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Being a long-time Brooke fan, it was great seeing her in action even if it has to be about her protecting James. I relished her history with Adam and have always seen wonderful chemistry between them. It would be fabulous to see those two paired up again.

Being a long-time Brooke fan, it was great seeing her in action even if it has to be about her protecting James. I relished her history with Adam and have always seen wonderful chemistry between them. It would be fabulous to see those two paired up again. Brooke could perhaps keep him in line as much as anyone can, since it's obvious Stuart has no real affect on Adam's conniving ways. Perhaps there is hope left for a truly meaty storyline with two of the best talents AMC has. It's sure been a long time since Mary Smythe has been around as several fans made note to me recently, but there she was this week in lingerie making a beeline for Adam's bed.

Wasn't it great on Monday getting a break from the baby saga? Not having to endure Krystal and Babe for a whole day was more than I could hope for, unfortunately it only lasted a day! Now Babe has Bianca's sympathy with having to sign over custody of Bess to JR. Sympathy that is missed on Kendall. Having a heart to heart with Bianca, Kendall finally fesses up about the DNA test and her suspicions about Bess being Miranda. I believed for maybe a second and a half that Bianca would put two and two together and reclaim her daughter, but that just wasn't to be. Instead Bianca accepts the results that Tad said were accurate. Kendall on the other hand decides to come to JR's aid. This reminded me of when they used to be such good friends, next JR thought he was interested in Kendall and then JR went to the dark side! AMC History.

David decided to play detective and find the man that JR says Babe and James hired to try to kill JR. David doesn't play detective nearly as well as he plays "mad scientist." All David finds is JR who in turn calls Tad to explain the rules of engagement to David. Just a note here, in this age of technology a "doctoring" of the DVD would be easily ascertained. Guess the writers think we're all stuck in a time warp.

Babe has it out with Paul only to be duped into believing that the fabrication the drunken Paul has spun would sound real to all and leave Babe holding the bag. James comes to Babe's rescue but doesn't get the goods on Paul. Now we have Babe confessing all to James who had already figured everything out. James being "in love" and perhaps horny wants to take Babe away with Ace. Let's add another kidnapping to Babe's criminal resume.

Suellen's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Carolyn who chimes in on the baby swap plot: "I cannot believe the number of people who profess to love Bianca, that keep being drawn into the web of the baby switch saga. First David and now James. I pray that the writers will not stretch out Bianca's ignorance about who knew what and just when they knew it. Why is everyone so loyal to Babe???? It was her lies along with her shady Mama's assistance that started this whole mess. Remember when Krystal was first introduced into the story she was in a seedy motel with some slovenly guy? You knew then that she and Babe were low rent trouble makers. I hope Bianca won't be so blind in giving her love and friendship in the future. All these people need to feel her wrath for such an atrocious deed. There is no way the writers can redeem any of them!!!" I agree with Carolyn about no redemption and I do remember Krystal's trashy ways and total disregard for Babe's needs. To think Krystal makes Erica look like a candidate for Mother of the Year!

Kendall and Ryan's elevator scene again proves what obvious chemistry is between them. Kendall came clean and was genuine even though Ryan could only say "he almost believed her." Ryan's eyes appeared to be saying he did believe her but the writers have to keep him in his "jerk" mode. The steam room scene with Ryan and Zach again showed Ryan to be overbearing and demanding.

Confrontations are abundant as Ethan confronts Zach and wants the truth but Zach continues to play it smug by not admitting anything. Maybe a DNA test is in order! LOL!! Edmund confronts Maria about her emergency, yet she continued with the lie as opposed to telling him she was with Zach. I don't think it will be long before Edmund and Maria are a thing of the past. If Edmund actually leaves the show then the Marick family will be a thing of the past as well. So sad! Palmer confronted Bobby about his failed investment, but Bobby lied about pulling out early. Seems lies were plentiful around Wildwind this week. I do wish we'd see more of Palmer. What a great actor James Mitchell is!

Lots of rumors on Rebecca Budlig and the Greenlee storyline. These rumors range from Greenlee having a brain tumor to Greenlee being drugged by Jonathan which will end up with Greenlee in bed with Ethan. I think I'd prefer the drugging storyline as the brain tumor could be the predictable, Greenlee's going to die scenario so let's all go to the hospital, pray at the chapel for our sins, promise not to sin anymore if God saves Greenlee and behold Greenlee is fine and then return to our sinful ways. Of course, several rumors think Rebecca is planning on leaving AMC and will opt out by dying. Time will tell.

Why exactly would Zach call everyone to Ryan and Greenlee's place to admit he is indeed Alexander Cambias Jr.? This is just ridiculous to believe everyone would show up there and why do they even care? It seems Ethan won't turn out to be Zach's son, but that could all change at any time. Did you notice how all the guys were dressed in suits and warm attire while the ladies were skimpy and sleeveless?

Krystal was acting like a rabid dog this week and she is one of the most unenjoyable characters to have to endure. I wish she'd be sent packing out of PV. Enjoyed the emails and all the thoughts on our show!!

Mary Page
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