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Billy is being blackmailed for his misguided attempts to protect Bill, and Phillip is doing everything that he can to protect Lizzie. It would be a great twist of irony if Billy killed Phillip.

All of my life, Halloween has been one of my favorite days of the year. While some people think of ghosts and goblins, all I could think of was becoming someone else for a day. Whether it was a Princess or a Pirate, Halloween allowed me to become someone else, for just a short time. And all of that candy - what's not to love?

But as I thought about the upcoming celebrations (it's not a holiday to me unless I get the day off of work!) I thought of the actors on GL. They get to play "dress up" every day. Whether it's a "Princess" (Lizzie) or a Pirate (JB) there are so many roles to play. Not to mention their wardrobe was a little better than I had when I was a kid!

But the characters we see in Springfield these days are a lot more than the one dimensional ones I created for an evening of trick or treating - and we all get to share the treats of their hard work!

While I was working on the rest of the GL pages (spoilers, news and such) I thought about how Mindy Lewis (who will make a return appearance next month) was always Billy's "Princess." When the Lewis' first came to Springfield, Mindy had her sights set on Phillip, handsome heir to the Spaulding Kingdom. There was nothing that Billy wouldn't do for his little girl. Fast forward 21 years and it's the same handsome Prince (Phillip) who is helping his own little "Princess" (Lizzie) out of yet another jam.

Some of those early "Four Muskateers" stories were among my favorites on GL. The characters were teens like myself in those days, who were struggling with all sorts of issues growing up and finding acceptance. Now that GL has decided to kill off one of the original four, the group will never be the same again.

Phillip has really grown into a tyrant of late - which is surely done to make nearly every Springfield resident a suspect in his death. I have to say that while I am very disappointed that GL has decided to venture down this path, Grant's performances have been great - as have those who Phillip has tortured of late. My personal early prediction is that Billy will kill Phillip - which would be a great twist of irony. Billy is being blackmailed for his misguided attempts to protect Bill, and Phillip is doing everything he can to protect Lizzie.

But I have to say that the performances of the week had to come from the little used (these days) Lewis family room. The whole JB/Tammy story still makes me ill, but I have to give it to newcomer Tom Pelphrey who has really made me want to smash JB's smug little face in! When I was listening to GL at work and heard Robert introduce himself to JB I had to smile - I would have done the same thing.

And what will happen to the Lewis marriage once all of the dusk has settled? Can Josh and Reva's relationship take yet another hit? What about Ross and Blake? Dinah's entrance into Springfield might mean the end of this relationship as well. I just had visions of Blake and Danny creating another set of twins for fans to ponder their paternity (shudder the thought). Still, it's nice to see actors who do not normally share air time in scenes together.

But as the warmth of the holiday season approaches (which is strange given that its in the 70's today in Maryland) I want to wish for peace and happiness in Springfield. A little romance for the fans who are enjoying the angst of late, but want something to smile about, too. Just one couple that is remotely happy and in love for the holidays - how is that for a hopeful wish? Come on, GL, you can do it.

Friday's mail brought another surprise to me - a letter from Televest. Imagine my surprise when GL decides to write. Unfortunately it wasn't in response to our poll about the firing of Grant Aleksander, but it was a survey about how I feel about GL. Now, being the shy, retiring person that I am, how could I express my opinion ; ) Just kidding -I'll certainly take my time and tell TPTB what I feel about the show.

Now for those of you in the GLFC that also received the survey (and here I was being paranoid for half a second wondering how they knew where to find me) I want to make sure that you list Soap Central as a site you visit for GL news and info. Who knows, TPTB (who DO read this page on occasion) might actually visit more often. And listen to what the dedicated fans of this show have to say.

So in all the madness that is the Election this week, have a little fun and escape into the world of make believe Sunday night - and save a candy bar for me!

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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