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Dinah's return has not been living up to expectations. How much farther can this story go? As it stands, the Springfield jail will soon hold all of her relatives who have given aid to her.

A wintery blast ripped through Springfield this week as Phillip Spaulding unleashed a torrent of cold air and evil thoughts on his former in-laws, the Coopers. And the whole, bizarre scene got my little brain spinning.

I often try to remind fans that soaps, like any other show, is a business. While they aren't money makers, they do allow the shows to charge money for ads based on their good (or not-so-good) ratings.

But I have to wonder why GL is doing what I always accuse them of doing once again - writing a character in a corner. A corner so tight that there seems to be only one way out - murder. Every non-Spaulding in town (well, except Rick) will end up hating the new, greasy haired Prince of Darkness. So when someone, anyone, reaches their breaking point, Phillip could find himself on the wrong end of a gun, or knife, or in front of a fast moving car. You name it, and I'm sure there are people in Springfield just itching to do in the former fair-haired wonderboy of Springfield.

So does all of this hate spewing from Sir Phillip mean that GL wants to get rid of the character? A little (pardon the pun) character assassination goes a long way but I have to wonder what light could be at the end of this tunnel. Are we looking at another Ben Reade situation again? Taking a fan favorite (heck, one of MY favorite) characters and making him so un-likeable, so completely disgusting that you could see fans helping to design his demise.

Sure, I think GL is in dire need of a real villain - we haven't had a really great one since Roger Thorpe and the show needs someone to be the heavy for Springfield. But even Roger, my favorite GL character of all time, had some redeeming qualities. Phillip might be a good father, but since Lizzie and her antics makes most of us want to scream, I can't even say that fatherhood is a plus.

While I make no secret of being a huge Grant Aleksander fan, I have to wonder what GL is up to with this story. I'd love to see him go toe to toe with the fabulous Justin Deas (Buzz) who has been in back burner Siberia for too long, I am a little concerned.

Hopefully I am wrong, but this whole Hatfield's and McCoy's story could be the story that makes GL return to its former glory, or the story that seals our fate. All of our faith has to be rested in a brand new (again) head writer and a fairly new regime. Talk about a leap of faith...

Now while I am still concerned about the fate of Phillip, there are some really great performances going on (including his - I wanted to bonk him at Company for being such a jerk). I really like the fact that more of the cast is involved in the show is also a great treat. But I can't believe that real estate professionals haven't bombarded me with emails about Blake's new "job." One of my best friend's mother is a real estate agent and you can't just "poof" get a license to sell real estate. While I love to see Blake any time, any place, this was a little gaff that made me shake my head.

And while I enjoy the "new" Michelle, I have to admit that the sizzle expected between Tony and Michelle is all fizzle. I find myself cringing at their scenes together. I know it takes awhile to really connect with another actor, this connection seems forced somehow. Give them time to work together before you pair them up, if that is the direction you are heading. This "new" Tony is a little too rough around the edges for me - but I can see the battle with cousin Danny as a real showdown this fall.

I have to admit, too, that the whole "return of Dinah" has not been all that I had hoped, either. How much farther can this story go? As it stands, the Springfield Jail will hold all of her relatives who have gave aid to this fugitive - unless like Gus and Alan, they somehow get the police to forget they committed a crime.

But the story I can't wait to see is how the whole town really gangs up on the Spauldings - they sure have it coming!! Let's hope this story really brings GL back into the higher ratings that will make many fans - including this one - breathe a little easier about our fate.

On a personal note, I am nearly caught up on my emails and am still trying to whittle down the 1,000 photos I really took on vacation to share some of my memories with you all. Hopefully in the next week or so I'll have them ready to share. Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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