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That she did, Kendall possessed the 'killer' card and was excited to know Ryan was the 'victim' in the very bizarre murder game Zach Slater devised.

That she did, Kendall possessed the "killer" card and was excited to know Ryan was the "victim" in the very bizarre murder game Zach Slater devised. I think this was one fundraiser these high rollers won't forget. I was in awe how complex Zach's (a.k.a Alex Cambias Jr) scheme was. He not only set all the invitees up with cards describing themselves, but also is able to watch them on surveillance camera as they deal with their personal issues unaware they are being watched. He also has built a casino/hotel ala Donald Trump style, recreated his casita with Maria from five years ago, got to know all the parties he feels were responsible for Michael Cambias' death (on the one year anniversary), and master minded a sophisticated game in record time. He was finally able to tell the love of his life who he was and why he felt someone had to pay for his brother's death. I must admit those were some powerful scenes as he had a mini-meltdown and Maria tried to comprehend where he was coming from. Ironically, I had always thought it was not true to character and a bit crazy that Bianca Montgomery was the murderess. Thus, I felt ripped off when they went that direction. Wouldn't it be insane if the true murderer were someone else? We had so many theories back then and now there is a new twist and chance to decide if it is Kendall or ???? I think Kendall's motivation at this point was to get back at Ryan and Greenlee. Obviously she had no idea there were real bullets in that gun, was that the actual gun that was to be found or was Ethan behind it? I would love to hear what you all think as you come up with the best theories and ideas!!!

Speaking of Kendall, there has been lots of feedback about how her character has changed from a softer person back to over-the-top. I know a lot of viewers have felt I have been disloyal to the Ryan/Kendall pairing, but it is largely because of just how unappealing they have made her. She gets so vindictive, cocky, and predictable. I would have preferred they matched this popular trio up with other partners. I didn't feel Ryan should be so forgiving of Greenlee's past deeds and unbending when it came to Kendall. If he truly loved her, he would find it in his heart to forgive and forget. He told Greenlee that she was the first he has felt this way about when he professed his new undying love. HELLO, I was there when he was married to Gillian. I was there when he claimed he loved Kendall more than life itself. Either he is incredibly fickle or he is deluding himself. Either way, it is no fun for us die-hard fans who just want a happy ending. We had two consummations and one-almost recently. Maria and Edmund finally made love in spite of his handicap. Erica and Jack made love after surviving 16 years of ups and downs and realizing they only want to be with each other. Ryan and Greenlee ALMOST consummated their marriage as they tore up their pre-nuptial but were interrupted with the "game." Ryan had officially proposed to her and they were looking forward to having a REAL marriage.

Mary's choice for Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Sally who feels as we do about Kendall's change, she shares: 'Kendall had become such an interesting and complex character through the whole Michael Cambias/Bianca/Erica trial timeframe. Now they have written her back into the uninteresting, one-dimensional character she used to be. It's almost as though the last year didn't happen and she's exactly the same as before she had her mother and sister's love. It must be difficult for Alicia Minshew to lose all the depth they had added especially since she's such a good actress. I hope they introduce some of the humanity that Kendall used to have." I couldn't agree more!!!!

Meanwhile, Dr. Death has used this psychological game to play one of his own. He also uses his medical technology to zap Adam Chandler and then locks him in a large crate to be carted off to an unknown destination. It was bizarre behavior but true-to-form for David, especially now that he has a daughter to protect. Adam and JR do deserve a humbling experience for their recent acts, but who would have ever thought such extreme measures would have been taken. Krystal was already taunting JR like the mother-in-law from Hell and Jamie remains by Babe's side (literally) to keep the married couple apart until "Bess" is returned. Melissa, a David Hayward fan, wrote and said how she was laughing over the doctor reciting Dr. Seuss, "Do you want Adam in a box, do you want Adam with a fox?" She also feels Alex Jr. needs to do some more research on his brother. He knows everything about everyone but Michael, did he miss all the articles about HIM? Melissa, I guess love is blind. It appears these two brothers were VERY close and a team as youths. They devised an elaborate cover-up for Alex Jr to "die" so he could escape the Cambias Empire and being first-born. Now he is trying to deal with his beloved brother's death. He is convinced Bianca is too caring and unable to commit murder and needs to find out who was capable and allowed her to take the fall.

The past week was mostly about this fundraiser and all the interaction thereof. Aidan continues to investigate Zach and Ethan. He has found that Zach died 10 years prior (was Michael's roommate) but still not a lot on Ethan Ramsey. Will he be Alex's son? JR rejects Tad as he claimed to only need the love of his real father. Tad is looking for Bess. Ethan bonded with Bianca and even asked her for a date only to find out she is gay. He later rescued Kendall from a suicidal drowning; she had heard voices and followed them out into the water. Once she was saved, changed, and back in control, she was ready to WIN. Greenlee begged Bianca and Erica to save Kendall from herself. They blamed Greens for the way Kendall is, but later admitted she has spun out of control. Whew, there is a lot going on and a whole lot more questions to be answered. Hidden agendas for Ethan and Jonathan. Zach might have something when he says they all need to rip off the masks they have been hiding behind!!!

I hope this finds you enjoying the end of summer and your Labor Day Weekend. My prayers are with the Florida residents (including quite a few fans I am in contact with on a regular basis) during this horrendous hurricane season. May you all stay safe and keep me posted as to your welfare. My deepest sympathy to a very dear, old friend in Seattle who recently lost her mother. We have joined the ranks with other close friends as having lost both parents at this stage of life. It is very difficult and I appeal to all of you out there to cherish your parents, children, and loved ones to make the best of the time you have together. Also, Mary (my co-columnist for Two Scoops) just lost her yellow Lab after they rushed her to the emergency room on Friday. The cause of death is unknown until an autopsy is done, but she is saddened with the loss of her "sweet angel." We all know how much she loves her pets and rescuing animals, so please let her know she is in your thoughts.


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