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September 20, 2004 columns
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This week it was new love or old love gone bad or old love resurrected - somehow it mostly about love. There seems to be a lot of love surrounding the residents of Oakdale these days.

Jack and Carly and Julia
I am having a hard time with Jack moving on so quickly with this Julia person. I know he was going to look for his family until those two guys remembered him from the pictures that psycho Julia showed them - now we know what happened to her. Hopefully she will come back anytime soon. Michael Park as Jack has so much chemistry with whomever he is paired with at the moment. I remember as much I wanted back with Carly, he and Julia #1 were good together for awhile. Even now he and Julia #2 share some chemistry but hurry and get him back home.
The scene where Carly was knocking on the door as Jack and Julia were about to make love and Jack went to the door; I knew it was too soon for Carly to find Jack but the direction of that scene was terrific. I was so hoping she would find Jack. This is going to be so messy once Carly finds him as close as he has gotten to Julia and JJ.

Is this wedding going to happen? I bet not. First of all, it is obvious that the bride and groom need to be with other people. Chris' feelings for Emily have come back hard and he has never really gotten over her. Quite frankly, Allison is just too young for him - he needs a woman like Emily. Allison needs to realize like Aaron did that she loves Aaron. She always turns to Aaron when something goes wrong she knows that Chris might get angry. She knows that she can depend on Aaron to see her through mostly anything.
This wedding is going to be a fiasco literally. So many things have gone wrong already in addition to the groom seeing the bride in her dress before the wedding - bad luck!

Dusty and Lucy
I certainly hope that Dusty does not ruin this with one of his dirty dealings. Lucy is really into this. I just wish she had not decided to do something for herself instead of putting all of her hope into this relationship with Dusty.
I like that Lucy and Aaron are friends and can talk about things honestly. From their scenes this week, it is obvious that they did not belong together as a couple.

Ben and Jessica
Ben has decided he wants a divorce and Jessica can't dispute the fact that it all her fault. Poor Ben, he is so unlucky in love. Now due to his current state, he is becoming dependent on pain pills, what pain is he trying to silence - the one in his hand or the one in his heart? I believe if he had been hurt by Jessica he would not be doing this pill thing.

Could Lucinda be finally seen first and center? Well this week she had an interesting interaction with Jordan Sinclair and they showed her in her office for the first time in many moons. Hopefully the tide of supporting others is over and she will get back to business tied in with some interesting personal entanglements as only Ms. Walsh can do.
There are some readers out there who have some interesting thoughts on some of the things currently happening in Oakdale like:
Fran - "I really like Julia and Jack together, I don't know for some reason I think they have better chemistry. But anyways I love Dusty and Lucy. I wish that things wouldn't get messed up with them too. Alison and Aaron are also another couple that I would love to see together too. Also, I'm not liking how Rosanna is treating Paul, obviously it's not the man's fault."
Jessica - "I have one big issue to talk about. POOR HENRY!!!!! Henry has never been lucky in love. It is no secret that he loves Katie and when it seems that he might finally have a new love interest, Nikki dashes his hopes and again it's over Mike. Henry is the funniest most interesting character on ATWT, why can't they write in a woman for him, of course she would have to be just as crazy and funny as he is."
Mary - "I just want to say again that I hope they are not letting the Nikki Munson character go. Friday's episode most of it was pretty grim except for Mike/Henry/Nikki/Jennifer strip poker incident. That was hilarious. I just think they ought to give her character a time to develop. She is rational and realistic and her interaction with Jennifer maybe an interesting combination."

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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