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The lives of the folks in Oakdale are in disarray right now, but the highlight of the month is going to be Carly and Jack; their storyline is the kind of thing that makes great daytime drama.
The lives of the folks in Oakdale are in such disarray as we go into November Sweeps period but the highlight of this sweeps will be Carly and Jack - this is what makes great daytime drama.

We all know that when Carly and Jack are trying to find their way back to each other is the best time to watch them. Nurse Julia really does not stand a chance with Carly wanting her husband back. She took them to court and won - it was so good to see Carly on the winning side in a courtroom for a change. You can see that Jack is starting to feel something for Carly no matter what he says - he senses some type of connection.
I would like Julia if she was in another storyline and not trying to come between Jack and Carly. I kind of hope she stays round Oakdale after Jack remembers Carly and the kids. I think little JJ is a terrific actor and the scene when Jack had to leave to go back to Carly was really heart wrenching. She could be a good match for Chris Hughes now that he doesn't have Emily or Allison - Chris is a doctor and Julia is a nurse.

Lily cannot win even when she is trying to try. Holden was right when he told her that things are just going to change and their marriage is pretty much over. Holden has had enough of her games and her alliance with Craig is really bad news. I believe that Holden needs to be on his own right now and maybe find someone else - how about Julia Larrabee; she would still be involved with a Snyder.

I am very disappointed with Ben right now - how could he ask his teenage son to provide him with a urine specimen. I know this is part of the story to show how drug dependency can change people. He was deeply hurt by Jessica and he hurt his hand in the fight with Doc. Is his hand still causing him pain or is it the drugs?

These two are such fun because Barbara has a way of making him believe almost anything. But this man is crazy and a lot of time people with mental illnesses can pick up on the truth very quickly. Rick wants to have the life he had with Susan but Barbara had an ulterior motives as always. Her trying to fool a psychopath is going to be to her detriment unless her estranged son, Will helps her.
Finally, I like Mike and Jennifer but I like Mike with Katie more and I can't wait for her to come back. When she comes back and sees Mike with someone else, it is going to bring out the fight in her that is always so good to watch.
The Readers are so on target:
Lory said, "Why is it that nobody seems to remember or mention the fact that Jack married Julia under a fake name and ID, which should mean his marriage is not legal."
Joanie said, "I cannot believe that no one has mentioned that Julia cannot be Jack's wife as he never divorced Carly and he married under a false name."
Marie said something that I had on my mind, "Is Eileen Fulton gone? I never heard an announcement that someone was re-creating the role of Lisa or that someone else was subbing?"

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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