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I really loved Edmund and Maria being together again. They reminded me of old times which are so missed. Granted Maria and Zach are a good looking couple but so are Maria and Edmund. Wouldn't it be nice if true love won out and Edmund and Maria ended up together for a very long time?

I really loved Edmund and Maria being together again. They reminded me of old times which are so missed. Granted Maria and Zach are a good looking couple but so are Maria and Edmund. Wouldn't it be nice if true love won out and Edmund and Maria ended up together for a very long time? Zach is still somewhat of a seedy, shifty character.

Reggie and Danielle appear to be coming together as a couple. Danielle has toned down her spoiled brat act and is easier to swallow. Thankfully Derek isn't being so nasty anymore. Perhaps Derek will learn to really like Reggie and see him as a person instead of a thug.

Babe and Bianca pretending to be a couple was truly unbelievable. Babe must need her head examined to presume anything JR would say is true. It's not like Babe was an innocent victim in all of this as she slept around and lied to JR many times. Now we have Bess/Miranda missing and Babe still not telling the truth about the baby. Again, AMC has taken a storyline way past its limits. They continually drag "dramas" out. This story is boring and cruel. Get on with it. Adam was in true Adam form this week. I just love David Canary. He is one fine actor. I understand he'll be gone for a while as he goes on vacation every year around this time. Wonder what Adam will be doing during that time?

Krystal and Tad are attempting to be a couple but that won't last once the secret comes out. This leaves Krystal with the potential to pair up with David. Oh, let me just go throw up somewhere. David needs to come to his senses and find someone outside of Pine Valley since TPTB won't put him and Brooke together.

Anita and Aidan bumped into each other a couple of times again. There is NO chemistry with this couple. Unfortunately, Anita is just plain dull. I wonder why she's in PV.

Jamie's hospital break was pathetic. Maggie a widow? Where is the security at PV Hospital? I know if I were to need medical attention there, I'd ask David to fix me up somewhere far, far away --- maybe a little R&R in his loft!!! Speaking of Maggie --- could there be a Maggie/Jonathan pairing in the near future?

Suellen's Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Robyn: "I have to agree with you about the whole Bobby/Greenlee kiss. It is frustrating why TPTB went down that road. Why couldn't they have had Erica give Bobby the money to pay back Kendall - rather than have him cheat on his wife when they are just back together? It makes sense especially when they have made Erica extremely aware of Kendall's obsessive and destructive behavior regarding Ryan. Also, given Erica's knowledge that Kendall is involving Bobby somehow, and her own past relationship with Bobby in Vegas, it would have been fitting to have Erica secretly intervene and give Bobby the money so Kendall couldn't hold that over his head. Even better if Bobby could have had a heart to heart with Erica and told her everything, i.e. the pictures Kendall had on him too. Erica could have destroyed those as well, so Kendall wouldn't have had any ammunition to use against Ryan and Greenlee."

Kendall has been vilified long enough. She appears to be unstable at the moment. This reminds me of when they took Laura over the edge. Even Erica is acting sensibly and giving Kendall good advice. No one is that stupid to try again and again to only be rejected by Ryan. Give it up, move on and let him wallow with Greenlee. That won't last long and I must say Ryan deserves Greenlee and all her baggage. Another thing I could do without is Bachelor Bob (Greenlee's real life husband) giving AMC updates. I seriously doubt he has any knowledge of the show or its history. Just grab on to your wife's coattails and hang on.

James and Babe could soon be a couple. I know one thing James' face is much too good looking to go covering it up with facial hair of any kind. I don't get why James would be interested in Babe. She's so untrustworthy plus having that Krystal as a mother makes it even worse.

Zach is interested in the whole of Pine Valley and it does indeed appear that he'll be Michael's "dead" brother. What will the residents of PV think of him then? I have my doubts that Ethan will be Zach's son and Cambias heir as so many suspect. I still see Ethan related to Aidan as I predicted before. Time will tell.

It's official Marcy Walker (Liza) is out and I wonder what's up with the higher ups. Marcy is a fine actress and should have been front burner. Why AMC is casting history to the side while frequently bringing on new characters? Hope everyone has a nice week.

Mary Page
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