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The completely self-centered Lizzie sides with her father on everything. He's the one person who never tells her when she's done wrong, and who does completely unethical things to get his princess what she wants.

I think I experienced nearly every emotion this week watching GL and boy, am I exhausted!

Let's start with the pain of a loss. Blake and Holly learn this week that her father, Roger Thorpe, is dead. Despite the fact that she sees a death certificate, I am puzzled why she would believe a total stranger (and one who claims to be her half-brother) that Roger is gone. Still, Liz Keifer (Blake) and Maureen Garrett (Holly) really showed the depth of the emotions their characters (and they personally) felt at the loss of Michael Zaslow, who portrayed Roger off and on for nearly two decades. I do wish that the writers had mentioned the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (also known as Lou Gerhig's disease) that caused his death in 1998. It certainly could have been the catalyst of Roger's demise, and bring this disease and the fight for the cure to the forefront again. For those who don't know, Michael's family still run a foundation to find a cure for this deadly disease. Their website is

Looking at the mysterious Sebastian, you have so many questions. Hopefully we'll learn more about him in the weeks to come. Why is he so interested in Springfield all of a sudden? What does he want? And personally, I would love to know if he watched tapes of Zaz, since his mannerisms and expressions are very similar. You can almost see a resemblance between the men.

It was certainly nice to see the old footage of Michael, who would have celebrated his 60th birthday November 1st. It reminds long time GL viewers of how the show was built on stories of families that we still see today. I know that I could personally sit and watch any of the episodes done in the Douglas Marland regime (in the 1980's) and love every one. Hopefully we'll feel like that again.

But on the other hand, I wonder if GL is showing Roger, a dastardly character in his day, but one fans enjoyed, to take the sting away from what they are doing with Phillip. I have to admit, that when I saw what he did this week to the house he shared with Harley and their kids, I wanted to shoot him, too. I guess Harley's admission that she wanted to kill him is the first of many suspects once the deed is done. But then again, maybe Lizzie will run him over like she did Sandy!

OK, who saw that one coming? I was soooo sure that Jonathan was the drive by bandit who brings to light that Sandy isn't Jonathan (and that the evil JB who needs the mother of all "time outs" is really Reva and Richard's son). It almost makes me wish I was going to the GL Fan Club Gathering this year to see how the actor is in real life. It might make his character a bit more palatable. (Crystal Hunt was a doll when I met her, but Lizzie needs some serious help!!)

It was no shock to me that the completely self-centered Lizzie sides with her father on everything. He's the one person who never tells her when she's done wrong (which is a full-time job these days) and does completely unethical things (like foreclose on Joey's house) to get his princess what she wants. She's turned into a little Mini Me (it's a character from the Austin Powers movies, for those who don't understand the reference). Hopefully she doesn't come to the same end as her father!

We'll see some pretty powerful scenes this week when Reva finally learns the truth about Sandy. I can't see her backing away from him once she learns the truth - the love she feels for him is too deep just to walk away from him. But what happens when she finds out that the biggest brat in Springfield (next to Lizzie) is Jonathan? Hmmm - I sense fireworks coming soon!

Hopefully this week will bring us closer to getting some answers about both Sebastian and Jonathan. Until next week... Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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