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Mouth turned down
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Lily's father, Jackson Montgomery, isn't the only one whose mouth has been turned down. There is lots of sadness and tears in Pine Valley of late.!
Lily's father, Jackson Montgomery, isn't the only one whose mouth has been turned down. There is lots of sadness and tears in Pine Valley of late. Zach a.k.a Alexander Cambias Jr. announced to the lynch mob that yes, he is the missing son/heir of Alex Sr. but no, Ethan is NOT his son. The DNA test was taken and he also never slept with his father's maid. Of course we know that is a falsehood as he admitted to Maria the sordid truth weeks ago. He feels he is protecting Ethan Ramsey from the Cambias Curse. Possibly it is an admirable thing to do, yet somehow very dishonest and unfair. Poor Ethan has no idea who he is and that has to be a terrible feeling. Fortunately, he has found comfort in Kendall's arms and they make love in that infamous Pine Cone Motel room. I was just thinking of how many have been in that room and how much hanky panky occurred and lo and behold, Ryan appears at the door. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.......Kendall is once again found in bed with someone else by her ex-fiancé. Uncomfortable at best. Yet they seem to be past the jealousy and vindictiveness and were able to discuss what Ethan should do. Ethan does turn down his offer for money and is adamant about leaving town and not pursuing his heritage any further. Voila, in the midst of packing, the police come to arrest him. Will Zach come forward and help his son? If it is up to Kendall he will. Of course Zach was also ready to leave town and return to Las Vegas. He asked Bobby to run the local casino and destroy his "casita". Earlier he had an emotional farewell with Maria and she returned home to find HER bags packed.

Edmund's last straw was broken when he heard from Erica that Maria was with Zach at the cemetery. He realized it was the same time they were together and she ran off. After much discussion, she informed him she was not going anywhere. They have their children and she won't give up on their marriage. Meanwhile, Zach was flashing back on their short but sweet love affair. Whew, how I love those scenes, finally to see some romance. Zach and Maria are so HOT and believable together. Count me in as a supporter if they can recapture what they had back then. I am all for making a marriage work especially with a family, but Edmund has become a difficult man to live with despite his disability. There is just something not right there anymore and one viewer, Nancy, voiced her opinion about John Callahan (Edmund) possibly leaving the show by saying, "I would love if Edmund left the show. He is the most wooden actor I have ever seen. By contrast, Eva La Rue is wonderful to watch with everyone but him!" Melissa also said that she doesn't feel the heat between them anymore unlike it is with Zach and Maria. She feels now that it is cold out, heat is good!!! As for the scene at Wildwind this past week, Mary's choice for Fan Spotlight of the Week came from Jennifer who shared, "I do not like the fact that it seems the writers have taken four little stories a day and then devotes the entire hour to just that story. For a solid hour if the characters are in the living room, they seem to be for the entire day's episode and the story moves way too slow. Each story is getting about 15 minutes worth. Maria and Edmund talked about Maria leaving, No I won't, yes you will, for the entire day. Come on writers, I can do better than that!" Yes Jennifer, it does seem that way but in all fairness I have seen how it is set up at the ABC Studios for daily scenes and blocking. They only have room for up to 5 sets and they only call in so many actors that day for scenes. The scripts are written 6 weeks in advance and planned around so many being there that day and so many sets (like the parlor at Wildwind or the casita). It probably is frustrating if you analyze it, but they do have their reasons. You can't have all the actors there on a given day unless they are having a big party, wedding, etc.......then those scenes take extra long for make-up, costumes, and set-up and they can all be there for up to 14 hours. Thus, making those few and far between.

Greenlee has continued with her projectile blurts and bizarre behavior. Ryan feels she could be pregnant and encourages her to be tested. Jonathan is shocked that she could be in the family way, I wonder why. So many of us feel he is the culprit, he is the one who shot Ryan. He is somehow poisoning Greenlee with a mind-altering substance by putting something in her glasses of juice, milk, and/or food as he pretends to dote on his sister-in-law. It is mind-boggling to think he would do that to the hand that feeds him, so to speak. It is one thing when they have perfect strangers carrying out vendettas and revengeful moments with a character. But when they are blood relatives, I get squeamish. After Mrs. Lavery blurts out a hurtful fact to Anita, she finds out she is in fact not pregnant. In the meantime, Anita needs to deal with how her husband almost slept with Greenlee for money. My hero, Aidan, rides to the rescue and is there to comfort her in the supply room he seemed to know she would be in. He had just completed a crazy scare tactic with his spy partner, Tad, and Dr. Hayward on hit man Rod. They were able to make him confess (Gee, I wonder why) to clear Jamie.

Jamie has his own plan; he is running off with Babe as a married couple, Brad and Kate Anderson (not sure if it is with an "o" or an "e"). This is all fine and dandy, if they are truly in love, want to get away from JR, etc......but they intend to KIDNAP Ace in Llanview. That is very disturbing, as they seem to resort to kidnap and illicit deeds way too often now. Of course, it appears they are piling up possible suspects for the impending murder of Paul Cramer. Not only in Pine Valley but also in Llanview. Who will carry out the threat and what will it accomplish? Will it turn out that he is Ace's father and then Kelly will have some rights as an aunt? If there is one thing we have learned through all this, we cannot totally predict what the writers will do with the various storylines.

Besides the torture of Rod, there was a lot of impersonating going on. Tad was impersonating a security guard (what is it about uniforms, he looked sharp?), Stuart once again impersonating his twin, and Jamie and Babe were trying to convince JR, Grandpa Joe, and others that they are in love and want to be together now. All having ulterior motives. The Bitchlettes (as Danielle called them) still taunted Lily and proceeded in spiking her chocolate milkshake. This was very cruel, but I am sure we haven't seen the end of their game playing for some time. David roughed up Paul and threatened his life at the end of a gun barrel, but Jamie saved him from signing the confession. Thus, two more suspects who threatened to kill the young man as afore mentioned. JR tried to convince Jamie to cut his losses and run, he still loved him as a brother but couldn't resist calling his almost-an-ex-wife some more choice names. I smell a humbling experience coming on when he finds out the truth about Bess. He will you know, honest.

I hope this finds you having a good Halloween weekend. When I return in two weeks it will be Super Soap Weekend in Florida. Unfortunately, due to finances and various setbacks for my SSW pals and me, we will not be attending this year. I always hate to miss these events but due to the distance and expense, it is not always plausible. I have found out who will be attending from AMC and the names (by character) follow: Jack, Erica, Ryan, Greenlee, Ethan, Kendall, Jamie, Babe, Tad, Krystal, Zach, Maria, JR, and Bianca. Quite a great line-up and a few I haven't yet met. Boohoo. For all of you fans out there who will be attending, please share any stories, photos, or adventures with me.......I would be most grateful. Possibly we can print one in the future.

I have a quick adventure to share with you myself. As you know, I have been writing for SOC on Two Scoops for over five years now. During that time, all my entries are done via cyberspace to our editor, Dan Kroll, on the East Coast. We correspond regularly but have never met. Mary and I haven't met yet either (we came close as she came to town but when I was not here). One of the advantages of living in Las Vegas is that most people eventually vacation or travel through our fair city. Last weekend, Dan was in town for a few days and I was lucky enough to finally meet him for a few hours. He is a very charming, fun-loving, interesting young man. You feel right at home with him, as he is so personable and entertaining. We had a nice dinner on the infamous Vegas Strip and then played one of his favorite slot machines. He had my friend and I in stitches over what he did to and on his beloved "BW" machine. He did win some money, as did my friend on another video game. It was quite a wonderful experience and I just wanted to let him know that it is an evening we won't forget. As you can see, he does a great job on this site and it was nice to finally meet the man behind it all !!!


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