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Jackson Montgomery and Erica Kane are married AT LAST. How appropriate for the yacht they sail off on to be alone AT LAST is named just that. I really enjoyed this very sentimental, simple but unique wedding at that resort in Florida. Erica made a wise decision and it proved to be very touching and special for her 10th (and hopefully, FINAL) wedding. You have to love Lily's sweet innocence and questions. I got the biggest kick out of the way she was protective and concerned about her father marrying a woman who had been married seven times already. She has fast become my favorite character on AMC as she interacts with her father, stepmother, stepbrother, Sam, Aidan, and recently Zach Slater. That was a very heartwarming scene with him as she made him see how he was dead wrong about so much in his life, especially regarding Ethan. We can all learn something from what she shared and have a lifejacket nearby!!!

Even though I haven't been on board Two Scoops for a month, I did want to make a few comments/observations about some special moments. I have watched AMC all 35 years, which explains why I would want to see Jack and Erica finally consummate their long-term relationship AND why it was very emotional to have Ruth Warrick as Phoebe pass away. Phoebe Wallingford was always very opinionated, meddlesome at best, and yet entertaining. She was VERY loyal to her loved ones but also made it difficult for them if she didn't approve of their choices in life. The writers were amazingly true to her character in all they did and the notes she wrote to the family members EXCEPT what they twisted for plot purposes with Jamie. That was over the top. Yes, she would/could chastise Jamie for being with Babe and all that entailed, but not put JR in charge or force them to go for all or nothing. Here Jamie had such a strong bond with her to the end was saddened by her death, and she pulled such an unforgivable act. I did enjoy all the flashbacks and seeing so many beloved characters return. I always enjoyed Benny Sago as her chauffeur/confidante and I remember how hard she was on Chuck choosing Donna (an ex-hooker) and Linc marrying Kelly (an ex-junkie). They both turned out to be good, loyal wives for these men. It was an emotional week for me then as I watched Phoebe's memorial service, the ending to Third Watch, and Dr Carter's exit on ER. The last two shows are long-time favorites of mine. As for the Kane/Montgomery wedding, it was particularly inspiring to hear the new merged families give their thoughts on gaining a new stepmother or father. Between the little speeches aforementioned and wedding vows by the couple, it was a very satisfying end and new beginning for the devoted J/E fans as the white doves were released overhead!!!

Mary's choice for Fan Spotlight of the Week came from Misha, who shares: "I loved the French maid's outfit. What a riot it was when Erica told Jack she thought they were past that aspect of their relationship. The crestfallen look on his face was priceless, better still was the look that registered when Erica went on to say that they didn't need clothes at ALL. Gotta love those two. I think they're going to be even more interesting and entertaining post-marriage. They have that kind of dynamic in their relationship." Yes, Misha, I couldn't agree more. The writers can really have fun writing for this super-couple and their children/grandchildren. They have a lot of rich history, strong bonds, and good survival skills. Great flashbacks of Travis Montgomery and also remembering when Erica married before and had the Kane Women stand together in front of the mirror. How I miss Mona Kane!!! The only strange part of it all was having the twin boys playing Miranda, still doing that. It was more obvious than ever that they are BOYS dressed in girls' clothes. Maybe since Bianca is out of the story now, they felt it wouldn't matter for one last time. Just so they don't decide to repeat this to avoid scarring the poor young actors.

Meanwhile, JR and Ryan are still full of anger/angst and sharing it with everyone around them. Any theories on who Ryan is seeing in that dark den Simone followed him to? As sympathetic I am to what Babe put JR through with Baby Adam, I don't enjoy his crude comments, name-calling, or cocky ways not only with Babe/Jamie but now with Ethan. He enjoys rubbing it in his face about his physical relationship with Kendall. Then he confronts Ryan in a bar (which JR seems to spend too much time in as a supposedly devoted father) and goes for the jugular with his evil comments. This is one time I would like to see JR suffer a little and discover humility, as he can't seem to keep his sharp tongue under control. He is conspiring with Amanda Dillon, which could start me on a real rant. I am shocked at the way Amanda turned out. Granted she had a mentally disturbed mother, but she was a very bright, lovely little girl. Trevor was a great father and she was very close to him and her brother, Tim. She flies into town on her broom to stir up trouble and take advantage of her two BFFs from school days. Where did that come from? Oh yeah, it's Teen Summer Story Time. I find the actress portraying this beloved character quite annoying, so forgive me if I tend to be negative or avoid mentioning her in the future. Tsk, tsk.

Bianca convinces Ethan to give it all up and follow his heart, which he eventually does. But in true soap opera style, he is too late.........Kendall has married his father Zach Slater. Ethan can forgive her for sleeping with JR Chandler but not for marrying Zach. Imagine how devastating that would be even if you know it is partially your fault for dragging your feet. Hopefully, Zach can convince Ethan to forgive, forget, and be with his ladylove. Greenlee is confronting her husband about having a vasectomy and his final word at week's end is that it is too late. I, personally, don't think he has gone through with the procedure. He had too many second thoughts and inner struggle due to his family history. He probably just said it because he was caught off guard and Kendall let out HIS secret. Jamie and Babe keep having one disaster or hurdle to overcome after another, but manage to keep their love alive. Will Amanda be able to entice Jamie into an affair? Hopefully not. David Hayward keeps one step ahead of Tad and Aidan as they try to uncover Diana Cole's true identity. They are also following the leads for Dixie's disappearance and/or death. This is a very hurtful ploy to get back at Tad and JR. I do feel badly for JR after the way he felt about his mother. We all know how much Tad loved Dixie, so won't be fun to watch if it all blows up on him. Two other characters truly lost and full of anger are Maddie and Sam Grey. They are still lashing out at Maria and I don't see them reacting as mature close to adulthood children anytime soon. I am just curious how they will write Eva La Rue out in the near future. Will she leave town without her children? Maybe have Julia return to be guardian?

A big thanks AGAIN to Mary for covering me two weeks ago. I had been out-of-town and had a lot on my plate falling way behind in viewing my AMC tapes. It has been good to catch up and be home again for the holiday weekend. I trust you are all having a safe, festive Memorial Day. Also, ten days ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with my soap buddies from Corona, CA again. They were in Las Vegas for a few days to take in Barry Manilow's show and successfully win on the slots (something that seems to escape us locals). Marge and Jack treated me to a wonderful dinner at their hotel and we were able to have a brief, but nice visit. They are an amazing couple and I always enjoy their company. They plan to return in July when we will have a mini-reunion with Bill and Julia (soap buddies who attended SSW West with us two years ago) and spend a whole weekend together. Life is good as I wear my Happy Face (mouth up)..........back in two weeks.


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