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It's all relative
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Last week, Ethan finally broke down and told his mother about Theresa raping him. Leave it to Ivy to threaten Theresa to get what she wants.

It's official, the DNA test is in and Chad is Julian and Eve's son. I'm not 100% sure if it's because Kay changed the results or if Eve is accurate. Who knows, maybe Alistair has jumped in and fudged some facts just to cause pain and suffering. Still Chad's attempts at "consoling" Whitney are just a little too "Flowers in the Attic" for me. I mean the guy is thinking of ways to "keep Whitney in his life." GROSS! Poor Simone realizes that the man she has also been pining for is her brother, but her confusion over Kay's slip is just as visible as the viewers. Whitney tells her father the story, and the frog (Liz) is overjoyed at the news that Eve's family has been destroyed further.

Ethan finally breaks down and tells his mother about Theresa raping him. Leave it to Ivy to threaten Theresa to get what she wants. But I fear even Ivy's threats are falling on deaf ears as Theresa (who still doesn't have an actual plan as to how) plans to keep both the babies. Anyhoo, it was great to see Ivy again, because I fear she will be losing Sam next time we see her.

Luis and Sheridan finally get married. Not technically. Technically they had a commitment ceremony because we can't be sure "mah wife" is really dead. If he is legally missing, it could be seven years before he is declared legally dead, which in Passions time is the equivalent of 15 years. I don't know why Sheridan didn't just jump the gun and have him declared brain dead when he was alive. Perhaps these commitment ceremonies are the wave of the future. Men and women getting to dress up in traditional wedding garb, along with the reception, yet no papers are signed and no gifts have to be brought. Sounds like fun to me. And think, the divorce rate would drop tremendously.

Nevertheless, the ceremony is beautiful. But Luis and Sheridan haven't said anything to each other they haven't said before. And as soon as Luis told that ridiculous story about the glasses, I knew one of them was going to break. It would be nice however if the were torn apart over disagreeing about Marty and Kathy.

Paloma tapes the wedding and sends the feed back to Pilar and Theresa to watch. Paloma puts Kathy and Marty on tape, yet the sound goes out just as Marty is about to speak. But Pilar saw him clearly. How in the world can Pilar not recognize Marty? Plastic surgery hasn't changed him that much. At least when Sheridan and Luis didn't recognize each other on St. Lisa's, they were wearing masks. Some Random Thoughts: I didn't get as much mail this week as I have been getting. The few emails I received centered on Theresa and her rape of Ethan. Many of you felt the writers have ruined the character of Theresa. I agree, but I think it's too late to change her now. She a rapist for crying out loud.

Quote of the week goes to Stephanie: "I was totally thinking that the mysterious figure walking around New Salem jungle was Alistair's henchman looking for Paloma." And Cris, EM stands for Ethan Martin, the tot's name.

I've also received several emails regarding Sheridan on the verge of death and seeing her "mother's spirit" urging her to live. I have no idea how this happened. I really think the writers put storyline ideas in a hat and draw them out everyday and decide to go in that direction, giving no thought to the past.

Good luck to LSU against Auburn. And to all the people affected by these storms recently, you are in my prayers. Until next week friends,

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