Michael Dietz
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Michael Dietz
Los Angeles Presence
October 2, 2002 to January 2003 [contract]; 2003 to Present [recurring]
At A Glance

Michael Dietz plays the dark and handsome Dr. Mark MacClaine, who like his half-brother, C.J. Garrison, had set his sights on the beautiful and intelligent pre-med student Bridget Forrester. After that relationship ran it's course, Mark appeared only as needed on a recurring basis.

Dietz was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. An only child, Michael loved being in the spotlight. After attending Penn State for two years as a Marketing major, Michael was watching Beverly Hills 90210 one evening and thought, "That looks like fun!" That thought led to calling his mom to enlist her help in getting a car so he could drive across the country to Los Angeles for the summer. Thanks to the manager, modeling agent and commercial agent he met and the work they found him in L.A., he just stayed.

Dietz found roles in such popular television series as Baywatch, Charmed, Wasteland and The Drew Carey Show. His experience working on Beverly Hills 90210 in a recurring role was particularly "surreal," since that was the show that initially sparked his interest in acting. Daytime fans will also remember Michael for his roles as Alan-Michael on Guiding Light, and as original cast member Joe on Port Charles.

Michael has also appeared in a short film, Looking for Bobby D, which co-starred his good friend and actor Kin Shriner, and was shown at a number of film festivals in the U.S.

Combining his interests in acting and marketing, Dietz saw an opportunity to create a computer software program for actors to keep track of their auditioning experiences. This CD ROM is entitled "CallBack" and is available in stores in L.A., New York and Toronto as well as online at www.actorscallback.com.

Michael met his wife, actress Paige Rowland, when she was in the cast of All My Children. A couple of years later, they ran into each other in an L.A. restaurant and are now the proud parents of their first child, daughter Madison Michaela.

Michael has black hair, light brown eyes, stands 6'0" and celebrates his birthday on February 10. He lives in the Los Angeles area, runs every other day, loves to play his guitar and watch movies at home.

Acting Portfolio: TELEVISION
The Bold and the Beautiful
Mark MacClaine
October 2, 2002 to January 2003 [contract]; 2003 to Present [recurring]

Port Charles
Dr. Joseph Scanlon
June 1, 1997 to 1999

Guiding Light
Alan-Michael Spaulding
July 3, 1996 to February 7, 1997

Beverly Hills, 90210
Greg Meyer / McKeen

Acting Portfolio: FILM
Looking for Bobby D
Vital Statistics

PLACE OF BIRTH: Allison Park, Pennsylvania

DATE OF BIRTH: February 10th, 1971

HEIGHT: 6'1"

HAIR: Brown

EYES: Light Brown

MARITAL STATUS: Married to Paige Rowland (April 6, 2002 to present)

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