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Since we all know that Sandy isn't really Jonathan, why is it that psychic mom Reva still doesn't know? His aunt Olivia has even recognized Sandy as Jonathan and had conversations with him; wouldn't she know what he looked like?

After nearly three decades of watching soaps, I guess I've seen nearly everything. Love lost and found. Death, or presumed death and birth. Lies, deception and blackmail. Family ties that bind and those that break. And lots and lots of "love in the afternoon."

Once in awhile I do that one thing that really drives me crazy when my Mom does it - talk to the television. Like TPTB or the actors can really hear you. But at times, it does help to blow off a little steam and vent to thin air. That's what I found myself doing several times this week.

Let's see, first there was Lizzie. The little brat that makes me a fan of "time outs" and "go to your room til I tell you to come out." Of course, in her case, its take away the chauffeur or her platinum credit card for awhile. Let her see how the other half lives.

But what does Phillip do? The town Scrooge only shows his heart when his blackmailing daughter who tries to drug a guy into being with her, and trying to buy her friends (who thankfully are all smarter than that) asks for help in bailing her butt out of yet another jam of her own making. Lizzie reminds me of Veruca Salt from "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" (but, Daddy, I want a golden goose NOW) whose greed and childish petulance will only come to a bad end. Sure, "fix" it so Joey leaves Tammy for Lizzie. I'm sure he'll stick around once you make his life a living hell - not!! I keep waiting for something truly awful to happen to this character so I can stand and cheer!! And cousin Dinah thinks she's a brat? We'll at least she hasn't murdered her ex-lover (yet). (NOTE: For those who wondered how Dinah and Lizzie are cousins, remember that Phillip is, by birth, a Marler - his dad Justin is Ross' big brother).

And since we all know that Sandy isn't really Jonathan how can a psychic Mom Reva NOT know this? His Aunt Olivia has even recognized Sandy as Jonathan and had conversations with him - she wouldn't know what he looked like? I did have to applaud the line about Reva's kids all taking off on her and making her think about things. But of course, that was only to steer the topic away from the fact that he's NOT Jonathan!! Urgh!

Then there's the icing on the cake - Phillip's new assistant Ruth. How can anyone who has known Harley since she was (onscreen) about 17 years old and married to her for a few years NOT recognize her as Ruth? Sure, the wig is a different style and color and her more "mature" outfit (on GL that is one that doesn't show your midrift these days) make her look a little different. The nose extension does a little to make her look different, but, come ON - it's Harley! This, reportedly, is one of the storyline plot points that Grant Aleksander took issue with - of course he would recognize her. But the one high point of these scenes is that I get to see one of my favorite characters and delight in the day soon that will see Phillip come down off of his high horse.

Speaking of Grant Aleksander, there is a rumor out there that his departure from GL is just temporary and he'll return to Springfield after a hiatus (like DOOL did with the Salem Stalker). I have no confirmation of that, and don't expect to get any since it would spoil any plot the show had in mind. But after the reports I've seen in the press bad-mouthing Grant, I'd say those rumors are false. For those who have signed the petition to save Grant and get rid of MADD, thank you. I will be sending a printed version of it this week to the show. For those who still wish to add your comments, please do so at: For those who can't get the petition to work (I know at times I've had difficulty with it, especially when I am at home using AOL) I will add all of your comments to an addendum to the petition when I send it.

Hopefully I can spend the next week not talking so much to my tv set (it doesn't answer, in case you were wondering - Ravenwood doesn't need me as a patient). The performances have been great as usual, it's just the plots and the swiss cheese in them (think of the holes) that makes me want to scream. Beth Ehlers had better be firing up her DVD burner to send to the Emmy folks - I can see a nomination for her strong work this year!!!

Thanks to all of those who have responded to the petition and had questions and comments. I am still getting through all of them and really appreciate the feedback.

Until next week... Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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