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Poor Lily Montgomery is being mainstreamed in Pine Valley High only to experience a rude awakening about peer pressure. She feels she has been accepted, is cool, and very "hot" as she appeases the three stooges: Autumn, Chantal, and China. She agrees to do their homework, dress provocatively 'to die fo,' and becomes anxious to have a boyfriend (McDaddy) like her new so-called friends!

Poor Lily Montgomery is being mainstreamed in Pine Valley High only to experience a rude awakening about peer pressure. She feels she has been accepted, is cool, and very "hot" as she appeases the three stooges: Autumn, Chantal, and China. She agrees to do their homework, dress provocatively "to die for", and becomes anxious to have a boyfriend (McDaddy) like her new so-called friends. Danielle and Reggie are on their trail and send the concerned father, Jackson, to rescue his beloved daughter from the cruel teens. I was very moved by this scenario and mesmerized by the actress' portrayal. Usually the teen scenes aren't my favorite, despite the fact I can relate to a lot of the problems they present in those hallowed a teenager myself way too many years ago and having two daughters go through puberty kicking and screaming (or was that their mother?!) Yet this is a hard transition for a young girl who was raised in a controlled environment and there are a lot of lessons to be learned. They left us with Jack escorting Lily to her next class and contemplating how he will discuss the birds and the bees later that day. Will he be up to the challenge or save the undaunted task for Erica, her future stepmother?

The Continuing Saga of Ethan's Parentage has been unraveling. The very sharp and cunning Ryan Lavery solved the mystery; he feels Zach Slater is really Alexander Cambias Jr. He shares this theory with his new bride and they decide to come back from their honeymoon early and take care of the business at hand. Everyone meets up at Fusion, just like the good ol' days (?), and started bantering. Ethan informed Ryan he doesn't need his help, ever. Kendall continues to give her support to Ethan and asks him to stay on in Pine Valley and not take a buy-out. It does seem like they are attempting to put this duo together and it could be an interesting pairing. Greenlee is starting to have bizarre behavior being absent-minded and actually blurts out about Ryan's theory of Ethan's father without realizing what she was saying. Any ideas what this is all about? Too soon for pregnancy and hormone imbalance, a magazine hinted at a brain tumor. What do you think, of course, they have to find an obstacle or problem for the newlyweds. There is no long-term happiness on soap operas.

Jonathan is doting on his sister-in-law after he is informed he could be an uncle. He is playing the happy, supportive brother but it is obvious he has some issues now. Maggie covers for him after finding Bianca's shirt burning in the fireplace. He is able to share some of his past childhood of rejection, abuse, desertion, and tells her he is falling in love with her. It was a very sad home life for the Lavery siblings but hardly a reason to punish his brother after all these years. Same for Michael Cambias, he changed with time and his father or brother shouldn't be at fault. Unfortunately, Zach is feeling guilty and apologizes to Bianca for his "friend's" bad behavior and change from the man he knew. He also tells Maria it his fault that Michael came there and created all this havoc. She is consoling him at the cemetery when Erica appears at her mother's grave. Naturally there was a catfight between Maria and Erica with lots of veiled threats and accusations to follow. I truly enjoyed the scene between Myrtle and Zach that reaffirmed his doubts about his brother's character and behavior while in Pine Valley. You can bet when Myrtle says you better not mess with the people she loves, she means it. God love her spunk and loyalty!!!

Bianca is very disappointed and hurt in Maggie's deception. She lied and covered for Jonathan. This could be a huge clue as to how she will react to Babe's BIG lie and deception about Bess/Miranda. Of course the way this storyline is moving, that could be next year sometime. I am still very upset that Babe keeps postponing sharing this pertinent information and now JR has sole custody of the child. Once she has Ace, then she can give up Miranda, please. Extremely hard to swallow, but I guess we have to see how it all plays out. It is keeping Babe/David/Krystal/Jamie/Tad very busy traveling back and forth from PV to Llanview. Mary's choice for Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Cora in St. Louis: "I think that Paul Kramer will be Ace's dad. If you recall, David was rushing the lab tech to get the results. Now keep in mind that David never knew that Paul might be the father of Babe's baby. So the first test was probably run on Jamie and once those results came in, David probably told the tech that no other tests were necessary and never really had the test run on JR's DNA. This will probably all come out in court when the DNA test is done to determine just whom the father is. David will be shocked and say that he assumed that JR was the father and didn't see any need to continue testing. Thus, Babe can have her baby and JR gets nothing. As I recall, nobody has said that tests proved that JR is the father. It has only been stated that Jamie is NOT the father". Mary noted this highlights many fans' views but should be reminded that the test was done on JR's DNA so if Paul is the father, AMC will again be changing history. I personally can't imagine where they are going on this slant, but as we have been reminded often, the writers/producers have had this storyline planned for a long time.

The actors who play Babe and Jamie date in real life and were on Soap Talk recently. They admitted that the original plan was to get these two characters together down the line, so I would assume they would have gone the direction of Jamie being the baby's father. November Sweeps should be full of twists and turns but hopefully with some resolution. I just won't miss the angst between JR and everyone except his controlling father. Evil is not his forte and his language is atrocious. I have lost count of how many times he has called Babe a "slut". He has alienated himself from everyone he was close to, so what/who will he have left when the truth comes out? Karen wrote and shared a rumor she heard that David Canary was the veteran actor leaving the show. Most of us thought it would be John Callahan due to the status of his marriage to Eva La Rue. That would be such a terrible loss for AMC after 30 plus years. Mr. Canary is admired for his acting ability and complex characters of Adam and Stuart. I honestly can't imagine the show surviving without him aboard, I agree with all Mary said last week about how wonderful he is. Hopefully we won't lose any more veterans (sad farewell to Marcy Walker) and they will find a way to utilize and keep them all.

We witnessed Terri Ivens (Simone) still covering her pregnancy this past week but it was announced she gave birth to a 6 lb 8 oz little girl on October 9th. How exciting for the newlyweds and new parents. Thanks once again to Mary for covering me two weeks ago so I could drive to California with my daughter and family friend for a short escape. The weather was glorious, we got to see old friends and spend time on the beach or piers we miss. Sometimes just a short jaunt like that keeps you going. Back to you on Halloween as we keep an eye on the man with a lot of faces (talk about masks for the season), the man in a wheelchair who is ready to have a duel (on his feet) with his competition, and the baby-switch storyline of the century (then maybe they won't come up with another one for 100 years)!!! Feel free to share your theories, thoughts, and rants with me at anytime...


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