Harmony: the city of brotherly love

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Harmony: the city of brotherly love
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Poor Whitney. Last week, she just kept stating over and over again that Chad wasn't her brother. Perhaps she was hoping that would make it true, but true it isn't, and now she has to deal with the fact that she is carrying her brother's baby.

Enough with the damn snakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate snakes, and seeing them slither around on my television grossed me out. It's amazing how Sheridan had to hold on to that stick to keep them away, but while she and Marty were sucking the poison out of Kathy, none of the snakes bothered them. They just stayed idly back until the end of Monday's episode when one readied to strike. And then Sheridan ends up with one around her neck. I was hoping it would slowly choke her to death, and it looked like I would get my wish. But instead it bit her. According to Marty, the venom went straight to her brain. Who else laughed their heads off at that line? I guarantee you that if a snake ended up around my neck, it wouldn't have to bite me to kill me. I'm pretty sure the massive heart attack I'd have would do the trick.

I love Paloma. Boy that girl is a fighter. She hit the would be rapist with a rock. She screamed at the top of her lungs "No one messes with the Lopez-Fitzgerald's and gets away with it" (yeah she's related to Theresa). She finally runs off, but then she stands by the cave sobbing for Luis. She is definitely a member of the Lo-Fitz family. Of course the rapist comes back for her while she is sobbing over Luis' shoe. What is she now, Sheridan? She fights the would be rapist off again, and this time causes the rocks that are blocking the cave entrance to fall on the would be rapist. She finds Luis in the cave, who miraculously managed to avoid all the heavy boulders and is apparently unconscious because of all the dust that fell on him. Paloma revives him and now she is proud to be a Lopez-Fitzgerald. I still think she's going to give Theresa a run for her money once she is back in Harmony.

Poor Whitney. She just kept stating over and over again that Chad wasn't her brother. I guess she was hoping that by saying it over and over would make it true. But true it isn't, and now she has to deal with the fact that she is carrying her brother's baby. I heard a rumor, which I won't repeat here for fear it is a spoiler, but if it is true, then all these years of being Theresa's best friend will pay off for Whitney. Meanwhile, Julian cautiously tries to advise Chad to slow down where Whit is concerned. Chad is ready to marry Whit now, especially since Eve gives her blessing. I loved Whit's dream of giving birth to a mutant. The truth slowly comes out and now everyone knows that the brother/sister duo did the nasty. Wait til they find out she's preggers.

Brook Kerr hit the nail on the proverbial head this week with her performances. However, Charles Divins was absolutely horrible. I've seen better dramatic performances from the kids in the Oscar Meyer commercials. Trust me, had I just found out the love of my life was my sibling, I wouldn't stand around looking confused and muttering. I mean Chad got the best possible news and the worst possible news he could get in a span of two minutes. And with Whitney's hysterics, it had to have sunk in by now. Yeah there he stands, like a wooden fence.

Gwen demands to know who the father of Theresa's other baby is and Theresa tells her it's Ethan. I was waiting for a bedpan to mysteriously appear, but it never did. Theresa then lies and says that she hasn't had sex with anyone since the implantation and that both of the twins belong to Gwen and Ethan. And I believe it was two maybe three weeks ago I said Ethan wouldn't rat Theresa out for the rape. Was I right or was I right? And Emily I totally agree with your viewpoint that Theresa can finally be the bigger person, give Gwen her babies, take EM, and end the cycle of hatred that is ongoing between Gwen and Theresa. But she won't do it because she has to win a battle SHE started.

Last week I asked the readers of this column a question about how T.C. and Eve met. Boy did y'all answer it. I received more emails by Tuesday than I ever had received in any previous weeks. Thanks to everyone who wrote in, and rest assured that even though you may or may not get mentioned in this column, each and every one the emails I receive I read. TJ, most of the answers said that years after his accident, T.C. put his hand through a glass and Eve was either the doctor or med student that stitched it up and that is how they met.

Some Random Thoughts:

Was it just me or was Marty and Kathy's remembrance of their plastic surgery a bad take off of Nip/Tuck (my absolute favorite show)? Oh I would have loved a guest spot from Dr.'s McNamara and Troy. And seeing Christian worm his way through the women of Harmony would've been a hoot.

Isn't it amazing how Alistair had video cameras in the jungle pit, where he watched Sheridan and Kathy get bitten by snakes, but he never noticed Luis dressed as an old man and stealing his precious disks. I personally would feel better if the writers would say Alistair knew what was going on and let Luis go so he could torture him.

Was anyone else waiting for Marty, Kathy, Luis, Sheridan, and Paloma to run into Hope, Patrick, Jennifer, Marlena, Roman, and Abe from Days of our Lives? It is the exact same jungle set except the fact that Passions turns the lights on in the studio when they are filming.

I got a lot of emails this week concerning Beth and Sheridan's baby. Kelli McCarty has been taken off contract, which makes no sense as she was embroiled in a front burner storyline. It's very unusual for a villain to basically be let go from a show, especially before her secrets are exposed.

I also got a lot of emails concerning the recasts of Theresa and Fox. All of you hate both of them, except for Sarah who agrees with me that Theresa is okay. I don't care for the Fox recast, he's too wooden. Can't wait for Lindsay and Justin to come back. It's also a shame that summer is almost over and it'll probably be next year before we see the yummy Justin shirtless again. Unless he and Whitney get it on soon.

As far as whether or not the writers read my column, Mindi, I have no clue. But if they do, I am almost positive that they aren't always happy with what I have to say.

Good luck to my LSU Tigers. After last week's game, you need it. Also, good luck to Kasey Kahne for making into the top ten. Now stay there Kasey and go win your first championship.

Until next week friends,

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