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Last week, Noah and Fancy were foolish enough to have sex on a public beach, and Alistair watched the whole thing. Now, he wants to kill Fancy, because Noah is beneath her...sound familiar?

Just as my life starts to return to some sense of normalcy, another bitch of a hurricane is toying with us. Every state along the Gulf Coast has been affected by a powerful hurricane this year; please keep the victims in your thoughts and prayers. As many of you know, Hurricane Katrina has kept me out of commission for the past three weeks. This week was the first week I got to see Passions in its entirety and the break from reality was well needed. However, I am a bit sad to see that I haven't really missed much in the last three weeks.

I attended Catholic school from kindergarten on and never once saw a nun dressed out in full wardrobe. Sure they wore their habits, but they dressed modestly in long skirts and grandmotherly type shirts. While searching for gas during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I said a prayer that God would let me find gas. I found a station, pulled up to the pump, and noticed that the other three cars around me were full of nuns, completely dressed out. I chuckled as I realized God has a sense of humor. But I about laughed my pants off when "sister" Whitney came bursting through the doors of the police station dressed out completely. I see this absurd storyline is still going strong.

All along I've stated Valerie is after something, and she has more than proved it. All this "being there" for Chad (a man in love with his own sister) was the first clue, but this week when she outright sabotaged Kay, she jumped in Alistair territory. And I loved Chad's advice to Kay to "start slow." I guess that's how he got to the top too.

Julian has figured out Rebecca is behind Eve's troubles. And now her troubles are even bigger as she has been jailed for attempting to flee the country. But in a bold attempt to free his lady love, Julian offers Rebecca the moon for a confession. And while she is mulling the offer, Eve is headed up the river.

I know that Alistair has not failed as a dastardly villain and raped Theresa. I cannot begin to express how vile and disgusting this storyline is. Rape is a very real and traumatic event for the victims, and for the writers to trivialize it irks me beyond words. I cannot feel sympathy for Theresa. She was warned and warned and warned that Alistair was looking for sex from her. I know she is naïve, but NO ONE is naïve enough to not realize this.

However, Gwen has evolved into a complete and total bitch. What kind of woman hears another woman being raped and walks away? I don't care if she raped your husband a year ago and she is your most vile and hated enemy. Gwen has stooped to a new low, and while the tabloid incident could've been forgiven, this can't be. And I wish that for just two seconds Gwen would stop and listen to her own words. She and Ethan have "TEMPORARY" custody of Jane. That doesn't mean Gwen is now Jane's mother, it means that for the time being, Jane is in her and Ethan's custody. You'd think with Ethan being this high profile lawyer he could explain this to her, but he enforces her absurd beliefs.

Rebecca and Gwen's downfall has got to become imminent. With all the horrible things they've done, and the things they keep doing, the situations are getting worse and worse. Building them up as bigger and bigger villains has got to aid them someway in falling hard.

Why are Noah and Fancy having sex on a public beach? Don't the Crane's have paparazzi follow them around everywhere? Alistair is disgusting. Who wants to watch their granddaughter have sex, and then kill her because Noah is beneath her? Sound familiar. I said weeks ago that Noah and Fancy were Luis and Sheridan all over again. I hate being right all the time. Oh who am I kidding, I love being right all the time!

And now that Alistair has set Noah up, Fancy is feeling his wrath. I did love when Alistair had Ivy shaking in her boots. But Alistair is pissing everyone in town off and it's only a matter of days before he meets his maker.

Jessica is a spoiled and whiny brat and I wish instead of pushing her all around, Spike would punch her in the mouth. Her whiny voice has got to go.

High Point of the Week:: Martin hauling Theresa out of the mansion, and calling her a brat to boot.

Low Point of the Week:: Alistair. He's just gross.

Some Random Thoughts:

Since Hurricane Katrina has impacted this column, and most people haven't written in for a while, this part of the column will resume next week.

Please keep Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita victims in your prayers.

Until next week friends,

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