Death and despair in Oakdale

by Reggie Jackson

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August 23, 2004 columns
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The death toll in Oakdale in the last few weeks has risen but two of these deaths are not really deaths but plot devices to keep other characters in tears. I, personally, would hate to think someone close to me was dead when in actuality they were off suffering from amnesia or kidnapped by a madman.

Craig's Kidnapping Plot
I wonder how Craig is going to come out of this one now that Sierra is suspicious of him and has given Dusty the green light to find real proof of Craig's misdeeds. I know Craig has down some despicable things in the past but murder just seems a bit out of character. I remember years ago when Craig almost killed Dusty when he ran him down and tried to cover it up so Sierra would not find out. At that time, Dusty and Craig were close - as a matter of fact, Craig was like a big brother to him when he was in love with Lily. In his current caper, Craig is involved in three deaths that included framing Sierra's new husband. Lucy will not be his supportive daughter once she finds out about this.
In addition to all of his scheming, he bamboozled Lily, who is always an easy mark. Lily got so involved with taking care of and defending, she lost sight of her marriage. While she was away with Craig, Holden was standing by Molly and all of this led to that kiss this week. I don't know if it's a good thing that Molly is leaving town or not, I sort of want to see Holden explore something away from Lily for a bit. Lily and Holden are not the supercouple they used to be. It's time for Holden to have his own limelight.

Paul's Botched Plan for James
Paul should have known that he could never outsmart this father; because of his brilliant plan, Rosanna and Jordan have lost their son. James could have been controlled but now he is on the loose and has Cabot - who knows when they will see Cabot again?
The scenes with James and Paul in the cabin were vintage James Stenbeck. I really like having James in Oakdale stirring things up. I know he comes and goes so I am sure we have not seen the last of him no matter what he says. He also left Barbara in hot water but as we all know, Barbara is another one who can get herself out of any scrape.

Jack's Amnesia
The one thing I am very happy about in this storyline is that Julia Laramie told him the truth and she is not Julia Lindsey. So now she and Jack can get to know each other while he starts to remember his family. It was a little hokey to do that "Message in a Bottle" thing that Parker has done.
I have said this before, unfortunately, Carly and Jack are great when they are separated trying to find their way back to each other. I just want Carly to believe that Jack is still alive so she will not become involved with anyone else as she waits for Jack to return.

Jessica's Miscarriage
I said a few weeks ago that the best way to fix this story was to make the baby Ben's and get Doc out of town. I hate it didn't turn out quite that way and Ben is hurt again by Jessica because of her infidelity. Ben Harris has more rotten luck in romance than any of the woman in Oakdale. So this Doc thing has ruined two marriages; it would have been more interesting if this Doc guy was more likeable.
Finally, how stupid to have Chris and Emily almost do the deed in the open in a mattress store. These two are committed to others, this is the second time that they have been public in their attraction to each other - have either one of them heard of discretion?
I am so rooting for the Lucy and Dusty romance to take off - they are great for each other. Lucy has matured so much which makes Dusty a better match than Aaron and Paul were.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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