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Last week, even the most loyal Theresa fan had to hate her for her hypocrisy. Gwen is grasping for any dangling thread available to have a family of her own, and Theresa is refusing to go along with the one procedure that could allow Gwen to have that.

The faithful readers who log on weekly to hear me rant and rave (and I love you all by the way) know I don't care for Theresa. This week, even the most loyal Theresa fan had to hate her for her hypocrisy. Gwen is grasping for any dangling thread available to have a family of her own. Dr. Do Right comes in with this miracle procedure that can save one of the babies and, Theresa has the nerve to stand on her moral high ground and proclaim that it goes against the church.

I hate that show has Theresa use the church when it suits her. She condemned Ethan and Gwen's marriage because Gwen was pregnant when she married Ethan. Now, in the case of these babies, the church is against abortion. She wants to let God's will take its course. And I'm all with her on that respect. But it is very hard to buy this coming from someone who is pregnant because, not only did she steal embryo's, but she raped a man. Not to mention her other child was born out of wedlock. So the holier than thou attitude needs to go.

I absolutely loved Ethan telling Theresa that she owes Gwen a child. Theresa telling Ethan that "their love" made that baby repulsed me. Rape is not love, and any rape survivor will tell you that. Theresa is deluded. If a man repeatedly told me he is in love with his wife, I'd give up on him. I know I will receive a ton of hate mail for this, but Theresa needs to be written off the show. She can leave with Chad since they both make me sick.

I've said from the beginning that Theresa should've hightailed it out of L.A. when she found out the Winthrop's were there, but she stayed and relentlessly pursued Ethan. And while some responsibility falls on Gwen, Theresa played a big part in Sarah's death. I know Theresa thinks the babies are hers, but ultimately I think she will reveal her hand too soon, and blow her whole plan. And I guarantee you that even though Rebecca has no real power now that Eve's secret is out, Theresa does not want to cross her. I would be willing to bet that Rebecca would go so far as to kidnap EM and leave the country never to be heard from again, just to spite Theresa. And it's not like Julian would notice the tot is missing. Chad is his only son now.

What is with all the pro-life jargon on this show lately? First Whitney, now Theresa. I would love to see the topic of abortion fully explored, as far too many shows cop out by having women change their minds. (Please don't write asking me to watch Days. I know Mimi had an abortion, but the new Belle sucks majorly and I am way over the New Salem thing.) We all know abortion is a moral issue. I really don't think we (the viewers) need to be hit over the head on a daily basis about the moral issues of abortion.

In the midst of Gwen begging and fainting, Theresa takes a time out to debate over whether her long lost father should be forgiven. Now the man hasn't been heard from or seen in years, and only us viewers know who "Bob (or Bill) Wheeler" really is. So why the debate? Did Miguel find Charity and call home with one of her premonitions? And the Lo-Fitz family revered their father (they all thought the Cranes ran him out of town or killed him) until "Bob" showed up. Just another typical, change-the-story-to-suit-their-purposes from the writers.

And I think we are all grateful that we saw limited Chad this week. Yoldyve wrote me wanting to know how old Paloma is. I'm guessing 16 or 17, but some promos claim Martin has been gone 25 years, so that would make her at least 24. But she's been in high school in Mexico, so either she's got some learning disabilities that haven't been mentioned or Mexican schools are different from American schools. Yoldyve fears Chad may commit statutory rape. After committing incest, what's a little statutory rape. But on the bright side, he may get written off the show (going to jail) this way.

Fox opened his soul and mended some fences with Ivy, which was very touching. I loved Ivy giving it to Julian. After being married to the man for over half her life, Ivy knows Julian probably about as well as he knows himself. And I loved the fact that Ivy finally acted like a mama bear protecting her cubs. Fox desperately needs someone in his corner, and I am thrilled it is Ivy. And in case the writers haven't already thought of it, Ivy could blackmail Eve now by saying she could get Whitney to forgive Eve if she would just keep her mouth shut about all of Ivy's misdeeds.

But Ivy isn't trying to help Fox, she's trying to protect him. And I think it's about time. I loved her questioning Whitney's sudden interest in Fox. Whitney may think she's taken some tips from Theresa, but she is messing with a master manipulator and she better watch her step. And I know Julian kicked Fox out of the house, company, family, etc., but what did Fox think Alistair was going to do when Whitney gives birth? I mean Alistair kicked Julian in the pants when he was sleeping with Eve. Did Fox honestly expect preferential treatment from the world's biggest bigot?

Alistair wakes up and demands Katherine be put back in jail. And to retaliate, Katherine goes to his hospital room, and pulls his toes. Yes you read right, she pulled his toes to cause him pain. I guess the gunshot wasn't enough, no Kathy handed Big Al the ultimate torture. Toe pulling. To think, it's a torture we all thought that only happened to POW's. I guess maybe the crooked Judge Reilly will add another 20 years to her sentence now.

Sheridan can't get past the feeling that "Mrs. Wheeler" is connected to her mother. Her first clue is Kathy's extensive knowledge of the Crane family (that came from a detailed documentary by the way). If the media has the power to dig that deeply into socialite families, why can't they do this for our politicians, so at least we know who we are voting for. But Sheridan can't get past the fact that Kathy is hiding something and begs for the truth. And she will get the truth (I hope) during November sweeps, which is just a mere two weeks away.

Some Random Thoughts:

It is such a shame that Tabitha's role has been reduced to that of recapper. But at least we get to see that adorable Endora when Tabby's on.

I stated last week that EM was really Ethan's son, and I received a ton of mail asking whether or not you viewers have missed something. No you haven't missed any big revelations (this is Passions after all), but most of us know that Ethan is really the tot's pop. Only the fact that Theresa was on the pill when she slept with Ethan, (and we all know that's 100% protection) and Eve's word, is what we base Julian being the daddy on. Oh and the fact that Julian was presumed dead at the time and his fortune was up for grabs by his "wife and unborn heir."

Katie and Koana are rooting for Gwen to be a momma, while Kamesa hopes Theresa sticks it to Gwen. And Cheyenne thinks since I call Liz "the frog" I should call Eve "the monkey." Obviously Cheyenne does not like Eve.

Last week I mentioned how much I love Silvia Arias. I must apologize to her, and thank Jamison for pointing out her name is Silvana Arias.

Christina and Jamison both can't wait for Beth to be busted. The quote of the week goes to Jamison, "If Mrs. Wallace goes down, too, for keeping the secret, then so be it. She deserves it for being a coward. I'd take a nursing home over living in a house with a genuine nutcase any day."

Until next week friends,

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