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Supposedly Ethan is a 'love child' from a tryst Zach had with the maid. Sounds a little too familiar. Remember Edmund's heritage - an affair involving Hugo Marick and Flora Gresham and Anton - a fling between Dimitri and Corvina. Too many reused plots.

I'd like to know what kind of detective Jonathan is? He was in Ethan's room but couldn't find the rifle, yet Kendall turned it up immediately. Makes one wonder if Jonathan planted it.... Ryan is positive Zach is behind the shooting no matter if Ethan actually did it. Ryan has become such a "know it all" and so unlikable. I still find it difficult to believe that he can forgive Greenlee so completely with her past actions against women he loved --- Gillian and Kendall and still is so angry and hateful towards Kendall. This is really out of character for Ryan and another reason the current writers aren't making long-time viewers very happy. Suellen's AMC Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Stacy who writes "Ryan is no Boy Scout. I think his relationship with Greenlee is bogus. Comes to town best friends yet he was so in love with Kendall. Greens almost cost Kendall her life in court, and he is mad for what all of 5 minutes? Then turns on Kendall when he asks her to let Greens stay on at Fusion? Kendall reacted just like most people would. Kendall did get out of hand later on, but to have Ryan so loyal to Greenlee? They are not the wonder couple. I have watched AMC since the day it started. Most fans like Kendall and Ryan. They could do a lot with those two. But Ethan (who I like but don't see as long term) would look good with Kendall !!!" Yes, I agree that Ethan is a hunk and it appears Kendall is pairing up with Ethan. Is this yet another case of poor judgment on Kendall's behalf? First Michael the rapist and now Ethan the unknown. The writer's continuation of attacking Kendall with the viewers isn't cutting it. Plus they are trying to make Greenlee a saint. The thought of Greenlee being a mother turns my stomach as selfish as she's shown herself to be in the past.

This week they continued to shove Greenlee and Ryan down our throats. I just don't see the magic between the two of them. They are awkward together. I find Greenlee hard to stomach except in small doses.

Supposedly Ethan is a "love child" from a tryst Zach had with the maid. Sounds a little too familiar. Remember Edmund's heritage - an affair involving Hugo Marick and Flora Gresham and Anton - a fling between Dimitri and Corvina. Too many reused plots.

Those doors in the hospital must be paper thin as we saw Bianca eavesdropping and hearing every word David, Krystal and Babe uttered. Good thing it wasn't privileged information. I keep forgetting there is no privileged info in PV!! Babe and Krystal tag along with David to Llanview so they can find Ace. Kelly and Krystal needed to cover up those breasts. They looked awful. Kelly is too emotional to see her son. Give me a break and then the sitter just hands the baby over to Babe? I don't believe anyone would have left a child in a total stranger's care while going to the bathroom. But Babe has DNA to give to David. Now it's up to David to prove that Ace is Babe's child. We know this is the case. What's next? Babe just hands Bess/Miranda over to Bianca and tells her now that I have my baby back, here's yours. This is one of the worst plots in the history of soap operas. There is NO way Babe is getting her baby back easiy from the Buchanans.

We have Krystal fainting this week and everyone is predicting she's pregnant. Let's hope not, but if so then will Tad fight for custody after he dumps her when the baby stealing truth is revealed? How about James being the real father of Babe's child and there is the double Martin custody battle against the slut Careys? I'm not sure anyone in Pine Valley should be allowed to have children.

Speaking of children I understand Sam, Maddie and Peter are all going to be teens soon so they can interact with Lily. I'm surprised Bess and Ace aren't in kindergarten already.

Liza has decided that Adam is a risk to Colby. Obviously she'll hit the road with Tad's help and we'll never see that precious Colby again. Although maybe she was to be aged to a teen before Marcy Walker's contract wasn't picked up.

Maria will keep Zach's secrets. Where is this leading and why is Maria ignoring Edmund's instincts and his love? It's just a matter of time until that marriage is over.

Anita and Bobby are house hunting after Aidan admitted to Bobby his interest in Anita. Can you say boring and more boring?

Thanks for everyone's emails and concerns. Just finished reading Unfit for Command and I must say it is an eye opening, fast paced recommended read no matter what side of the political aisle you walk. See you next week.

Mary Page
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