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Poor Gus! Although he's not totally off the hook for his part in the wedding fiasco, it was Phillip's double-breasted suit that should have been pelted with eggs and tomatoes last week.

Poor Gus!! Although he's not totally off the hook for his part in the wedding fiasco, it was Phillip's double-breasted suit that should have been pelted with eggs and tomatoes on Friday!

While I am thrilled with the really strong performances of late (Beth Ehlers really needs to work on her Emmy reel pretty soon!!) I want to scream that there is little romance in Springfield these days. And even though Edmund and Cassie shared a little "quality time" together this week - you just know that Edmund just wanted to prove that Cassie really was "his" (so macho, makes me want to smack him even more than usual!).

I find a huge sense of irony that Phillip - not a Spaulding by birth - is giving Gus - who is a Spaulding by birth - a hard time about his loyalty. Perhaps the golden boy is a little jealous of "Mr. Gus" who doesn't have to toe the company line to make Dad Alan proud - and he was pretty good (until recently) at making Harley happy - something else Phillip failed miserably at. Of course, I heard from Soap Central reader Billie who thinks that Phillip might not be totally healed from his trip to the hospital earlier this year. Perhaps you have a point. I guess that might make me feel a little better about him - but I'd still like to throw an egg at him!! ; ) Gerri agrees that he needs more treatments to come out a little nicer to his fellow Springfield citizens!!

And Missy brings up a very good point. For those newer viewers, Company is not the first establishment run by the Cooper clan. Their diner, which Buzz does mention (and did again this week) burned about a decade ago (I am guessing at the timeline) and he took over Company from the Reardon family (which sadly is all off-canvas these days). I would love to see a Reardon or two return to Springfield to team up with the Coopers to bring down the Spaudlings. After all - Chelsea Reardon was once linked with Phillip, too - between times he was with Beth.

And Ron points out that there is still one Cooper/Spaulding connection. Lucy and Alan-Michael are still married (as far as we know). Yet no one mentions them. Buzz is in the hospital - no one calls all of his kids? Rocky will join the cast soon, but hasn't been mentioned too recently.

Clara also reminds me that Phillip used to be a bad guy many years ago - when he was married to India. I have to admit that I rarely think of John Bolger as Phillip (although he is a pretty good actor - it's that whole not getting used to recasts that I can't seem to get past). Of course, John looked pretty darn good to me and my best friend Kathy when he got in our elevator at a hotel, all sweaty from his workout.... A story for another day.... ; )

Glad to see that I am not the only fan who thinks GL missed the boat with the Cooper Greek heritage and the Olympics. Cyndy really felt that this could have been played up more as well. Just because CBS has such poor sports coverage that they can't broadcast the games doesn't mean that the show forgets that a whole family is pretty wrapped up (with good reason) in their Greek heritage. Come on, CBS!!

Barbara and I both are just dumbfounded that the mayor of Springfield (and a lawyer to boot) would put his career in jeopardy for his fugitive daughter. I'm pretty sure he's ethically bound to turn her in. But then, so was Gus with Auntie Alex. Pretty soon GL will be a soap based in prison!! ; )

These stories that really keep you guessing have me wondering about what to expect this fall. Reva is supposed to get a new big story, presumably centered around the fact that Sandy isn't really Jonathan. But what will come of the Coopers vs the Spauldings? And who didn't think that Bill and Olivia could crash the Spaulding board meeting with his mother (Vanessa)'s stock in the company she once ran? I think that I'd welcome a return from Maeve Kincade even more than I did her daughter Dinah. Let's just hope Dinah and Lizzie don't meet - that little brat does not need any help at all.

And the whole Tony/Michelle/Danny storyline has some fans seeing red. Claudia writes that she is "sick of the Michelle amnesia story. I don't like the pairing with Tony. They have absolutely no chemistry together and I wish Danny would just once kick her to the curb with her sarcasm total disregard for him and their child." While I like the spunkiness in Michelle, she and Tony make watching GL in bed a bad thing - I usually doze off. Gotta get that VCR in my family room fixed soon so I can watch vertically!!

The showdown this week between Dinah and Cassie seems to have been a long time in coming. Patrick writes that Gina Tognini is the "best Dinah by far" and can't wait for the showdown. Personally I still prefer Wendy Moniz, but then I am always slow to warm to recasts. I've never hated someone as much as Dinah hates Cassie, but I think I would have shown up face to face a lot sooner!! But that's just me.

Thanks for all of the great comments this week!! I'm sure that there is a lot to talk about next week as well - just check out those spoilers! Hope everyone is enjoying their last little bit of summer!! Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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