Billy's plan to expose Ashland's background backfires

The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, October 13, 2021
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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

by Nel

In Billy's room in Tuscany, Victoria asked how Billy had dared to bring Jesse Gaines to their event. When Billy tried to explain, Victoria asked why he could hurt her that way. Billy claimed that Gaines obviously upset her with information about Ashland's past. Victoria informed Billy she knew the whole story. Ashland confirmed he'd told Victoria about Ashland Locke's death and the fraudulent inheritance.

Victoria claimed that Billy had been digging around, trying to find something that would blow up her entire relationship. Lily claimed Billy had only wanted Victoria to know what she was getting into. Victoria said if that had been true, Billy would have believed that Ashland would have confided in her; instead, Billy was a shattered mess because he hadn't been the one to drop that bomb.

Victoria reminded Billy that he'd known what the wedding meant to her. She pointed out that Ashland was in chemotherapy; he was fighting hard to make it a beautiful ceremony for her and to create cherished memories, while Billy was fighting to take that away from them. She asked why Billy couldn't accept that she'd moved on. She shouted at Billy to stop harassing them and to let her go. Victoria and Ashland left.

Billy told Lily he hoped the things Victoria had said hadn't upset her. He felt there was nothing wrong with them trying to uncover the truth. Lily said there was no them. It had only been Billy who'd wanted the truth, and he'd crossed the line when he'd brought Gaines to the event. Billy claimed Ashland had attacked his credibility, and he wanted Victoria to hear the truth from Gaines because she wouldn't believe it coming from him.

Lily asked Billy to admit he'd been wrong about Ashland, but Billy claimed Ashland wouldn't have come clean about the multiple crimes he'd committed. Lily said that when they had first fallen in in love, Billy had told her everything he'd done in the past and that he'd been ashamed of. Perhaps what Ashland had done hadn't been cold and calculating, and maybe what Ashland and Victoria had was real. Lily knew Billy didn't like hearing that.

Billy told Lily that Victoria was in denial about how serious Ashland's crimes had been. Lily stated it could be because they had happened 40 years in the past, and Victoria probably felt they weren't relevant to the person Ashland had become. Billy felt there had to be another reason why Victoria was protecting Ashland. Perhaps it was about the merger. It was the biggest accomplishment of her life, and she didn't want it to fall apart.

Lily told Billy it didn't matter why Victoria was standing by Ashland. She said that Billy's big plan to expose Ashland had backfired, but Billy maintained that he could see Ashland's lies had bothered Victoria. He claimed Ashland was a liar and a criminal. Lily told Billy that the wedding was going to happen the next day, whether Billy liked it or not. The choice was Victoria's to make. Billy asked if Lily wanted him to drop it and allow Victoria to make a huge mistake.

Lily told Billy that everyone had been doing their best to cheer on Ashland and Victoria. If she and Billy couldn't do that, then they should leave. She said the kids could fly home with Victor and Nikki. Billy said it wouldn't be necessary; however, he wasn't about to apologize for trying to uncover the truth. He also didn't feel Ashland deserved credit for coming clean after he'd felt the pressure of being investigated.

Lily told Billy to take all the credit for that; however, it wouldn't change anything because Victoria would marry Ashland the following day. Billy stated he would find Gaines and send him on his way, but it wouldn't be a simple task because Gaines had wanted revenge on Ashland for a very long time. He would throw more money at Gaines and get him a first-class ticket out of Tuscany.

Billy told Lily they should attend the wedding because it was important for the kids to see that their parents supported each other. He said Victoria would need help when Ashland's health began to deteriorate, and he wanted Victoria to know she could count on him. He admitted that Victoria had been hurt many times in her life, mostly by him. Lily understood it was Billy's way of making amends in his own antagonistic way.

Billy hoped Lily wasn't questioning his commitment to her. He told her he loved her, and he wanted them to attend the wedding to prove he wasn't hung up on his ex. Lily knew he was a passionate man, and he went to extremes to take care of the people he loved. She claimed it was exhausting but very endearing. They kissed.

In the great room of the palazzo, Summer and Kyle chatted with Phyllis and Nick about how much Jack loved being a grandfather to Harrison. Summer admitted she'd bonded with Harrison, and whatever fears she'd had about being a stepmom had disappeared. Harrison had made it easy because he was so sweet. She couldn't imagine their life without him. When Kyle, Summer, and Noah went to get a drink, Phyllis commented that Nick had been very quiet. Nick claimed there was nothing to worry about.

Beaming after having played with Harrison, Jack joined Kyle and Summer. He told them Harrison was ready for a bedtime story. Kyle and Summer said that was their cue, and they left.

In the room adjacent to the great room, Adam asked Sally what was next. Sally hoped to corner Victoria and convince her to try on Sally's dress. Adam said Victoria wouldn't react favorably when she saw Sally, and she wouldn't give Sally a chance to talk. Sally hoped she had a friend who could make the pitch for her. Adam claimed he had another idea. He asked Sally to follow him.

Tessa arrived. Elena and Nate greeted her. Elena gushed that Tessa would be singing at the ceremony. Tessa said she was very excited, and she commented on how beautiful the palazzo was. Nate asked about Mariah. Tessa simply stated that Mariah had decided not to join them.

Noah asked Nick if things were less tense between him and Victoria. Nick admitted he was giving Victoria the space she'd requested and time to cool off. Phyllis felt that whatever was going on with Victoria, it had very little to do with Nick.

Adam approached Elena and Nate. He hoped they were enjoying their evening. Elena confirmed they were. Nate stated it was one of the loveliest homes he'd ever seen, complete with a private concert by a world-renowned artist. Elena asked if Adam had connected with Billy after he'd missed Billy at Society. Adam stated he'd tracked Billy down prior to leaving Genoa City; however, the conversation hadn't gone as well as he'd hoped. Adam felt he needed to steer clear of Billy while they were in Tuscany. Nate didn't think it would be an issue, given the size of the palazzo.

In their bedroom, Victoria told Ashland that she'd supported Billy when he and Lily had decided to move in together, and she was stressed at how Billy reacted when she wanted to move on with her life. Ashland said Billy was still in love with her. Victoria said even if Billy was, she had no idea what he expected to accomplish with that stunt. She would never trust Billy again.

Ashland told Victoria that Billy wasn't their problem; Gaines was. He felt Gaines's endgame was to humiliate him publicly and for Gaines to feel like he'd had the last laugh. Victoria said they could have security throw Gaines out. Ashland asked Victoria to leave it up to him, and he left.

Nikki introduced Leslie to Tessa. Tessa was delighted to meet Leslie in person. She explained to Nikki and Victor that she and Leslie had been video chatting about the songs Tessa would be singing. Leslie and Tessa were both excited about performing together. Nikki suggested they go over to the piano and rehearse some of the songs.

Victor greeted Adam warmly. When Victor saw Noah and Nick in the doorway, he commented on how delighted he was to see three generations together. Adam praised Noah for the job he'd done on the Newman Media branding package. Nick stayed in the background.

In her room, Victoria cursed Billy. She claimed he wouldn't ruin her evening, and she left to join her guests. When Sally saw Victoria leave, Sally entered Victoria's room and exchanged her dress with Lauren's. When Victoria returned for her shawl, Sally quickly grabbed Lauren's dress and hid. Victoria saw that her cupboard door was open. She thought it was strange, but she closed it and left. Sally came out of hiding and breathed a sigh of relief.

Victoria joined Leslie, Tessa, and Nikki. She thanked Leslie and Tessa for being there. She said they sounded beautiful together.

Victoria sat down next to Victor on the sofa. When she saw Nick standing in the doorway, she glared at him.

On the terrace, Phyllis told Jack she couldn't believe that Adam had the audacity to show up. Jack claimed Victor was probably happy Adam had shown up. Phyllis claimed it bothered her, knowing what Adam had done to his family. She said that Victoria seemed fine with Adam, but she was treating Nick like he'd been the gate crasher. She said Nick's family drove her crazy. Jack told her to let it go because it would be over soon. Phyllis claimed it wouldn't be soon enough.

Phyllis asked Nick if he'd had another run-in with Victoria. Nick spat that it was fine if Victoria didn't want to deal with him. Phyllis claimed that when Victoria came around, she would owe him a huge apology. Nick claimed Phyllis wasn't helping by exploiting the situation. Phyllis claimed she wasn't exploiting anything; she was sympathizing with him. Nick claimed he didn't see it that way, and he walked away. Jack told Phyllis not to take it personally because Nick was upset. Phyllis claimed that didn't make it any better, and she walked away.

When Noah greeted Tessa, he said he hadn't realized how much he'd missed her. Tessa asked Noah how his photography was going. He said it was almost more than he could handle. Tessa was delighted for him. Noah claimed Tessa had chosen a better profession. He was happy being creative, but when people paid to hear Tessa sing, it was because they loved her music and could feel it in their souls. The art world was different. A lot of it came down to investment value. Some people bought his pieces because they intended to flip them. He claimed it was a little discouraging.

Noah told Tessa he'd had a client who had wanted to pay him to produce less because the client had wanted the value to go up on the pieces he already owned. Tessa claimed a music career would have been very different for Noah. They both laughed when Noah asked if people would pay him to not sing.

Adam was standing alone when Sally approached him. She told him she'd accomplished her mission. She said all they had to do was wait and see how the bride liked the dress. Sally claimed she'd designed the dress to Victoria's specifications and figure. She believed Victoria would love it, at which point Sally said she would move in and make her final sales pitch. Adam sincerely hoped it would work out for Sally.

Summer and Kyle returned. Adam congratulated them and asked about their wedding. Summer demanded to know what Sally was doing there. Adam claimed Sally was his date.

When they were alone, Adam claimed Sally enjoyed riling people up. Sally felt it was a good time to go back to her room, and hopefully when his family found out she was there, they wouldn't toss her out of bed. Adam claimed that Victor and Victoria had more important things to worry about. She said goodnight, and she left.

Summer and Kyle joined Phyllis and Jack. Jack asked if Adam had actually said that Sally was his date. Summer claimed he had. Phyllis told Summer and Kyle that Sally had shown up on Adam's arm for the Newman Media launch party, so it wasn't a shock she would do the same thing for Victoria's wedding. Kyle asked if Victoria had known Adam had planned to bring her. Jack didn't think so. Summer claimed that Victor wouldn't want Sally there after the way Sally had treated her.

Phyllis wanted to expose Sally, but Summer didn't want to give Sally any more attention than Sally had already had. Jack claimed Summer had the right idea. He told Phyllis to stay away from Sally and any ice buckets she happened to see. Phyllis claimed Sally needed to stay away from her.

Adam saw Ashland approached Victor and whisper something to him. Victor and Ashland left.

Victor told Ashland he was happy to hear that Victoria had put Billy in his place. However, he was concerned about Gaines. Ashland claimed it wouldn't be easy to get rid of him because it was no longer about the money for Gaines; he had a score to settle. Victor told Ashland not to worry about it. He would take care of the situation. Ashland claimed that even if they kept Gaines away from the wedding, he could still do a lot of damage through the media. Victor stated that it wouldn't happen.

Elena told Nate how heavenly it was on the terrace. However, the following day, it would be filled with people, and Nate would belong to Ashland. She said that before all that happened, Nate was all hers. Leslie began to play. Elena and Nate danced.

Phyllis saw Nick sitting alone, and she sat next to him. Nick apologized for snapping at her. He said none of it had been her fault. Phyllis told him she didn't like hanging out with his family because they didn't like or trust her, and she felt the same way about them. She was only there for Nick. Nick admitted he'd been out of line, and he vowed it wouldn't happen again.

Ashland returned to his and Victoria's bedroom. He said that he and Victor had briefed the security team, and they were on top of the situation. They would find Gaines and remove him. Victoria said she hoped everything would go smoothly for their wedding. Ashland promised there wouldn't be any more interruptions. He said the following day, they would be husband and wife. They kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin asked how Mariah felt about being back at work. Mariah said everyone had been amazing, and it almost felt normal. Kevin said it was a shame she hadn't taken a few days off to go to Italy with Tessa. Mariah said she'd planned to, but the baby had caught a cold. Kevin wanted to know why she hadn't gone with Tessa.

Mariah told Kevin that Abby had talked about weaning Dominic while Mariah was out of the country; however, Mariah had felt it was too soon. Kevin said it made perfect sense that Mariah would feel protective of Dominic. He said there was nothing more important than making sure children had everything they needed. Mariah reminded him that Dominic wasn't her baby. Kevin stated that Mariah and the baby had been through a lot together.

Kevin told Mariah he knew what it was like to be locked in a small space for long periods of time. He said her situation was different, but it might help for her to talk about it. Mariah claimed she was doing okay from that trauma; however, she would get jumpy when she heard footsteps behind her. She didn't like too much quiet or being alone for too long; otherwise, she was doing okay.

Mariah asked Kevin to tell her how he was doing. He asked if she wanted him to brag about his kids. She gave him a resounding "Yes." Kevin was more than happy to oblige. He said life was hectic since Myles had begun walking. Mariah apologized for not visiting, but Kevin assured her that Myles didn't hold grudges.

Mariah received a call from Tessa. Tessa told Mariah that she was glad she hadn't canceled her trip. She said the palazzo was over-the-top gorgeous, like something out of a magazine. She'd finally met Leslie Brooks, who was cool and funny, and they'd gotten to rehearse together. Mariah interrupted Tessa and said she wished they could talk, but she'd had very little sleep and was in zombie mode. She said they would catch up later. Tessa said she loved Mariah. Mariah responded with a "Me, too." Tessa looked upset.

Kevin asked Mariah if he should pretend that he hadn't heard her blow off Tessa or if she wanted to talk about it. He also gave her the option of pretending that he hadn't asked the question. Mariah thanked him and said she might take him up on his offer at a later date, but for the moment, she only wanted to hear about Kevin's kids. Kevin obliged and told Mariah about the play Bella had been in.

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• Victoria asks Victor how he handled Gaines.

• Sally tells Adam that he's the only person she's interested in winning over, and they kiss again.

• Lauren demands an explanation from Chloe.

• Phyllis questions whether things will work out between her and Nick.


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