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Last week, Holden finally stood up for himself. He told Lily that the world does not revolve around her, which was long overdue. Lily has always held Holden at bay while she went off to do whatever she felt like doing.
Most of the couples these days in Oakdale are in major trouble and then there is Barbara Ryan creating major havoc once again. I always enjoy this show but as always things could be fine-tuned just a bit.

Jack and Carly
I am a major fan of Jack and Carly and for some reason even with amnesia, I don't believe that Jack would be so eager to get involved with this new woman. Why is this Julia person so willing to get involved with a man she knows from seeing his wedding band that he has a wife somewhere else? I can see that the name Julia and JJ have some recognition for him but she can push him away. I want Jack and Carly to find their way back to each other. Parker seems to be the only person who has the right idea.
However, some of things that have happened here are so farfetched: Carly calling the psychic, Parker putting the picture in the bottle and JJ finding it in such a short period of time. If Julia sees this picture and remembers meeting Carly, will she help Jack find his family now that there are getting closer?

Barbara is off her rocker once again trying to get to the other child of hers that wants to see her. Barbara is great during her wackiness which makes her so much fun to watch. Hal is so determined to get Barbara he doesn't see his own marriage is in serious trouble. Barbara helped things along by holding Chris and Emily hostage, tying them up face to face and leaving them alone. These two cannot resist each other because of their unfinished business. Chris does need to drop Allison pronto and get himself a woman.
Speaking of Hal, is he a bit too self-righteous? The way he spoke to Carly while she is still in mourning was so uncalled for. Then to add insult to injury, he compared her to Barbara, Carly is a good mother but not the type of control freak mother that Barbara is.

Lily and Holden
Holden has finally stood up for himself. He told Lily that the world does not revolve around her and that was long overdue. Lily has always held Holden at bay while she went off to do whatever she felt like she needed to: Simon -after the island, finding Rose and then her death, cozying up to Dusty then just recently becoming Craig's savior. Holden was right by saying that Molly was there for him when she wasn't and while he is mourning his best friend and cousin, she is off doing her own thing again. I am so glad he told her that she had to be more attentive to him if she had any hope of saying their marriage.

Dusty and Lucy
I really like these two together. Please, please I hope Dusty does not get involved in any of his money making schemes and ruin things between them. Craig is banking on the fact that Dusty will resort to his old ways. Lucy does not act like she just graduated from high school.
Finally, I am sorry to see Real Andrews (Walker Daniels) leave because he was never really given a story of his own. I am not sorry to see the character of Doc Reese and soon-to-go Nikki Munson leave: Doc was too arrogant and over the top and this characterization of Nikki just didn't fit.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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