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JR and Adam have been caught by David. There Adam is stuck in some box somewhere and JR is tied up at Oak Haven. Literally tied up in a straitjacket! This plot is so beyond entertaining and out there.

JR and Adam have been caught by David. There Adam is stuck in some box somewhere and JR is tied up at Oak Haven. Literally tied up in a straitjacket! This plot is so beyond entertaining and out there. We have Derek and Livia showing up and ignoring that JR is being held against his will. They would both be out their jobs, etc. to be part of all of this. It's just ridiculous and totally unbelievable. Now JR has been arrested and Adam is still MIA. Even though I love David I don't condone his actions nor do I understand how he thinks he can get away with Adam's disappearance.

Since Babe goes to the church so often how is it that she doesn't know her way back to Pine Valley? Babe is caught in another storm and is now in Llanview and face to face with her boy. It's just a matter of time before this plot is exposed. It can't be soon enough for me.

Tad's in love with Krystal now. This is a true disservice to Dixie's memory. Krystal and Babe continue to lie at every turn. They have been deceitful from day one and don't deserve anyone's sympathy. They need to be caught in their many lies.

Maria is caught between her love for Edmund and Zach. I can not believe she wouldn't have gone right out and told everyone that Zach had cameras everywhere and has seen everyone. This would include Adam's kidnapping which was caught on video. Why is it Zach didn't see who replaced the blanks with real bullets? Another as yet unsolved mystery.

There is no suspense when we all know Ryan won't die. McKelvin added his disbelief of this storyline when he shared with me "Ryan is shot in Atlantic City, New Jersey. You'd think that he'd be taken to a hospital in Atlantic City, New Jersey, but he is instead taken to a hospital in Pine Valley, Pennsylvania, a different city and state. He could have easily died in the time it took to get there, not that that would be a bad thing considering the way he's been treating Kendall. This made no sense. In real life, he would have been brought to the nearest hospital. I'm sure Atlantic City has at least one." Yes, I believe there is a hospital in Atlantic City too!

Kendall is caught in a tailspin and potential breakdown after shooting Ryan. I don't know why anyone would enjoy a murder "game." The parties in PV are much too bizarre for my tame taste. Erica and Bianca are standing by Kendall while Jackson continues to be supportive of Greenlee.

Suellen's Fan Spotlight of the week comes from a couple of fans that have similar predictions on the show: "Zach looks at a picture of Lena and sets Michael's condo on fire. Zach and Ethan send a reward to Michael's murderer. Ethan plots to take Lena away from Bianca after she reunites with her lover and Miranda. Maggie realizes she also has feelings for Lena. The center is now dedicated to Leora and Anna returns home." Lots of imagination there but I don't see Anna or Lena returning anytime in the near future.

I'd like to thank everyone for their kind emails, concerns and prayers for me this last week after my beautiful yellow lab died. She was only five years old. Her death was sudden and much unexpected. Preliminary autopsy results showed she had a hole in her stomach. They don't know why or how, but perhaps they'll know more in a couple of weeks. She was my "little girl" and will be missed so very much. Some of you probably remember that we adopted two boy dogs a little over a year ago from the pound. They are missing her too and we are all much better for having known her. She helped teach the others how to love and be loved. There is an empty place in my heart right now. Again, I appreciate all the support that you've shown me.

Mary Page
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