparently) and she can't hide things from him. Virginia told him that she is not trying to hide anything and Michael says he thought she was his friend. Virginia told him she is and Michael told her that she knows how much he loves Vanessa and if she knows anything she had better tell him. Seeing that she can't lie her way all the way out of this one, Virginia finally admits to Michael that she saw Vanessa before she left town. She then lies and told him that she saw Vanessa the night of the party at the bus station. Michael told her that he doesn't believe this and then blast Virginia for not telling him. Virginia continues to lie and told Michael that she wanted to tell him, as an outraged Michael told her she knew how crazy he was going trying to find Vanessa and she even followed him to the airport and never said a word that whole time. Virginia tries to further explain her lies, but Michael cuts her off and blast her again for pretending to help him all along when she knew and never said a word. He told her that Vanessa always thought she was trying to break them up (Go with that thought Michael) and maybe she was right. He then told her that she didn't tell him about Vanessa, because she didn't want him to find her. Virginia says I swear Michael I wasn't trying to break-up you and Vanessa, it's been hell trying to keep the truth from you all this time. Michael says then why didn't you just say something and Virginia told him that Vanessa was dead set on going and she wanted to spare him the truth. When Michael still is not so sure he believes her, Virginia lies again and told Michael that she tried to get Vanessa to stay by telling her that he was going to propose to her. Michael asks her what did Vanessa say and Virginia told him that Vanessa told her that it didn't matter, she still wouldn't have married him. Crushed to learn that Vanessa knew about his plan to propose and still ran away, Michael sadly contemplates giving up his search. Just then the phone rings and Virginia answers it to find Ms. Moreau on the other end informing Virginia of her bounced check and if the money is not paid to her, she will have no problem telling Michael what she did to run his girlfriend away so she could have him to herself. Virginia assures Ms. Moreau that it'll be taken care of and Moreau told her it had better be and then slams the phone down. Virginia then tries to get a crying Michael to face the fact that Vanessa is gone and isn't coming back.

At The Apartment Complex Where Ms. Moreau Lives
Vanessa is in the hallway getting ready to enter into Tyus's dad's place when she overhears a female coming up to speak to Ms. Moreau from across the way and wonders where she has heard that name at before. As she glances over, Ms. Moreau notices and asks her what is she looking at. Vanessa hides her face and ducks inside the apartment. Ms. Moreau says what an odd girl and Jada the one who came to visit Moreau wonders what Vanessa is doing living at the doctors place. Moreau says, don't be putting your nose in other people's business and then she and Jada head for the store. Inside, Vanessa says she wishes that she didn't have to hide from Michael, but he can't know what happened to her, not ever. She then thinks back to the day she heard Michael rehearsing his proposal to her and says she really wants to marry him, but she loves him too much to let him be obligated to her for the rest of his life. Later she hears Ms. Moreau and Jada talking in the hallway and recognizes Ms. Moreau's voice as the woman who once called Virginia demanding to be paid.

At The Funeral Home
Ben has finally come to and encounters a strange woman named Diane who thinks he is Steele, a hero from her romance novel. She told him that fate may have brought them together, but it is her kiss that brought him back to life. Ben asks her to help him and tries to get up to use the phone, but she told him he is too weak for that and that she will be their to nurse him back to health, adding that she has been waiting for a man like him all of her life and now that she has found him, she's never gonna let anything bad happen to him. Ben tries again to get up, but she pushes him back down and told him to rest and as soon as he is better they will be together forever as she puts her face cheek to cheek with Ben's. Later when she is reading her romance novel, Lucas the coroner drops by to bring her the urn containing the dead man's ashes and hears Ben in the back ground uttering Meg's name. He asks Diane who is that and she lies and told him she didn't hear anything. He then teases her about having a man stashed in the back and she told him he can leave now. She then went back in the room where she has Ben and told him that she has him and she is never going to let him go. He is hers now forever and ever. Ben becomes slightly conscious again and keeps asking for Meg, a deluded Diane asks him what does he want and Ben told her he wants to go home, while Diane replies that he is home.

At South Bay Hospital
As an anxious Derek tries hard to get Meg to wheel him out of there before he is examined, they are stopped by Tyus who told Ben/Derek that he is not going anywhere until he is looked over. Derek told Tyus that he is fine and then stands up to shows him. Nevertheless, Tyus is firm on examining him and will not release him until he has been thoroughly check out. Derek gets upset and told Tyus that he is fine and doesn't see why he needs to be examined, but Meg told him she would feel better if he were and urges him to go through with it. Feeling cornered by both Meg and Tyus, Derek has no choice but to agree to be examined. As Meg wheels Derek back into his hospital room, Tyus asks her to step out so that he can examine Ben. Alone with Tyus, Derek thinks to himself that he can't keep bumping off people who get in his way, instead he needs to think more like Ben. He then asks Tyus could he step out a minute while he undresses. Tyus leaves and Derek takes the opportunity to call and have him paged to the E.R. After he hangs up, Tyus returns and prepares to examine Derek, but his pager went off right on time and he told Derek that he has to go to the Emergency room and he is to wait until he returns. Once Tyus has left, Derek gets dressed and then comes out of his room and lies to Meg that Tyus has given him a clean bill of health. Meg is grateful and they head home.

At Ben and Meg's Place
The family and Casey return back to Ben and Meg's while Joan and Hank praise Casey for all he has done for them. A blushing Casey accepts kudos from all the Cummings for everything he's done for their family since the day he fished Meg out of the ocean. Joan asks Hank for help preparing dinner for Meg and Ben's arrival home, while Casey and Sara sit and talk about, who else MEG! Sara told Casey that her parents are really crazy about him and he should be careful because they may want to adopt him. Casey blushes with his cute self and told her that if he didn't already have a great mom, he may take them up on their offer. Sara says Meg is so lucky to be engaged to a super guy like Ben and have a terrific friend like Casey. Casey told her he is the lucky one and Sara told him about how everyone back home is impressed that Meg was saved by a hunky good-looking lifeguard her first day in Sunset Beach. Casey says he was glad he was on duty that day and Sara says that is probably the reason he and Meg are such good friends, because he saved her life. The look on Casey's face says more, but he told Sara that it does kind of tie them together forever. Sara says so I guess the saying is true, if you save someone's life you're responsible for it forever. Melinda shows up and offers to take Sara out so that Ben and Meg can have some privacy when they get home. Hank told Sara he is not to thrilled about her going out on the town all alone with reporters hovering around and Casey offers to tag along to protect Sara while Melinda tries to hide her growing frustration of not being able to pry Sara away from the ever present Casey.

At The Java Web
Casey asks Melinda how long has she and Sara been knowing each other and Sara says this it seems like forever. Melinda offers to pay for another round of mocha's and Sara went to get them leaving Casey and Melinda alone. A curious Casey asks Melinda how she and Sara met each other. Melinda told Casey how she likes to thinks of herself as a mentor to Sara and they got real close working together on the bill Congressman Blithe was trying to past. Casey adds that she must be a good friend to come all the way to Sunset Beach to be with Sara. Melinda told him that she is there as long as Sara needs her to be. Sara returns and as they chat, a reporter comes by to hassle Sara, but Casey strong arms her away from there. Melinda makes excuses to leave and leaves and then Casey asks Sara what's the real story with her and Melinda. Sara says there is no story, Melinda is her friend. Casey asks her if she is sure about that and Sara wonders what is he getting at. Casey told her that she has family right in Sunset Beach and it'll be hard to find a family that is more behind her. Sara told him she knows and what does Melinda have to do with that. Casey told her he just finds it kinda weird that this lady old enough to be her mother can just take off from work and stay as long as she wants, just to come out here and hold her hand. Sara defends her and told Casey that's what friends do and she is real lucky Melinda is her friend, because she can always count on Melinda to help her. Casey then told her if the rumors between her and the Congressman aren't true, what kind of help does she need that she can't get from the people who love her?

Back At Ben and Meg's Place
Derek and Meg arrive home to find Joan and Hank there smooching. As they welcome Ben/Derek home, they excuse themselves to go leave and check out the house Casey found them. Alone, Meg told Derek she is going to nurse him back to health with her special TLC. Derek told her that no one has ever cared for him the way she does and Meg told him that is because she loves him and then told him to rest while she went and sees what her parents cooked for dinner. Alone, Derek calls to see if Ben has been cremated yet and finds out from the morgue attendant that he doesn't know. Derek gets the number and gets ready to call, but his own phone rings and it is Tyus who scolds him for leaving the hospital before he was examined. Derek lies and told Tyus that he thought Tyus would just reschedule it and he could leave for home. Tyus informs Derek he will be coming over tonight to finish the examination. Derek begins to think fast when he learns that Ben may not have been cremated yet and Tyus is on his way over to examine him. He then immediately asks Meg to go away with him on a quick getaway for two, so they can be alone.......

Friday, June 5, 1998

Due to coverage of the French Open tennis tournament, Sunset Beach did not air today.

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