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Little girl lost
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Dinah was raised in a circus and didn't know her parents until she was an adult. As a result, she has issues with abandonment and feelings of unworthiness. Dr. Phil would have a field day with her!

It is said that your past defines who you are today - both good and bad. We really see that with the stories that GL is telling these days.

When I first started watching GL in 1976, I was just 9 years old. The two characters, early on, that I identified with were Blake (then known as Chrissy) and Phillip. Two kids about the same age as I am, with parents who fought, then split up, but still managed to unconditionally love their kids. Both characters have been off and on the canvas of GL ever since. And now that both characters are parents themselves, we really see how their childhood has affected them.

"Chrissy" was a Daddy's Girl, who loved Roger, warts and all. Even when he did despicable things to half of Springfield (including, or should I say most especially, Holly) she loved him unconditionally. The relationship he had with Holly throughout the years has certainly affected Chrissy/Blake's relationship with her Mom. Even in her marriage to Ross, Roger's presence was always there, bigger than life. Remember Roger was there when Ross was first introduced to Springfield when he defended Roger on rape charges levied by Holly. Oh, those were the golden days of GL.

Now Blake has three children of her own, and an interesting family life to use as a guide of what to do (and not to do) with her own little ones. I can see that Ross is a good, more mature influence on the often flighty Blake. And she brings joy and an unpredictable quality to Ross' life. They have certainly had their troubles, but it appeared that they were on their way to "happily ever after" when two massive storms blew into town in the forms of Dinah and Sebastian.

Dinah, Ross' oldest child, and Hart's (Blake half-brother's) killer. Certainly doesn't mean she is on the top of the Marler Christmas card list - if Blake is in charge. Ross wears the same rose colored glasses around Dinah that Blake wears for Roger. And even from the grave, you know that Roger is still pulling the strings in Springfield. I can't wait to see where this Sebastian story goes - especially if it shows us more footage from GL's golden days! This story touches on nearly every person in Springfield, and I look forward to the exciting ride this will make.

Dinah herself was raised in a circus and didn't know her parents until she was an adult. As has been mentioned, she has issues with abandonment and feelings of unworthiness. Dr. Phil would have a field day with her! Her "love" for Hart led to his tragic end, and another sad chapter in the life of Cassie Layne (now Winslow). She tries so hard (sometimes too hard) to fit in, and her plans always seem to backfire on her. Will she ever be comfortable enough in her own skin to find true happiness?

Now Dinah's cousin Phillip has had an interesting life. Raised as a Spaulding, Springfield's Prince Charming, but a Marler by birth. He has alternately embraced his middle class roots and turned his back on anything non-Spaulding. But it is now, as his oldest child becomes an adult, you see the damage that Phillip's wreckage of a life has affected Lizzie.

Lizzie has battled cancer, killed a man (in self-defense) and done some pretty low down and sneaky things to get what she wants. But it is living under the roof of all of those Spauldings, who stop at nothing to get what they want, that has done her more harm than good. She thinks a phone call to her father can clean up any mess, and Phillip so willing plays the foil to her deeds. We finally have Beth opening her eyes to what her daughter has become - but is it too late? Will she be able to save Lizzie from herself after Phillip is gone? They say money can't buy happiness, but Lizzie is sure trying to prove that saying wrong.

These stories are just part of what I am enjoying about GL these days. Even the "flashbacks" to Maureen remind me of the great history this show has. I often wonder what fans who haven't seen all of the changes GL has gone through think of all of this use of history - but then I remember how many of you tell me that you love the use of history as much as I do. And I can't wait to see what comes next.

This weekend was very odd for me. For the past eight years, I have attended the Guiding Light Fan Club Gathering. This year I did not attend, but really hope that those of you who went enjoyed yourself and will share stories from the events. Hopefully I'll make it back to Manhattan next fall and hope to see many of you there!

Until next week... Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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