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Monday, August 24, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Evonne

Tim confronts Ben about still being obsessed by Maria. Ben repeats to Tim that he will not discuss his dead wife or Meg with him. Ben told Tim to leave or he will throw him out. Tim said, "You and Derek are twins you have the same psychotic gene." Ben grabs him and slams him against the wall. A scuffle begins and Ben throws Tim down the stairs. When Tim gets up he told Ben that he was there to tell him something important. Ben said he doesn't want to hear anything from Tim and puts him out of the house. Tim vows to make Ben's life a living hell while protecting Meg.

Surf Central
Antonio and Ricardo are waiting for Gabi to come downstairs where she went looking for a sweater. Antonio told Ricardo to admit that he really likes Gabi. Ricardo said he wasn't denying the fact. Gabi comes down and they leave for dinner, while Ricardo whispers to Antonio not to wait up.

Right after Gabi and Ricardo leave Madame Carmen comes over. She is appalled to find out that Gabi and Ricardo are again on a date. She told Antonio how worried she was about them out on the ocean. All she could think of was them drowning like Maria. She then said that she now had her two sons back and Maria. Antonio corrects her on Maria being alive. Carmen refuses to acknowledge that fact. She said she would be glad when Ricardo gets back so she can hear all about his date. Antonio told her that Gabi and Ricardo's date is their own business.

Later Antonio dreams about a mystery woman coming up to him while he is in the chapel praying. The woman appears to be wearing a nightgown. She places her hand on his shoulder. He quickly awakens before we can see her face.

The Restaurant
The Richards and AJ
Gregory asks Annie whose side she was going to vote with in the Liberty Corp decision. Annie said AJ's. Gregory is shocked, AJ is happy, and Olivia is gloating. Gregory quickly told Annie she isn't allowed to vote anyway then what he approves, because he controls her stock. At first Annie thinks this is a joke. Gregory quickly told her that it was a provision in the pre-nuptial agreement that she signed. Olivia is elated; she told Gregory the only reason Annie married him in the first place was to gain control of her stock. Gregory ensures everyone that he already knew. He had checked out the reason why Annie was in such a rush to marry him. Annie rushes out and Olivia follows. AJ said told Gregory that know one will ever be able to tell when he has died because he doesn't have a heart to stop beating.

Olivia told Annie that she is pitiful. She actually had the nerve to think that Gregory could love her. When Annie reminds Olivia that she isn't wearing Gregory's ring, Olivia points out that she might not have his ring but she DID have his love at one time. Olivia returns to the restaurant. Annie storms through with Gregory following her to apologize.

AJ told her she is gloating like a woman who is still in love with her husband. Olivia says it is over. AJ told her how important she is to him. They share a kiss.

Ricardo and Gabi
Ricardo told her that he wished he could have taken her to somewhere special. Gabi reminds him that it is not the place that counts but the fact they are together. Gabi admits to him that everything has turned out different then what she thought it would. She said her purpose for coming to town was to destroy Paula and ruin Ricardo's life. She shudders at how close she came to ruining his life. Ricardo said all was forgiven.

Cedar Oaks
Meg convinces Dana to show her the drawing. Meg is shocked when she instantly recognizes Ben. Dana said she drew it from memory of the picture at Meg's parents' house. Meg said that she is amazed at Dana's talent because she seemed to have captured Ben's soul also. Dana admits that Meg talking about Ben has allowed her to learn a lot about him. Dana said something about Ben having a dead wife. Meg was surprised to learn that Dana had heard about Maria. Of course she found out from Tim. Dana said it must be hard for Meg fighting a ghost. Meg told Dana that it was hard at first getting past Ben's wife's image. She found out that no matter how much he loved his first wife that she is special to him now. She doesn't feel threatened any longer.

After Meg leaves Tim arrives to visit Dana. He found her still sketching and gets her to show him his picture. He is also shocked when he recognizes Ben. He accuses Dana of knowing Ben. Dana assures him that she only sketched from the picture she has seen. Tim said he could tell they would be real good friends.

Ben's House
Meg arrives, home calling for Ben. Ben comes downstairs as she turns around from the balcony. Ben calls her Mrs. Evans. Meg asks what he means by that. Ben told her that they have waited long enough and it was time they set a wedding date. Meg is elated. She told him that she only plans on doing this once so it will be done right. He said fine but he doesn't plan on waiting for the honeymoon. She reminded him that he had said the same thing the night they got engaged. Ben said, "Well then you probably remember this." He sweeps her in his arms and they head for the stairs. (sighhhhhh -lol)

The Richards' Hotel Suite
Annie is furious with Gregory over the pre-nuptial agreement. Gregory asks her why she is so mad. He did to her what she had planned on doing to him. He admits that they are a good pair and he really is happy he married her. He then proceeds to kiss her. Annie appears to be giving in. All of a sudden she pushes him away, storms into the other room. Gregory follows her. She opens the door throws out a pillow, then a blanket, and she slams the door in his face.

Tuesday, August 25, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jane Johnson

Father Antonio finds Francesca on the pier, starring into the distance. He asks her what she is doing there. She says that he sounds just like Cole. He clarifies that he just thinks that she should be somewhere resting because she is still recovering. Now that she is out of the hospital she has no where to go.

In the rubble that was the Waffle Shop, Cole finds the picture of his grandfather that Elaine had up on the wall. She used to use it to illustrate the legend that she loved to tell. A.J. walks in and is pleased to see that the picture of his father survived the quake. Cole told A.J. that Elaine wants him to bring Caitlin and Trey to San Diego to visit. A.J. told him that he cannot do that.

Gregory is knocking on the door to the bedroom that Annie slammed in his face in yesterday's episode when Caitlin walks into the room through another door and told him that Annie has already left the hotel.

Over breakfast Olivia told Bette how much she enjoyed seeing Annie get "what she deserves." Bette does not like that choice of words.

Annie is waiting in Charles' office when Charles gets there. She accuses him of telling Gregory why she wanted to marry him. She said that she is going to forgive him, but only because she needs him. And, he will do what she wants him to do because he owes her, she says. What does she want? "A divorce, from Gregory, today."

Antonio offers to let Francesca stay at the mission. She says, "That is the priest speaking. What does the man say?" "They are the same person" Francesca accepts the offer. "Lead the way."

Gregory told Caitlin that the problem that he is having with Annie is over their prenuptial agreement. Caitlin is pleased that there is a prenuptial agreement. Gregory told Caitlin that A.J. came to Sunset Beach to interfere in his life. The prenuptial agreement was Gregory's way of protecting his interests. Caitlin adds that Gregory couldn't marry Annie for love because he is still in love with her mother, Olivia.

At the mission, Francesca asks Antonio if he ever hears from his parishioners in Mexico. He shows her a handful of letter. They all say the same things. "They are tales of all the pain that I left behind." "So, that is why you invited me here, to make me feel guilty." She refuses to stay at the mission. As she walks out, the phone rings and Antonio asks someone to come down to the mission.

Olivia told Bette that she understands that she has always had an inexplicable soft spot for her niece. Olivia is glad that Bette now has Emily, who is worth worrying about. There is nothing stronger than the bond between a mother and a child, Olivia says. Bette says that she needs to see a lot more of Emily. Olivia says that she knows exactly what she means. Olivia thinks to herself that she intends to see more of Trey.

Gregory told Caitlin "It is important for you to realize that the relationship that I had with your mother is over, for good." Caitlin saw them at the hospital. "You were connected." Gregory tries to explain that the connection is their caring for their grandson and for their children. That is all.

Charles tries to talk Annie into giving the marriage a longer test. She wants out, with her stock. All the requirements of Del's will were fulfilled. Charles informs her that she must remain married to Gregory for a year before the ownership of the stock reverts back to her name. Otherwise, Olivia will get the stock! Charles advises "Stay married. Get rich. It's that simple." "I got those shares fair and square and I intend on keeping them, or I am not Annie Richards, I mean Douglas, Annie Douglas."

A.J. questions the timing of Cole's plan to leave town as Cole's mind flashes to Francesca. Cole explains that it is very important for Elaine to see her grandson. Hanks has been doing an estimate of how much it would cost to rebuild the Waffle Shop. He hands it to Cole, who accepts it. Cole went to answer the phone. A.J. says "I'm not going anywhere." and, then, as Cole disappears, he adds, to himself, "And neither are you, Cole."

Olivia and Bette discuss Olivia's relationship with Trey, how at first Olivia didn't want to see him. She was grieving for the son that she lost. Olivia says that things are different now. She just hopes that Cole will let her see Trey whenever she wants. Bette thinks that he will and, when they have more children, Cole will let her visit them, too. Olivia flashes back to when Annie told her that Caitlin cannot have children. After Olivia leaves, she stands outside Bette's door and says "I wish I could tell you, Bette, but, I cannot tell anyone that Trey is my son."

Caitlin told Gregory that she does not believe that he no longer loves her mother. He tries, unsuccessfully to convince her that there are things about Annie that he is attracted to. After he leaves, when he no longer can hear her, she told him that she wishes that his missing bride would stay missing.

Annie and Charles continue to discuss the pros and cons of a divorce. As she contemplates the choices of staying married or being poor, and the possibility that Gregory married her out of pity, Annie suggests that she would rather die than accept Gregory's pity.

Antonio thanks Cole for coming down so soon. Antonio wants to tell him about Francesca staying in town, at the mission. This writer, who tends to talk to her television, is just about to remind Antonio that Francesca changed her mind about staying at the mission, when Francesca walks into the room. Francesca is displeased that Antonio told Cole that she was there.

A new character is on the phone leaving a message on a recorder about test results. He says that he is now in Sunset Beach. A positive match with Cole has been confirmed. There is a 99% probability. "The clock is ticking. There is no time to waste."

Gregory arrives at Bette's after Olivia is gone. Bette told him that she warned Annie about marrying him. He says that she doesn't listen to anybody. "That is one of the things I..." "Don't say it, or I'm going to have to hurt you, Greggy." When Gregory told her that Annie wanted to marry him to fulfill the terms of Del's will, Bette calls him blind.

Annie returns to the hotel room. Caitlin is still there. She has no sympathy for Annie. She told Annie that when she gets done telling him what she did, threatening to tell Cole that Trey isn't his, just so that she could get her help to marry Gregory, he won't have any sympathy for her either. This leads Annie to think that possibly Gregory indicated to Caitlin that he has sympathy for her.

Francesca says "You brought Cole here to tell him about what happened in Mexico. Is that what this is all about?" Cole asks "What are you talking about?" Francesca brought up the letters that Antonio showed her. Antonio leaves to answer the phone. Cole asks her about the letters. "Just because we have shared a moment or two in the past, doesn't mean that you have a right to know about everything that I have ever done." "What I do want to know about is the future. You said that you were leaving." She can't go anywhere without money. He grabs her wrist and reminds her about the bracelet on it.

A.J. finds Olivia in the hotel lobby as she searches for Cole and Caitlin. She wants to them ask about visiting with Trey. A.J. comments that he hopes that she gets everything that she wants. She assures him "I will, the way that I have been dreaming about it. I'm going to go and make sure of it, right now." They kiss.

Caitlin admits "Daddy feels sorry for you, Annie. How could someone not feel sorry for someone as pathetic as you? Pity is not the same thing as love. It is charity, and nothing more." After Caitlin leaves, Annie kicks the furniture. "Damn you, Caitlin. Damn you, Gregory. And, damn you, Daddy. I blame you for everything." Del, in hell, answers "Why, thank you, darlin'. How could I stay away from this chance to see you so miserable? You called for your lovin' daddy. Well, here I am." and walks up close to her.

Bette tries to explain to Gregory "Annie spent her entire life trying to win the love of that bastard brother of mine. Even now, he is dead and buried and she is still doing it....She actually thought that she was going to get some love." "By marrying me?" "Yes, and you put a stake right in that by telling her that the marriage was a set-up right from the beginning....Who knows what crazy thing she will do to herself now?...If anything happens to her now, it's on your head."

Del told Annie that Gregory will never love her. Ben will never love her. Bette will never love her. Then, he told her "Your mother left because she figured out what everyone else does sooner or later, that you can't be loved, Annie, that you are just not worth it." Ouch!

After Francesca suggests that he let go of her wrist, Cole offers to hock the bracelet for her. When she turns down the offer, he says then he cannot help her. She says that he has other things to worry about, like a son, and a wife. He wants to know why she keeps bringing up Caitlin. And, why is she still in Sunset Beach? She wants to know if he is afraid of what she might do, or what he might do.

Caitlin and Olivia discuss how they are a family, as Olivia holds Trey. Olivia says that she wants to see Trey each and every day. Cole walks in and tells Olivia that she cannot see him every day.

The new man in Sunset Beach gets a response to the message that he left earlier. He says "Cole is confirmed as an absolute match. The formula I am working on can give us more time. We can't afford to take any more chances. We have to get down to business now."

A.J. is on the phone. We hear what the other person says, "Did you hear what I said?" "Yes, doctor, I heard."

When Gregory returns to the hotel suite, he can't find Annie. Then, when he goes on the balcony, he finds her, ready to jump to her death.

Wednesday, August 26, 1998

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Thursday, August 27, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jane Johnson

Michael is depressed. Vanessa told him that one of the things that she has always loved about him is that he is not a quitter. "Don't give up now, when Tyus is so close to finding a cure."

Virginia brought Tyus some food. "After you worked through the night trying to keep Michael alive, that is the least I could do." Tyus told her that he has replicated the cure.

At the site of the Waffle Shop, Joan, Sara and Hank discuss the inaccurate press coverage that Sara has been receiving, this time about her and Casey. Hank knows that it is not true. He wants to do something about it. Joan counsels waiting it out. Meg and Ben walk in, teasing Joan and Hank about arguing over the color of the walls again. "Dad, don't let her give you any grief. You guys are going to do a great job rebuilding this place." Then Meg breaks the good news. "As soon as we can book a church, Mr. Evans and I are getting married." "That's right. And, this time nothing is going to stop us" Ben adds, beaming.

Maria is still working on the picture of Ben. Tim walks in. He is at Cedar Oaks for physical therapy. Maria told him that she keeps having a dream. This one she can remember. "I'm at Ben and Meg's house. Meg's there and she looks at me and she says 'Welcome home.' What can it mean?"

Annie is on the ledge. Gregory says "Wait." "Are you going to rip up the pre-nup, or not?" "Yes, I will. I'll tear it to pieces." He reaches for her hand and she falls, as Bette and Olivia, on a nearby balcony, look on in shock.

Hank and Joan are pleased at the news. Hank turns to Sara and says "Great news for a change." Sara outwardly overlooks the implication of his statement and expresses her delight to Meg, who immediately asks her to be her maid of honor. Casey walks in and is told the news. His expression shows mixed emotions. Sara notices his reaction, even though he covers by saying "Congratulations." Casey inquires of Meg where she plans to have the ceremony. When she told him that they are thinking of the mission, Casey reminds her that the mission is where Ben married Maria.

Maria repeats the question. "Why do you think that Meg would say 'Welcome home' to me in my dream?" Tim makes light of it. "Are you a real big believer in dreams? Because, if you heard some of mine..." "I've had my share of them lately, too. I can't help thinking that they all mean something, especially this one." She told him that Dr. Estrada thinks that it is "a subconsious expression of my need to belong somewhere." Maria tells Tim that Dr. Estrada has okayed her leaving Cedar Oaks to visit with Meg. "I may even get to meet her fiance, Ben." Tim doesn't like that idea.

Gregory puts his head in his hand. Bette says "You were wearing a safety harness all along! I don't believe it!" Annie is shown hanging by the harness. Olivia says that Annie isn't going to leave this world when she so enjoys torturing her. Bette says that Annie herself is tortured. Annie tells Gregory that she did this stunt because she loves him. He looks amused.

Virginia hugs Tyus. Tyus urges caution until the replicated cure is tested. Vanessa calls. She thinks that Michael is dying. Tyus says that he will be right over with a possible cure. Vanessa urges Michael to hang on. There is a knock at the door. It is Mrs. Moreau. "I've come here to help."

Tim cautions Maria against putting more pressure on Meg. In the hallway, Maria tries to talk to a woman in a wheelchair. (If you view the show, notice her clothing, the color and print. She may be seen later in the show. The second time it is hard to be sure. Sorry that I can't say more.) She calls her Angela. She is unresponsive. Maria told Tim that she was told that Angela has been through some kind of traumatic experience.

Meg told Casey that she cannot run from Ben's past. Ben walks up and asks Casey to be his best man.

Annie asks "Gregory, are you mad at me?" As Gregory pulls Annie up, Olivia tells him that he is the one being pulled in. After kissing her passionately, he says "I can't believe that you went through all of this for me." Olivia says "She did it to get her stock back." Annie retorts "It worked, didn't it?" As Annie and Gregory leave the balcony and go inside, he gets passionate and she holds back, asking about tearing up the prenuptual agreement.

Vanessa asks Mrs. Moreau how she tracked her down and why. Both questions have the same answer--Virginia Harrison. As Mrs. Moreau starts to tell her about "evil things having to do with Virginia," Virginia enters the room.

Tim joins the group at the Waffle Shop site. He came by to give Hank a hand with the repairs. Meg told him that she and Ben have decided to set a date for the wedding, as soon as possible. Sympathetically, she starts to say "I know it's hard..." He interrupts with "It is not as hard for me as it is going to be for you, once you hear what I have to say."

Trying to get past his promise, Gregory says "Don't let this ruin our fun." Gregory reminds Annie that a promise made under pressure is not legally binding. He proceeds to hold out a beautiful place to live, a new wardrobe and a large allowance as perks. She told him that she doesn't only want to be his wife, she wants to be a successful woman. Then, in an apparent about- face, she accepts his advances.

As Tim tries to talk, Meg told him that she doesn't want to hear it. She and Sara go outside. Then, Hank calls Tim aside for a talk. Ben comments to Casey that he would like to wire Tim's mouth shut again. Sara told Meg not to let Tim get to her. "He's just mad that you are marrying Ben, and not him." Hank lays it on the line. "I don't want you bothering our daughter anymore. You've got to finally let go." "Mr. Cummings, I'm sorry, but I don't think that is something that I am going to be able to do." After he walks away from Hank, Tim listens in on Meg and Sara's conversation. He overhears Meg ranting about how Tim slept with Connie on her wedding day. "That is my special day. Nothing is supposed to ruin that." Tim thinks "Thanks Meg, for giving me the perfect way to break up you and Ben."

Annie told Gregory to wait. "Wait for what?" "A shower." "Good idea, a hot shower for just the two of us." "No, I was thinking more of a cold shower for you alone." "Oh, I get it--no stocks, no nooky." "You're quick for a lawyer." "I'm quick at some things, not as quick at others. I think you'll appreciate that. So, just who are you punishing here?" "I've got an idea. Why don't we find out?" She proceeds to take off her outer clothing. He compliments her lingerie. As he closes in, she puts up her arm. "You will have to admire it from a distance." "You are really serious about this, aren't you?" "Oh yeah. Until I get what I want, you don't get what you want."

Tyus follows Virginia into the room. To Mrs. Moreau he says "What are you doing here?" I was just about to give Vanessa some life or death information." "Come on, get out." Virginia follows her out saying "Come on, you crazy witch doctor." In their heated discussion outside the door, Virginia told Mr. Moreau that Vanessa really does have Martin's Syndrome. She credits herself with the possibility that Vanessa will be cured. "Tyus discovered a cure. If I hadn't kicked her symptoms into high gear, Tyus wouldn't have been working on it." Tyus injects Michael with the cure. Now they must wait.

Gregory told Annie that she doesn't know anything about him. She describes him, "You are a smart, tough, arrogant businessman. You are a loving, caring, overprotective father. And, you are a petulant little boy. And, you are a passionate, tender lover." After more verbal sparing he says "Let me tell you something. If I didn't want to marry you, I wouldn't have. This smart, tough, arrogant businessman would have found another way to get his hands on your stock. Just as this petulant, spoiled, little boy is going to find another way to get his hands on you." After he leaves the room Annie tries to figure her next move. If she could get Ben or A.J. to sell her some of their stock, she would have a little leverage. They wouldn't sell, but Tim would. Gregory gave him a thousand share a long time ago to spy on Caitlin. She picks Tim Truman as her next target.

As Michael and Vanessa talk inside, Virginia and Tyus talk in the hall. Tyus tells her that he gave Michael the injection. "Now, we just have to sit back and see what surprises are in store." Inside, Michael told Vanessa that he always felt like an outsider until she came crashing into his life. "You are my reason for being here and I'm sticking around....Will you marry me?" Vanessa responds with tears.

Annie went searching for Tim at Cedar Oaks. She heard that he had an appointment there. Meg and Ben run into Tim and Annie at Cedar Oaks. They tell him that they are on their way to see Dana. He says "You can't do that."

Gregory confronts Olivia, near Trey's crib, about telling Annie that he married her to gain control of her Liberty Corporation stock. He told her that he married Annie for a lot of reasons and accuses Olivia of being jealous. Olivia fires back with an accurate description of what transpired after he and Annie left the balcony, accurate even though she did not observe it. She says that Annie will not forgive him, just as she never forgave him for all the cruel things he did to her. He told her to stay away from his wife. Trey cries and Olivia picks him up. As Gregory heads toward the door she calls Trey her "sweet, sweet, little boy."

Michael says Are you going to say something? It is an easy question." Virginia and Tyus walk back into the room just in time to hear Michael repeat "Will you marry me?" and to hear Vanessa say "Yes." Michael and Vanessa kiss lovingly.

Olivia says "I thought you'd gone." "I heard the baby cry." They get emotional about Trey and one can feel Olivia's desire to tell Gregory the truth, but, of course, she doesn't. As Gregory leaves, he says "Take care of him." After he leaves, but while he is pausing outside the door, Olivia says "As if he were my own. Oh, Gregory, if you only knew that this might be our son."

When Joan suggests that being maid of honor and best man at Meg and Ben's wedding may lead Sara and Casey to a wedding of their own, Sara says 'He doesn't care about me....not in that way." Casey helps Hank while they discuss Sara. Casey says that whoever Sara ends up with will be "one lucky guy."

Meg questions why they can't see Dana. Tim says that he thought that Ben and Meg would want to tell Annie the good news. Annie asks "What good news?" When told, her comment is "Well, that was really worth holding up everybody." Tim fails to keep Ben from leaving to find Dana/Maria's room. While he has Meg away from Ben he say "Meg, you've gotta hear this." Ben went down the hall looking for the right room. He knocks on the door, opens the door, sees the back of a woman, and enters saying "Hello, I'm Meg's fiance."

Friday, August 28, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jane Johnson

Cole finds Caitlin up tight about the upcoming trip to San Diego. She doesn't know how much to pack. She doesn't know if the trip is a visit or a relocation. She told him "It might be nice to talk about it." "Okay, well, let's pack it all." is his response to a surprised Caitlin.

Francesca is on the phone at Antonio's desk, asking someone what they have learned about Cole Deschanel. "Really? Perfect. That is just what I needed. I have gotta write this down. I have gotta go." She hides the paper that she wrote on behind her back as Antonio enters the room. "Were you going through my desk?" "What? No." He points to the paper in her hand, probably thinking that it is something that she took from his desk. "What's that?"

At Surf Central, while Tyus and Virginia pretend to be flies on the wall, Michael says "It just takes a simple yes, or no. So, what will it be? Will you marry me?" Vanessa responds "Yes, I'll marry you." "That is just the answer I wanted to hear." They kiss.

While Annie is nearby, Tim told Meg and Ben that Dana had a session with Dr. Estrada scheduled. He suggests that he go see if she is back. Ben insists on going himself. After Ben leaves, Tim again tries to talk to Meg. "This can't wait." Ben finds the room number that Meg gave him for Dana and enters the room. "I'm Ben Evans, Meg's fiancé." As he walks around to face the woman sitting in a wheelchair, with her back to the door, he says "It is a pleasure to finally meet you."

Francesca told Antonio "You caught me. I was using church stationery to write down a phone number." "Whose phone number?" "Are you serious?" He is certain that she is pulling the same stuff that she pulled earlier, at his parish in Mexico. "I am not going to let you get away with this twice." Gabby enters the office.

Ben sees that the woman, who he assumes is Dana, is not in condition to respond to him. The woman is actually not Dana, but Angela, who we met yesterday. He leaves the room.

Maria is still working on that picture of Ben. She seems to be drawing his hair one strand at a time.

Tim finally gets Meg's attention, while Annie observes. "I am so sorry that I was a jerk to you. You should be really mad at me." Meg suggests that they forget "all of it." He doesn't try to enlighten her about Dana/Maria. Then Ben walks up and told them that Dana was sleeping. Tim and Ben agree that Ben and Meg shouldn't wait for her to wake up. Ben says that he will get to meet her another day. Tim agrees "Yeah, you will. It's your fate" as Annie observes, sensing that there might be something unspoken here.

As Ricardo is about to leave his place, Madame Carmen comes to tell him "I have had a very strange feeling all day." "That's your job, isn't it?" "Don't joke....It is about Maria and Annie." They go around and around again with "She is dead" and "No, she is not."

Tim comments to Annie about how she has been hanging around for half an hour, hardly saying a word. "Sometimes, you learn more by listening. After Annie leaves, Tim says "Damn, that Annie is nosey. She is the last person that I need to see Maria."

Caitlin says to Cole "Call me crazy, but I think that this warrants a little more than a sentence or two to decide if we are going to move our family to another city." Cole explains that while a permanent move is not definite, "I want to be open to the possibility of a fresh start." "Our lives are here." "No, Caitlin, our relatives are here. Our lives are with each other." He tells her that it would be nice to be away from their fathers. "You would tell me if there was something else, wouldn't you?"

Francesca takes a yo-yo out of a box of donations for the homeless. "I'm homeless, too. This may come in handy."

Gabby apologizes to Antonio for having interrupted his conversation with Francesca. As they talk about Francesca, Antonio says that he will tell Gabby what happened in the past. Gabby suggests that perhaps he would want to tell his brother, Ricardo, first. He disagrees. "Because he is a cop?" "Yes." He begins "I have known Francesca for a long time, too long. You see, we met when I was very young and very gullible."

Tyus interrupt Michael and Vanessa to take Michael's blood pressure. While he takes it, Vanessa told Virginia that she and Michael now have a chance at a life together because of her. The lab calls with Michael's test results.

Antonio continues "So, I went along with their plan. I mean, it never occurred to me that Francesca would try to steal from the people at Rosario. The thought never even entered my mind. And, because I was so trusting, I literally handed over the most treasured possession the people of my parish had ever known to a couple of con artists who laughed all the way to the bank. Rosario never recovered. And, I never felt the same again, either about myself or about human nature." In response to a question from Gabby, Antonio says that he blames himself for the whole thing. "You didn't do anything to cause it." "I didn't do anything to stop it, either." Antonio flashes back to Francesca saying "If you hadn't been so eager to help me, I never could have tricked you." He told Gabby "I let the entire town of Rosario down. And, there is nothing I can do to change that. End of story." "But, it isn't the end. You asked Francesca to stay here. Why?" Meg and Ben interrupt.

Tim is in Maria's room at Cedar Oaks. Angela is still in the wheelchair and still out of it. Appears that the reason Angela was in Maria's room was because Tim moved her there. He lifts her up, out of the wheelchair, to move her. One has to wonder why he didn't just wheel her in the chair. Just as he has her up, with her arm around his shoulder, Maria returns to her room.

Tyus gets the results from the lab. He says "All of his levels are back to normal. It worked." As Vanessa hugs Michael, Virginia says, quietly, "I would have died without you." Vanessa went to hug Tyus. He told her "If it can work on Michael's advanced case, it will definitely work on yours." When Vanessa asks about her mother, he cautiously says "We can try it. We can definitely give her a chance." Michael suggests that he and Vanessa get married today, as Tyus and Virginia look less than pleased with the suggestion.

Tim explains to Maria "She got in here somehow. I was going to take her back to her room." Annie is out in the hall, still wondering what Tim knows that she doesn't. As Tim and Maria take Angela back to her room, Annie is hiding in the hallway. As Maria walks with Tim and Angela, Annie hears Maria's voice. It rattles her, as one would expect it to do. While the room is empty, Annie enters to snoop. She finds Maria's picture of Ben.

Caitlin leaves Cole and, with Trey, heads to the store to stock up on items for the trip. Before she goes, he thanks her for being open about the trip. She told him "Save your thank-you's for the big stuff, when I really give in. "After she leaves, he says "Well, it's bigger than you think, Caitlin." Shortly, as Cole is stripping for a shower, there is a knock at the door. Cole opens it with "Forget something, sweetheart?" and looks out to find Francesca. "I come bearing gifts for your son." "A yo-yo?....He won't be playing with yo-yo's for at least another four years." She suggests that standing in the doorway while he is half-naked will invite idle gossip and walks inside. When she sees that he and Caitlin are packing for a trip, she asks "Am I that much of a temptation?" "You're no temptation at all."

In the office, Meg and Ben, Antonio, and Gabby discuss the upcoming wedding. All except Ben head to a chapel that will be used for a wedding soon. Ben remains in the office to borrow the phone to make a call. Ricardo is outside the office and overhears Meg, Gabby, and Antonio talking about the wedding. Still in the office, Ben is on the phone saying "It's me. Anything that I should feel guilty about?" Ricardo walks up to him with his own response "Disgracing my sister's memory."

Dr. Estrada told Maria that she has time for a meeting with her now. Tim says that he will wait. While he is waiting, Annie walks up from behind him, and slaps him in the stomach with Maria's portrait of Ben. "What is your problem?" "Who did this?" "Who did what?" "Who is the Picasso, and what did you have to do with it?" As they continue, Annie says "You are up to something and it has to do with Ben. It always does." Then she adds "You need my expertise and you know it. You remember what a good team we made?" "Yeah, I remember. It didn't get you Ben, and it didn't get me Meg." With her arm around his neck, Annie offers "I'll help you with your little scam, if you will sell me your Liberty Corporation stock." "Is that why you are still here?" "Yeah. I need your shares. Are you going to sell them to me or not?" "Not." Tim says that he doesn't want trouble with Gregory. Annie asks "Are you sure that this", she indicates the drawing, "has nothing to do with whatever you are up to with Ben and Meg?" "Ben and Meg aren't my business. And this little sketch pad here isn't your business." As Annie walks away, Tim breathes a sigh of relief. But, as Tim leaves, Annie returns, saying to herself "Not so fast, sweetheart."

Tyus told Virginia "I know what you have been through." Virginia returns "I highly doubt it." She leaves to "get some air." In the hallway, she complains out loud to herself "It's not fair. Everything I went through to have Michael notice me backfired. Everything I did was for Michael and he'll never know it. There is no way that I'm walking away with nothing here." In her frustration she has dropped her bag and as she is picking up the contents, she finds the pictures she took of Tyus and Vanessa. She has found a solution.

Francesca told Cole to look at her when he told her that he doesn't want her. When he does, she says that she doesn't believe him because he is a con artist. She asks him if he remembers the last time they were in a hotel room together. He does, in a flashback. She accuses him of being afraid to admit it because, if he does, he will have to act on what he wants to do instead of what he should do. Caitlin and Trey approach the door as Cole and Francesca get closer.

In response to Gabby's question Meg told her that there is nothing that can stop her and Ben from getting married. Antonio, who has left the women, heads back to his office where Ricardo is telling Ben about how criminals leave reminders of their misdeeds. He compares this to what Ben is doing to his family by having Antonio marry him and Meg in the same church where he married Maria. In response to more prodding, Ben says "You don't know how I feel." Ricardo says "You are in total denial, just like my mother. She is convinced that Maria is alive and you are convinced that her death just isn't a problem." At this time Antonio enters the office, hearing Ricardo tell Ben that, if Ben thinks he can make the past disappear, Ricardo is going to be there to make sure he doesn't.

Maria returns to her room after her session. Tim is waiting. As they talk about her progress, Annie peeks in the room and sees her.

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