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Yes, Adam has escaped the crate and relates his misadventures about Mongolia. It's great to have Adam back. He was definitely a sight for these sore eyes as I've always considered him to be quite handsome.

Yes, Adam has escaped the crate and relates his misadventures about Mongolia. It's great to have Adam back. He was definitely a sight for these sore eyes as I've always considered him to be quite handsome. Speaking of lovely people my AMC Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Mark who writes "The one thing that is really getting to me is the way they are portraying Simone. She is way too beautiful to be acting like a little easy slut. Every time she is talking about a guy, she is thinking about getting him into bed. Why is she so hard up?" Mark is so right on this one. Terri Ivens (Simone) is absolutely gorgeous and would have no trouble getting a date. It's a shame her character is portrayed in such a cheap and demeaning manner. Getting back to Adam's return, we all knew that David would get punched yet again. No surprise there. Adam and JR continue to plot on about Babe, Krystal & David. Don't you wonder why Adam allows Krystal to stay at Chandler mansion? She is nasty, unappreciative and sneaky towards Adam. I have to say Stuart is wrong to defend Krystal and Babe. Adam has his faults but Krystal and Babe have few redeeming qualities. Stuart was also very wrong to allow Babe to take Bess out when he's been keeping JR from doing the same.

Unfortunately for us long-time viewers, Liza is a thing of the past. Tad got new identification for Colby and her, also a small radio station to run. Tad certainly is resourceful when it comes to getting ex-lovers/friends out of PV. I remember when Liza was a force to be reckoned with. She was a strong character not the same person that Adam was able to bully so easily. Another unworthy send off of a well-liked character and a wonderful actress.

I have received so much mail on the Kendall/Ryan/Greenlee triangle. There are some Ryan and Greenlee fans out there but the overwhelming majority favor Ryan and Kendall. So many fans continue to remember Greenlee's past deeds such as Suzanne who remembers when Greenlee tried to break up Ryan and Gillian. Then there's Robyn who recollects Ryan being Greenlee's obsession, never Greenlee's best friend, plus Greenlee throwing Laura overboard, breaking up Erica and Jackson's wedding, outing Bianca and pulling Kendall's dress off in court to name just a few of Greenlee's shenanigans. We've had so many writers over the past couple of years that they appear to not know or care about the history like the viewers do. Characters are put "out of character" which does not gel with the fans. This happened long ago with the Maria and Dimitri affair which came from nowhere and went just as quickly. Characters need some continuity.

The mail is also full of the baby switch storyline. Everyone is tired of this being dragged out for so long. I heard from Caroline who wrote to say "Babe has the audacity to rant and rave about Kelly with Ace when she's had Bianca's baby almost since birth!" I agree and think it's interesting that Babe appears to be completely uninterested in Bess/Miranda now that she knows her baby is alive. Melissa wrote to say "How long is it going to take before Bianca finally gets her baby back? Miranda will be in high school by then!" I got a chuckle out of that one! Helene is appalled about "David having Anita share confidential information about Kelly and said there could be criminal activity involved. And what about David, Babe and Krystal?? What they're doing is criminal. Everyone else is the bad guy except them!! Kidnapping is a federal offense and the Carey "babes" are guilty." Yes, Melissa, they are guilty as charged, but will there be any justice? I predict not in PV. I think it's weird that everyone is assuming that James would be the father if JR isn't. Have they forgotten about Paul or as much as Babe slept around, heaven only knows who the father is. Zach is definitely working on winning Kendall over as he stands by her and verbally assaults Paul Cramer. Now almost everyone is threatening Paul so does this mean another murder mystery? Let's hope not as we just got over the Cambias murder.

Has James not figured out that Bess is really Miranda? How can he be that dense? I find this "out there." Soon everyone in PV will know the truth except Bianca, Kendall and Erica! I wanted David to come clean immediately but he didn't and now we have James going down that same road. Kevin Buchanan just allows Ace to go on a play date with a woman he hardly knows and her friend? In this day and age no responsible parent would permit this.

Zach continues to defend Michael and I've received several interesting theories on where this could be going. Some think that Michael will be alive and the man that raped Bianca was really a double that assumed Michael's identity after incapacitating Michael. This is plausible according to these guys since it happened with Ted Orsini and Tad Martin. Well anything is possible but I tend to think it won't happen. How many lost identities can go through Pine Valley? I wouldn't mind William deVry returning though as he is a fine actor and quite attractive too!

Tad demands to know about the cotton swab and then immediately buys Krystal's yarn about David maybe not being Babe's father. I guess his brain was overcome with Krystal's breasts falling out all over the place. Krystal needs to cover up. I'm wondering when the DNA test will be performed and everyone will know that Babe's son is alive? David continues to protect Babe and watch out for her even while being incarcerated. How exactly does Babe expect to get her son back? I think she should already start court proceedings because that will no doubt be required. Bianca persists in defending Babe and one has to wonder if Binks is in need of some psychological help! No one would trust that blindly.

Ethan is getting help from Zach and Kendall whether he likes it or not. You'd think he'd appreciate all of this assistance. I'm not convinced Ethan will end up being Zach's son. There could still be that Ethan/Aidan link.

Greenlee continues to attack Kendall anytime she gets the chance. Ryan disliked when Kendall was vicious towards Greenlee so he should be chastising Greenlee about Kendall. Doesn't seem to go that way though does it? Instead Ryan is "on to" Zach --- maybe his identity. When exactly did Ryan become this great detective?

Maggie and Jonathan have now consummated their relationship. Seems Maggie is more than a little mixed up. In retrospect it would be much better if the character of Maggie had never been invented.

I understand that James and Babe are dating in real life!! A little romance off set. I remember when Jaime was going to be called James, but it seems that hasn't taken yet. Since he's older I can see why he'd prefer being called James. I enjoyed all the emails and I'll see you next week.

Mary Page
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