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Last week, Whitney got her man. She got Fox to sleep with her, and Chad saw them. Not only did he see Fox and Whit going at it, but he stood and watched! He watched his own sister and a brother having sex. How gross can you get?

So Whitney got her man. She got Fox to sleep with her (although it would have been nice for their fans to witness instead of the deed happening off screen) and Chad saw them. Now Chad has been grossing me out for some time now, but this week took the cake. Not only did he see Fox and Whit going at it, but he stood and WATCHED! His own sister and a brother having sex. How gross can you get?

Now Whitney has a daddy for her baby and for his trouble, Fox has nothing. Seems Julian has taken Chad's side over Fox's and has kicked him out of the Crane empire. Poor Fox, he falls for Whit, but tries to be noble and let her and Chad have their space. Then she comes after him with a vengeance and he gets booted from his family company. Julian should not be taking sides in this argument, especially since Whitney is the one coming onto Fox. And to be perfectly and bluntly honest, this is ALL Whitney's fault. Had she not been so desperate to hide her feelings for Fox, she wouldn't have been all over Chad and possibly not have gotten pregnant to begin with.

And what is with Julian taking sides? Fox was right on the money when he said Julian was using Chad to get in good with Eve. And I don't care that Fox smarted off to his dad, Julian had no right to hit him at all. I smarted off to my dad when I was teenager almost on a daily basis, but I never got punched. Julian then proclaimed to Chad that HE was the only son Julian had left. Uh, what about Ethan Martin? Last time I checked, he was still Julian's son (even though he is really Ethan's). Julian acts like he wants to make up for all the wrongs in Chad's life. Good thing because he's going to need the practice when EM and Endora grow up since he sure ain't no father of the year to them either.

And I was wrong. Either last week or the week before I mentioned that Chad was the only child Eve had that was interested in incest. Apparently Simone is as well. She grossed both Kay and I out when she mentioned she still thinks Chad is hot. Tabitha, Simone, Paloma, and Kay go out for a night on the town. Who watched the kiddies? And why does Kay think she is going to win Miguel back through Paloma? He didn't care enough about her to go see her or to call her for years. Now that he is in Suburbia, USA getting it on with Gabrielle (again, I implore you, check out the awesome Desperate Housewives), she ain't going to bring him back to Harmony. And it looks like Paloma fell in with the right crowd. Both Kay and Simone hate their mothers as well.

Paloma has this "poor me" whine down pat, but Silvia Arias has me convinced. Imagine being sent away from your family and being told that it is because they don't have enough money to care for you. And then you are brought home and see they are living the high life. Poverty is a very real thing in this country and I know people who are stricken. They don't have cell phones and designer clothes. And Paloma made a great point when she pointed out that she was just a baby and needed less clothes and less food, yet she was the one who was sent away.

Paloma let Pilar have it too, but not before Terrorsita jumped up and interrupted with labor pains. Lindsey is back and all I can say is, let the bedpans fly. Her bossing Gwen around and making demand after demand on Gwen is right up her alley. And I hate to hand it to Gwen and Bec's but, Theresa had no idea what she was signing when she signed those papers, so she may not have to give the babies to Ethan and Gwen. Of course, if Theresa loses the babies, this will all be a moot point. However, I would like to see Gwen have at least one baby that belongs to her.

It's amazing that Kathy comes back to town, shoots her husband, and then remembers where the salon is. Did anyone else notice both she and Marty got a haircut this week? Guess she'll have to look her best for her trial.

I am rooting heavily for Beth to get busted. No mother should have her child ripped from her and be forced to suffer without him/her. And more to the point, Beth's plan didn't work. Luis and Sheridan are committed to each other, and there is nothing, not even a child, that can get Luis to go back to Beth.

That being said, no one in Harmony even suspects Beth (except for Gwen, but she's got her own problems to deal with). Hair color aside, it is presumed that little Marty is Luis and Beth's child. So why doesn't Luis understand Beth's pain? Sheridan is a little unstable where the child is concerned (rightly so, but still) and him calling her "mama" this week isn't helping that. If it were my child, I'd lock Sheridan back up with Dr. Demented (or Mr. Electroshock therapy) and keep her as far away from my child as possible.

But I can't wait for the day Sheridan figures it all out and knocks Beth down that hole she kept her in for months. And why don't Luis and Sheridan listen? Edna was all but screaming the truth at them. Of course Marty and Kathy stand two feet from them and say their real names and no one ever overhears that either.

Some Random Thoughts:

Since we just ended the sibling rivalry storyline with Antonio and Luis, not to mention Whitney and Simone, do we really need another one with Chad and Fox?

I think it's very interesting to learn Alistair was behind Father Lonigan losing his sight. I hope this is played out, because secretly, I think Alistair is really a bad sorcerer (a Voldemort type for all you HP fans out there).

I got a few emails this week about why I nicknamed Liz "the frog." Whenever Liz used to gloat over the destruction that would become Eve's life, her face used to remind me of a bullfrog. I don't know why. Just that smile and the way her eyes narrowed down.

Jordan also noticed the Bob/Bill switch by Marty. Thanks Jordan. Katie agrees with me that she hopes Pilar kicks Marty's butt.

Cris wants to know why Marty doesn't look like a Latino American. Maybe because he's supposed to be Irish American. That is where the Fitzgerald part of Lopez-Fitzgerald comes from.

Until next week friends,

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