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Jonathan has been a surly brat worthy of Lizzie's attentions since he arrived in town. He's rude, arrogant, and a real threat to the family he claims to want to belong to. Sure, he's hurt, but his technique stinks.

WARNING! This Two Scoops contains spoilers. If you do not want to be "spoiled" please check back next week for another column.

Having watched soaps for nearly 30 years, I have seen some stories and some moments that really make me nauseous. But this whole JB/Jonathan and Tammy story really makes my skin crawl.

How can the writers expect any of the Lewis and Winslow family EVER to accept JB/Jonathan once they sleep together (the spoilers say "make love" but there is no way that I can consider this love)? JB has been a surly brat worthy of Lizzie's attentions (if not affections) since he arrived in town. He's rude, arrogant, and a real threat to the family he claims to want to belong to. Sure, he's hurt. He's acting out because Sandy has wormed his way into the family he now claims to want. But I think his technique, frankly, stinks.

This whole plot device gives new meaning to the term "kissing cousins" and makes me want to hit the FF button on my Tivo. I would have love to have met the actor who portrays this little brat so at least I could have had a nice image of him instead of wanting to scratch his eyes out. But since I didn't go to this year's GL Fan Club Gathering, I'll just have to maintain my level of loathing of this character. I can't see him ever sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner at the Lewis household, but since this is daytime, I guess you never know.

Speaking of those wily Lewises, don't you just love how Billy's plan to get rid of Olivia backfired and made her his daughter-in-law? Any airtime that has Jordan Clarke involved always makes me a happy viewer - and I think he might have met his match in 'Liv.

And how has no one seen through Ruth Carloff's getup yet? Even Coop, who has only seen Harley only recently was close to uncovering the truth. I really thought she'd confide in Gus and make us all happy fans once again. Springfield needs a little real romance and not "business and sex" as Jeffrey pointed out at the Lewis nuptials.

Also this week is another "ick" factor when Tony and Michelle sleep together. I know that this is where this whole storyline was going long ago, but hate that it is happening. I like Michelle's spunk, but really can't see the chemistry between Tony and his cousin's soon-to-be-ex(again)-wife. Hopefully this will be a short lived thing and we can move away from any permanent pairing since GL seems so determined to not show much romance in Springfield these days.

Sebastian still leaves me wondering as well. What in the heck is he up to? This mystery trip has my curiosity piqued so I guess I'll have to stay tuned. The flashbacks to Michael Zaslow really make me happy (that I can see them again) and sad (that he is gone). The death of his friend Christopher Reeve last weekend really made me miss him all the more. I'm sure a healthy Michael welcomed Christopher to the pearly gates himself. Both great actors who gave a face to their illnesses, and gone too soon.

This week there looks to be some pretty interesting twists and turns I haven't mentioned, and I can't wait to see what happens.

Until next week... Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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