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Finding love is never easy, especially on a daytime soap opera! Just ask two amazing couples: John and Evangeline, and Bo and Nora.

Finding love is never easy, especially on a daytime soap opera! Just ask two amazing couples: John and Evangeline, and Bo and Nora. Whether it be a multi-year separation and divorce or the obstacle of racism, these couples are facing a growing attraction to one another in the face of roadblocks. Too many "dumb blondes" (i.e. Jessica! Wake up and get with the program!) and ridiculous Santi undercover business stories have made me realize what I really am liking about OLTL these days, and it mostly revolves around these two couples.

First are John and Evangeline, a couple with chemistry if I ever saw it! I've always been a rooting fan of this couple, but with each week, I become even more enamored of this couple. This week what stuck out at me was the longing gaze that John gave Evangeline as he went out to her car to get her things in preparation of her moving in with him. I liked that the interracial issue was addressed by the two of them, and mostly because after all of this time of not really caring about it or even noticing it, they both verbalized it. Neither one of them cares at all about the color of the other's skin. Unfortunately in the world, the same feeling is not held by everyone, and that will be one of the biggest hurdles for this blossoming couple to overcome. However, both characters are headstrong, independent thinkers, and not easily swayed by the thoughts and opinions of other people. What perhaps started out as a one-night fling has gradually evolved into a meaningful relationship between these two adults.

With this said, the racist viewpoints of other people will not be the only obstacle for this couple to overcome. In his November previews found in Soap Opera Digest, Executive Producer Frank Valantini declares, "The Santi storyline will quickly come to a head with explosive results for all the beloved people in Llanview, including John, Natalie...and Cristian...The [John/Evangeline/Natalie] triangle will figure into the Santi Story as well." Okay, let me sort this out logically. John likes Evangeline. Evangeline likes John. Natalie started to fall for John and might even still be attracted to him. John rebuffed Natalie. Natalie married and loved Cristian. Cristian died a newlywed to Natalie. Am I missing something? This triangle seems like a no-brainer! John and Natalie were a non-couple pretty much since Cris died. They flirted, and we saw a growing attraction, but the couple seemed from the beginning to be destined to be just friends. John and Evangeline stay together, and Natalie and Cris reunite. Everyone wins! I know, I know...this is a soap opera, and things don't work out that nicely in places like Llanview.

Bo and Nora, the couple I've been wanting to see together since they broke up, aren't officially a couple yet, but they are still facing a number of obstacles that keep them from reuniting. I loved the scenes when Nora woke up in Bo's apartment. It seemed like I was watching classic Malone Bo & Nora scenes. Head Writer Michael Malone was always a great supporter of Bo and Nora, and he wrote them in such a classic way. That banter the two of them shared that morning should have made the two of them quickly realize how much they have missed one another's company over the years. But, of course, reuniting is never that easy!

Introduce the foils: Daniel and Paige. Daniel has been featured on the show for probably over a year now, yet I know as much about him today as I did a year ago. He just hasn't clicked with viewers, and I don't see any chemistry or rooting value with his pairing to Nora. And poor Kimberlin Brown. I loved her as the dastardly Shiela on The Bold & Beautiful when I tuned in, and I raved about her non-stop when she was on Port Charles as Dr. Locke. When I first heard she was coming to OLTL, I was ecstatic. Upon seeing her first episode, I shook my head in disappointment as I realized the writers were setting up this character for a short stint in Llanview. So many fans (not all) want Bo and Nora to reunite. Introducing a character to impede that will not allow that character to blossom or to connect with viewers. While Dr. Miller is very cordial and handled herself quite nicely during the dinner with Daniel, Nora, and Bo, she did not make me want to stop rooting for Bo and Nora. I'd rather see her in a juicy storyline mixing it up with Asa's vendetta against Todd and Blair. If the intent was to prolong the impending reunion for Bo and Nora by having each of them date other people, I don't understand why the talents of such a top-caliber actress would be wasted to an expendable role. Maybe, however, the new head writer will surprise me and make Paige someone I will enjoy (outside of any romance with Bo).

Love has been absent from Llanview for so long, and I hope that the new focus of the show will move away from crime lords and stay with the love between characters that we know and look forward to seeing.

Enjoy the week,

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