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How dense is T.C.? Just as he is on the verge of taking Eve back, Liz spews her venom about Eve being the driver of the car that hit T.C. on the night of his accident, which supposedly caused his father to die of a broken heart.

By show of hands, who else was sickened by all the references to Chad and Whitney sleeping together (and getting pregnant) this week? It seems almost as if the writers went overboard. Every thing that came out of Fox and Julian's mouth was concerning the brother/sister duo doing the horizontal tango. And poor Whitney, in order to rub it in Fox's face was all over Chad. It was really sickening to watch. This is one secret that went on way too long. I loved Kay deciding to change Chad's paternity for Simone. The plan was evil and twisted, and oddly enough, TRUE. I can't wait for that secret to come out to see what Simone says to Whitney.

How dense is T.C.? I'm pretty sure I don't have to ask this question, but it almost seems I have to. How can he not see what the frog (Liz) is all about? Just as he is on the verge of taking Eve back, the frog spews her venom about Eve being the driver of the car that hit T.C. the night of his accident and "caused his father to die of a broken heart." First of all, no one ever died of a broken heart. I've had several and I'm still kicking. Second, Eve denies it, Julian shows up and denies Eve was driving, and yet there T.C. is, believing the frog. How can he be so willing one minute to forgive and forget, and not even question what the truth is the next? And then he had to practically kick the frog out of his house before she'd leave, but then the dummy turns around and asks her to stay. And for someone who is so damaged from the abuse her sister left her to deal with, she sure got over it fast and wants to make happy with T.C. She couldn't love Antonio, but T.C. is apparently a different story. One thing about the frog, she seems attracted to men with no brains.

T.J. wrote to me this week and asked me a very interesting question. Supposedly T.C. met Eve at the hospital the night of his accident. I don't remember if this was from "Hidden Passions" or was said on the show, but this rings a bell with me also. TJ wonders how Eve hit T.C. and then met him at the hospital, and how she sobered up so quickly. Any one out there that can clear this up for both me and TJ?

Sheridan about worked my last nerve this week. I hope she rots in that pit with Kathy. I was wondering why they were moving around that jungle and there were no snakes. Apparently because they are all hoarded in that pit. And apparently snakes only stay to one side of a pit. I've never been to a jungle in Mexico, so I'm not going to argue on that count. Down here in Louisiana, our snakes aren't as bonded I guess, and so they roam freely throughout the land and usually don't favor one side of something over the other. Of course I don't spend my time observing them either. I am not a fan of snakes at all.

And all that moaning and crying over losing Luis. I couldn't buy in to this knowing he is alive. I mean all we saw was a shoe. And she is pushing and pulling on that huge bolder that even Superman would have trouble lifting and we are supposed to believe she is trying to get to Luis. Why wasn't she moving some of the smaller rocks around the bottom, and then have her, Marty, and Kathy all try to move the huge bolder.

Gwen, poor Gwen. She finally has the life she wants and it's all ruined when Eve confirms that Theresa is preggers by two different men. Little do they know that not only is there a who's the daddy storyline brewing here, there's a who's the mommy story here too. I personally hope Gwen gets her baby and leaves Ethan to deal with his rape alone, because we all know he isn't going to turn on St. Theresa.

Other than TJ's email, every other one I receive this week concerned last week's column. And oddly enough, I swear, everyone agreed with me. No one understands why Theresa is the "saint" she is made out to be when she is anything but.

Highest point of the week: No Luis. Secrets are coming out at a record pace.

Lowest point of the week: Sheridan's crying. Whitney and Chad. The frog and T.C.

Until next week friends,

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