Garret needs to go DOWN

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Garret needs to go DOWN
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Danielle gets up the nerve to expose Garret as a pervert, but Mimi shrugs off Danielle's accusations and walks down the aisle anyway.

Danielle gets up the nerve to expose Garret as a pervert, but Mimi shrugs off Danielle's accusations and walks down the aisle anyway. I remember when Mimi was great, but she's just a shadow of her old self. It really is sad as Mimi hasn't known Garret long but chooses him over her own daughter. Don't you wonder why Danielle dropped her towel in front of Garret and why she didn't lock the bathroom door so he couldn't just barge in? There really was no mystery to the Dragon's identity as Garret was easy to guess. I received much mail about who should be the Dragon with so much imagination. Too bad the writers aren't tapping into that imagination. Here were some excellent choices for the Dragon: Lucy and Kathy wanted Mimi so her acting could be showcased, Dee would have cast Ethan so he could have a showdown with Zach over Julia, Jeannette and Vonnie preferred Del as the scoundrel, lots of folks including Susan saw Amanda as Amanda would show a little bit of intelligence before her demise, others wanted Dr Madden, many such as Rava, Janette and Eileen felt that Vanessa/Proteus should return from the "dead", Martha and quite a few of you said "who cares" and my fantasy Dragon pick --- that would be Maria as NO one would suspect Maria. It could have started when she was Maureen because she didn't know Julia, etc. at that time. Then after having her memory restored, she was too deep in and wanted all the power this gave her. This would allow a plausible reason for Sam to stay in PV. Anyone else wonder why Derek wasn't punching Garret out instead of Josh? Derek would be all over Garret after hearing of Garret's interest in Danielle.

Adam and Krystal get so drunk they end up married???? The writers have done it again gone against history as there is NO way Adam could ever be that drunk. He would NEVER forgive Krystal for her part of keeping Little Adam from JR. This marriage makes me ill. Krystal wants half of Adam's fortune? That sounds about right; she's never worked for anything but thinks money should be given to her. I'd think Adam could get Britney Spears' attorney to help out as he managed to take care of her 1st marriage in a matter of hours. David Canary's acting skills as Adam and Stuart can make most anyone look good and AMC is using this to prop up Krystal. Adam should be with Brooke that way 2 fine actors would illuminate the screen with talent.

Ryan decides he has to have Erin talk with Greenlee so he can listen in. Ryan's version of his past history appears to be seen through someone else's eyes as he professed Greenlee as the love of his life. He at least mentioned Gillian to Erin, but dismissed Kendall as just "a detour." I think I need something to settle my stomach. Thankfully Kendall told Greenlee to back off with trying to run her life. I really hate that the writers have ruined the Greenlee character. She's such a little whiner now compared to when she used to be a strong, conniving independent individual. Greenlee definitely doesn't need Ryan back in her life ---- ever. I'm not sure AMC needs the Lavery family at this point. Ryan is unbearable, Erin is fawning over Ryan's "heroship" and Jonathan still needs psychological help even with his brain tumor removed. In fact the whole family could use some mental assistance remember Ryan carried on conversations with a dead Jonathan not too long ago. Greenlee just can't keep her nose out of Kendall's business as she tells Zach to divorce Kendall. Kendall on the other hand gets Dr. Madden to impregnate her a day early. The nurse brings up Erica's history with Dr. Madden and I don't even want to think about this story unfolding.

Di won't help save Julia's life because she'd be endangering her own. Can't blame her there as why would Di care if Julia lives or dies! Di does go to Garret to plead for Julia's life but to no avail. Garret is one creepy guy. Great actor --- too bad he can't be long-term as he's already been written into the proverbial corner.

Idle ramblings --- Don't you wonder what kind of con man would be peddling health insurance in Canada considering they have National Health care due to their taxes being so high. No David or Brooke again..... Rants --- Now, Adam and Krystal got married in West VA - no residency is required and one can get a marriage license as soon as one applies, but there is a 3 day wait to get married after receiving the marriage license so Adam and Krystal could not have gotten married. Another reality check --- moonshine is illegal even in West Virginia --- there couldn't be a moonshine contest. Yes, it's just a Soap but ignoring all laws/facts is unbelievable.

SOD assigned grades to shows and gave McTavish an A- which makes me ask does an A mean "Atrocious" or "Appalling" since the ratings have sunk to all time lows under McTavish's reign?

I received so much mail on this topic so this week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week is from Gary who shares: "I think it's ridiculous the time and money being spent on Erica's show "New Beginnings." If the audience wants to see celebrities they can watch other shows - this is a Soap - give the audience stories, not a poor imitation of a celebrity chat show..........This is taking advantage of an audience that is getting tired of bad writing and losing favorite characters." Yes, I think "New Beginnings" is rather a bore and a bust. Can't the writers come up with something better for Erica? A point I've been meaning to discuss is how many new characters AMC continues to introduce. Most of them are unlikable and are thrust at us front burner. I hope AMC doesn't bring anyone else in anytime soon, backs off on the newbies that are there and integrates them in better with the veterans giving the audience time to appreciate them. Case in point, I receive much mail on Jamie and how people don't care for him. You know he should be a favorite as he's extremely attractive and could be very likable, but his unbelievable "wanting to be a doctor" has been rammed down our throats and now he appears to already be practicing medicine as soon as he gets Phoebe's money. This is absurd!!! Get back to the basics, let Jamie have some fun and I believe he and Babe could have definitely generated some on-screen heat if the story had been written properly.

I find the name Little Adam extremely annoying. What will they call this child as he grows up and is no longer Little? I remember when JR used to be Junior and didn't like that, so one would think JR wouldn't want his son called Little Adam. See you next time.


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