You remind me of someone I once knew

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You remind me of someone I once knew
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Pilar just may be the smartest person in Harmony. Luis definitely got his brains from his father. Pilar is trying to convince herself that Marty is gone and never coming back, but her heart isn't letting her hear it.

Thank you Pilar. You just may be the smartest person on this show. Luis definitely got his brains from his father. Pilar is very drawn to "Bob Wheeler", claiming he reminds her of Marty. Just last week I commented on how Marty's voice hasn't changed, and this week Pilar noticed it, as well as his stance and his mannerisms. Pilar is trying to convince herself that Marty is gone and never coming back, but her heart isn't letting her hear it. I can not wait until this lying loser is busted. And it has to be soon. Kathy and Marty both walk around calling each other by their real names, even with Pilar, Luis, and Sheridan INCHES away from them.

Why is it, on television, whenever two people are struggling over a gun, both of them become unconscious when the gun goes off? Friday we were left wondering who actually was shot, Kathy or Alistair. Monday we learned it was Alistair, but, we don't necessarily know what caused Kathy to pass out. I mean the bullet ripped through Alistair, not Kathy. And Marty made me sick. He kept referring to Kathy as "my wife" (at least it wasn't "mah wife") with his REAL wife Pilar standing ten feet from him. Then Pilar bares her soul to him, and he sits there and listens to what he left his family to deal with, and barely flinches. I hope beyond hope that Pilar makes him sorry he ever thought about coming back to Harmony.

Kathy admits to Sheridan that she is her mommy. Of course she is sleepwalking, and Luis finds her just as Kathy is ending her confession, so no one hears the truth. And what is with Sheridan wanting Alistair to live. She was worried about him splitting her and Luis up, so with him dead, that's one less thing for her to worry about. However, I absolutely loved Fox quipping, "So there's hope" when Eve told the family that Alistair is alive, but his condition is grave. And Ben finally got in a good one-liner this week (his first in ages). "I'll get my top hat and taps shoes so I can dance on his grave."

"Never let a fool kiss you, and never let a kiss fool you." --Unknown

Obviously Fox is a smart man. How else did he climb the corporate ladder of success? (Oh right, family company, family connections.) But still, I have never, not since the day his cute little tushy arrived on the scene, thought Fox to be dumb. And even now, I don't think he's dumb. I think he's so in love with Whitney that he doesn't realize she is using him. But I wonder if he will remember wondering if Whitney is pregnant once he finally sleeps with her and she suddenly sprouts a belly? And let me say, I have been a huge fan of Fox and Whitney for a while now, and I am not happy that their first time sleeping together is coming out of lies and deceit.

And Whitney had better never stand on her high morals around Theresa ever again. How can she say that the only choice she has is to drug Fox? Fox loves her. I am willing to bet that if Whitney just went to Fox and told him the truth, he'd lie for her and say that the baby is his. He doesn't blame her at all for what's happened, and furthermore, Fox is Whitney's friend. He would stand by her through thick and thin. So her choices are not limited to drugging and sleeping with Fox. And there are probably 100 men in Harmony who would take her up on a one-night stand. Since she is so willing to abandon her morals and drug Fox, why not abandon them and sleep with a random stranger. Besides, there are enough rapists running free in this town already.

I do have one question. Whenever Whitney starts to talk about her pregnancy or having to sleep with Fox right now, she grabs her stomach. Why is it no one has noticed this? Why at the very least hasn't her mother, a DOCTOR, noticed this and checked her for an ulcer or appendicitis? I know it's gross to think she is carrying her brother's baby, but someone should notice she looks like she's about to throw up at least two or three times an episode. And why is Whitney basing all this on a home pregnancy test? She may not even be pregnant. Wouldn't it be hilarious if she got preggers for Fox and thought the baby was Chad's?

I love Brooke's hair straight. I think she should wear it like that all the time. Chad is making me sicker and sicker. He wants to fight Fox for taking Whitney to dinner. Does Chad never expect Whitney to eat again either? And why is Sam so reluctant to arrest anyone? He warned Chad once and he went after Fox again. I think after the second time, he should've locked Chad up. But Sam understands and lets him go. I was worried when Whitney went to see Chad, but she makes it clear that she intends to get on with her life and get over Chad. Unfortunately, Chad makes no such promise.

Occasionally, Passions tends to bore me (I know you are all gasping with shock), so it's possible I missed something. I thought Alistair disowned Julian and kicked him out of Crane Industries. I thought that was why Fox was determined to prove to Alistair that he was a viable Crane heir. Now all of a sudden, Julian is determined to buy Chad's love and puts him in charge of Crane Industries. First of all, what does a record producer know about running a multi million dollar company? Second, Julian knows how hard Fox has been working, so why is he questioning his every move? Julian accusing Ethan of helping Fox was absurd.

I am glad Rebecca sees Theresa for what she is. I guess the saying "it takes one to know one," is true, because Rebecca knows that Theresa is not planning on giving Gwen her babies. And all it took was one little hint from Becky, and now Gwen is starting to think she may be right. I hate that about Gwen. She is smart enough to think for herself, why does she let her mother think for her? Even though, her mother is right. And Theresa is horrible. She is downright joyous over the fact that she has Gwen waiting on her hand and foot and she is going to steal her children from her. I hope Martin takes her with him when Pilar runs him out of town.

Kay thinks by befriending Paloma she will get Miguel back. So sorry Kay. He is in another town getting it on with a suburban housewife. (Desperate Housewives - if you haven't seen it, check it out, it's awesome!) I don't think he's coming back to Harmony. So Kay, Simone, and Tabitha all take Paloma out for a night on the town. Who is babysitting Endora and Maria? Paloma shows up wearing a knock out dress, much to the shock of her co-horts. I am hoping against hope that Paloma doesn't end up with Chad.

Some Random Thoughts:

I am officially ending the debate over who is right, Theresa or Gwen. This is like debating which came first, the chicken or the egg. Both women are wrong, and have wronged each other. You all know I think Theresa is more guilty, but you know what they say about opinions....

Brittany wrote to me this week to tell me that she noticed when Kathy and Marty first came on the show, Marty went by the moniker "Bill Wheeler." Now all of a sudden it's "Bob Wheeler." I don't really remember this particular detail, but if anyone else noticed this as well, let me know.

Rebekah wrote wondering why is it assumed EM is Julian and Theresa's son when Theresa and Ethan slept together. There never has been a DNA test, just Eve's word. I've always thought that Ethan is EM's father, and Theresa was accepting EM as Julian's son because he would inherit the Crane money, whereas Ethan has no money. But once again, you know what they say about opinions....

I admit that Luis and Sheridan were the original reason I started tuning into Passions regularly. But lately, they bore me. However, I laid off Luis and Sheridan this week. I've gotten a lot of emails pleading with me on this matter, so I will respect the Shuis fans out there. I am hoping that Marty and Kathy's reappearance will breathe new life into these two. Especially now since Beth is gone. And yes Jamison, I am thrilled T.C. and the frog (Liz) have been MIA.

If you don't know what they say about opinions, email me and I'll tell you.

Until next week friends,

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