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The DNA proves that Babe is indeed Ace's mother which of course we already knew. I kept thinking that Babe was going to tell James the truth about Ace and Bess but this keeps getting put off. James has already figured it out even though he's not been told officially by anyone. Now we have the DNA tests showing JR is Ace's father after all.

The DNA proves that Babe is indeed Ace's mother which of course we already knew. I kept thinking that Babe was going to tell James the truth about Ace and Bess but this keeps getting put off. James has already figured it out even though he's not been told officially by anyone. Now we have the DNA tests showing JR is Ace's father after all. My AMC Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Tom who writes "Maybe AMC should consider putting Babe on Jerry Springer or one of those shows where they keep bringing the same girl back to have paternity tests done, and every test they give proves someone else is not the father." I think Tom has hit upon a great idea. Definitely made me chuckle! A clinic just for DNA testing would really make some money in PV! Everyone agrees the baby switch has gone on too long. Why this plot ever moved forward from the drawing board is a mystery to everyone, but then to take up almost a year's time with it is insane. This plot has destroyed the relationship between JR and James which used to be so positive. David's character has become entangled in the mess since the invention of his drunken indiscretion with Krystal those many years ago. Unfortunately the real losers in all of this have been Bess/Miranda and Ace. Babe is not going for JR's "I love you" routine for a change. Maybe she's actually wised up to the fact that JR doesn't care about her at all. Now it appears that JR has a video tape courtesy of Adam which will enable JR to make Babe sign over custody of Bess. Of course, since Bess isn't Babe's daughter the agreement should become null and void. Adam is at his evil best. It's great to have him back, berating Stuart, manipulating JR and threatening David. What a man. As Catherine wrote in to weigh in on Adam by saying "I LOVE Adam - as mean as he is - I love him. JR can't even come close to acting as mean as Adam. I'm glad Adam is back and am going to love seeing him come to his knees trying to find Liza and Colby. Just let JR see just what is going to happen to him." Yes, I LOVE Adam too.

Ethan won't take Bianca's only memento from giving birth. Now is this noble or cunning? Bianca believes Ethan is being straight with everyone, but Jonathan thinks otherwise. The writers at this point are allowing the benefit of the doubt on Ethan's behalf. Ethan the basketball player???? He thought about going professional. Did he also think about needing to be about a foot and a half taller? That comment was completely unnecessary. Why didn't he just say he enjoyed the game? I was glad Kendall stepped back from any real romantic involvement. She really needs to just be with herself for a while after everything that's gone on in her life.

The mail continues on the Kendall/Ryan/Greenlee triangle. Blondie wrote in to side with Ryan and Greenlee as she shared "I still like the Ryan/Greenlee connection. She has done some nasty things, but she's got a lot of passion...Kendall just seems unstable and whiney!" Greenlee and Ryan consummated their marriage and most viewers found the flashbacks boring. So many see this as just two nice looking people together but without much spark. Their pet names for each other grated on my nerves and appeared to irritate others too from the comments I received. I've heard many rumors about Kendall ending up pregnant from a night of lust with Ryan. All I can say is this will probably not please anyone. It will infuriate the Ryan/Greenlee fans after they've professed their undying love to each other and unless Ryan and Kendall actually get together will only continue Kendall's "I love Ryan" scenario/routine. That dialogue has been over-used ---enough already.

Goodness it has been a while since we've seen Erica and she was back with a vengeance. She was into the protective mode threatening Zach if Bianca and Kendall are hurt. I enjoyed those fireworks between Zach and Erica and it would be great to have a real storyline with them as enemies. Especially once it comes out that Zach is a Cambias and Bess is Miranda also a Cambias. Let's get those creative juices flowing there AMC writers!! Speaking of the writing, I heard from Gloria who wrote to express her thoughts on the AMC and OLTL stories "Is there only one writer for both shows? They have the same storylines. Evil husband/loving father who hates his unstable wife, wants to put her in a loony bin. Immature adults plotting revenge against others and never letting things go. How many people are going to find out they aren't who they thought they were and that their real father was some evil person? Please AMC and OLTL, give the babies back. Is anyone going to be charged with a crime? Babe? Kelly? Anyone? AMC and OLTL just don't believe in ending a story, they would rather drag it out until finally there are no more fans left. Remember the Proteus storyline?" Yes, I remember the never ending Proteus storyline and I think the only reason it finally wrapped up was because Josh Duhamel was leaving the show. I'd like to think someone will be charged with a crime, but since Paul Cramer is going to be killed, maybe it will all fall on his dead shoulders.

Erica and Jackson didn't get any real romance cooking with the kiddie hour interrupting. Although, I like Lily, I can see it will only be a matter of time before she isn't autistic at all anymore.

Maggie and Bianca are friends again, Jonathan guesses that Bianca is Maggie's recent love and now Maggie and Jonathan are all "lovey-dovey." This plot is going nowhere. So many fans believe Jonathan is the shooter and if this is the case, then Maggie will again end up alone.

Why exactly did Anita risk her job and reputation to help James see confidential hospital patient files? Are TPTB getting the word that the viewers find Anita boring and think this will help? Sorry but there's no basis for the viewers to "buy in" to this character. She was shoved into our faces and then pushed with Aidan although she's married to Bobby. This is not the way to introduce someone back into the mix even though she's Maria's sister and had a history on the show when a different actress played the part.

We got to see Palmer, Opal and Edmund this week. It's great seeing the veterans, now if they only had a real front burner storyline. Instead we see Zach offering to bail Bobby out again. If I remember correctly the last time Bobby owed Zach money was when Bobby had to succumb to Kendall's blackmail to get the money to pay Zach back or else..... Bobby stop being a moron.

ABC is peddling Enchantment perfume at Wal-Mart, both during the commercials and in SOD. The ad in SOD has Greenlee, Ryan and Kendall together dressed to the hilt and all looking quite sexy. You know somehow I just don't see Erica selling anything at Wal-Mart and I've shopped there.

I read in SOD that Megan McTavish is making sure no one knows exactly when the baby switch conclusion will occur. Rumors abound from November sweeps to the middle of December to the end of February. By the time it happens, I wonder if anyone will even care anymore and how old will the babies be in "PV time"? McTavish went on to state "No matter what obstacles Babe still has to face, Babe will not rest till Miranda is back in Bianca's arms where she belongs." What a joke that is. If Babe really wanted Miranda back in Bianca's arms, Babe would have given her back months ago. Don't even try to redeem Babe in the fans eyes.

David had lots of air time this week and what a great actor Vincent is. That said David needs to come to his senses and quit conniving. He should come clean, do the obligatory community service work and come out ready for revenge!

Have heard that a veteran actor will be leaving. The rumor is Edmund. Seems a poor trade off to have Maria back just to have Edmund leave, perhaps the real life divorce had a hand in all of this. Suellen will be back next week so I'll see you in 2!

Mary Page
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