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Last week, Julian offered Chad the world, and Chad rebuked him in order to stay in Whitney's good graces. Julian and Eve consoled each other about the fact that their children hate them.

I felt sorry for Whitney this week. Abortion can't be an easy choice, and considering the circumstances, I'm sure it was even more difficult on Whit's part. I agree with you Katie, I wish she had gone through with it. But I guess it's too taboo a topic for the writers to tackle. I am peeved about one point. All week long, Whitney whined about going to hell because abortion is a sin. According to the Catholic Church, so is pre marital sex. But don't worry Whitney, you won't be the only one down there.

Chad is disgusting. His touching Whitney and trying to kiss her, excuse me while I throw up. Does he not understand that they are siblings? He can't kiss her or have sex with her anymore. And thanks to Alistair, everyone in the world knows about them. The next headlines will show pictures of them all over each other. Now is the time for Latoya to come to Harmony and reclaim her man.

Julian offers Chad the world and Chad rebukes him in order to stay in Whitney's good graces. Julian and Eve console each other on the fact that their children hate them. Julian opens up to Eve about his mother, then finds her in the living room. I'm willing to bet he doesn't know it's her next week. Both Julian and Sheridan have called Kathy their mother, and I'm betting they will be calling her another word that generally comes after mother once they find out who she is.

Luis is a moron. How many times has Sheridan been pronounced dead? And he just assumes she is because he finds her passed out on an altar. Did he even check her pulse? Later Sheridan worries about Alistair coming between her and Luis. I think Sheridan needs to be more worried about mommy dearest and her lover. And Luis telling Sheridan how much he loves Martin (his baby with Beth, not his dad) was absurd. When was the last time he saw that baby?

It was great to see Beth this week, but I think she needs to give up on her dream of getting Luis. Just because you have his baby, doesn't mean you have his heart. I hope this is a lesson to all you young girls out there hoping to trap a man into marriage through pregnancy. It didn't work for Kay and it didn't work for Beth. Doesn't necessarily mean it's going to work for you either.

Marty and Kathy are back in their homeland. After all these years of Alistair torturing her family because of what Marty did, I hope Pilar rips him a new hole when she sees him. It was sweet seeing Pilar reunited with Paloma, and her believing everything Alistair tells her is right on the money. Paloma has abandonment issues and Alistair knows it and feeds into it to get what he wants. I think once the truth about Marty comes out, Paloma's insecurities will wane.

Ethan is stupid, stupid, stupid. Had I suspected someone of rape, I would've shut them up, told my spouse, and called the cops. Which is exactly what he should've done after he handed Gwen a bedpan. Instead Theresa manipulates the situation and we get stuck with some lame story about Gwen's sorority sisters trying to seduce Ethan, but him being smart enough to realize that it wasn't Gwen. I had to laugh at anyone thinking Ethan is smart.

Some Random Thoughts: Congratulations Sharon. Yours is the first email I've received that disagreed with me. You think that Theresa needs to hand it to Gwen and Rebecca. I think Theresa deserves everything she gets and more. And thank you Virginia for pointing out Kay did the same thing to Miguel and is no better than Theresa.

Hi Ashley, good luck this semester. As far as any other secrets coming out, Sean can't wait to find out who really shot Julian and why Antonio was killed off without revealing why Julian ran him out of town years ago. But for me, I can't wait for the town to find out Julian is Endora's daddy.

Last week I mentioned the similarity between the show and "Flowers in the Attic." Nikki would like all of you to know that V.C. Andrews wrote an entire series around the book and thinks it is a really good series. I personally am a fan of the "Ruby" series, set in New Orleans and the bayous of my home state.

Good luck to LSU and Kasey Kahne. And to my readers, if you pray, remember those affected by all these terrible storms, especially our friends down in Florida.

Until next week friends,

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