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It seems that soap characters have really short memories. That's the only way that Reva, Cassie, or Tammy will ever be able to forgive Jonathan for what he did last week. It's not like he put a frog in a girl's lunch box.

In nearly three decades of watching soaps, I have seen some pretty strange things. It seems that soap characters have the shortest memory on record - or they don't hold grudges like I probably do.

That's the only way I can see Reva (or Cassie or Tammy) forgiving that complete rat Jonathan for what he did this week. It's not like he put a frog in a girl's lunch box or something. He took something that you can only give once - and turned it into what has to be a horrible memory for a girl who has already seen her share of heartache (Hart's murder, Richard's death, etc.).

This week, I received a flood of emails (many of those still have to be answered) of fans outraged by the plot line. No doubt it will move the story into "a whole new direction" and create "more interesting plots" to pursue (all those standard, party line answers the studio gives to the press), but at what expense? I guess only time will tell. Since the show can hardly stand to lose fans, this is certainly a fairly big gamble to take with the all-important ratings.

At least when I wanted to nash my teeth at the whole JB/Tammy story I got to balance it with the comedic antics of Beth Ehlers (Harley). The whole scene with the shredder had me in stitches. How Phillip and Gus, both men she has been pretty darn close with can't see what is under that prosthetic nose is beyond me! Still, once the cover is blown, and Harley's goose is cooked (so to speak) I'm sure there will be hell to pay for her antics. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

Except for the fact that GL has finally admitted publicly that Phillip will die. I'm sure it will be "well written, well acted and a real ratings grabber." It's the after effects of killing off ANOTHER veteran character (i.e. Maureen, Jenna, Ben Reade) that has me worried. Sure there is story to be told once the deed is done - but you don't have that character anymore, either. If only someone would write a truly wonderful script that included the untimely departure of a Executive in Charge of Production, the ratings would get a real boost. Oh, if Douglas Marland could see us now.....

And just where is Sebastian heading with Holly, Michelle and Tony? Of course, there can be nothing positive that can come of this. Those of us who knew (and loved) Roger know that he had a great memory and some pretty creative ways to get his point across. While Doug Hutchinson (Sebastian) doesn't look much like Michael Zaslow, the mannerisms and facial expressions sometimes catch me off guard - he is a pretty quick study of Zaslow's work.

Back in Springfield, I had to laugh at seeing double at the Lewis wedding celebration. It brought back fond memories of an 1980's engagement ball where Vanessa Chamberlain (who was marrying Billy) and Nola Reardon (who would marry Quinton McCord) who wore identical antebellum dresses. That was a cat fight to remember..... Luckily Olivia and Dinah didn't come to blows (this time). Those two ladies would make formidable friends or enemies and should be paired with more often. Of course, 'Liv and her hubby are trying to take down Dinah's cousin Phillip, so that might make things a little awkward. The family trees in Springfield must be a sight to behold!

Things are really heating up with Fall Sweeps time coming up. Stay tuned for more fireworks!

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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