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Why is Eve's decision to choose between Julian and T.C. so difficult? She should just take a page out of Ethan's book; marry the person whom you don't really love, then secretly carry on with your true love until they marry your worst enemy.

Why is Eve's decision to choose between Julian and T.C. so difficult? Has she not learned anything from Ethan? When you have two people fighting over you, marry the one you don't really love, and secretly carry on with the one you truly love until they marry your worst enemy. Also this way, the writers could carry on this story for another seven years.

How much do I love Rebecca? She is by far the biggest bitch on daytime TV. She used Julian's urgency to free Eve to trick him into staying married to her forever. Deep, deep, deep, down Rebecca really does love Julian and has the same fear the rest of us have. She doesn't want to end up alone. I also think that is why she insists Gwen stay married to that loser Ethan.

Apparently Jessica took Theresa shopping at her "slutwear" discount store for her wedding dress. I love Princess Diana, but her wedding dress was by far the tackiest thing I have ever seen, until now. Of course it fit the bride to a tee. And the music that played while Alistair was introducing Theresa sounded like funeral music. How befitting!

Was anyone the least bit shocked by Alistair's news? Everyone in town knew Theresa had taken up with him, so when he announced his new bride, why did everyone in town get a confused look on their face as to who it could be? Theresa proved she has no self-respect when she "married" Julian. Selling herself even further down the river to Alistair should not have come as a big shock.

The reactions everyone had to the news ranged from hilarious to downright "hell yeah." I loved Kay commenting on the grossness of the wedding night and Rebecca insisting Martin stop it so Theresa can't usurp her power. But Pilar slapping Theresa was by far the best moment throughout all this. One could only hope against hope that Pilar had slapped some sense into her.

Of course Ethan tries to defend Theresa. Gwen actually gave Ethan the chance to be the bigger man and stop this. Not for Theresa's best interests of course, but Gwen did say, "do whatever she wants to stop this." Ethan had a chance to run off with the woman he truly loves and be a family with their daughter, all with Gwen's permission. Of course Ethan just stands by and lets Theresa go through with this. And why all of a sudden is Theresa blabbering about FATE and DESTINY such foolishness for Ethan? She's been blabbering about if for seven years now.

I like that Fancy has decided to follow her heart and be with Noah rather than run and hide behind the Crane name. I'm sure that if she spent even one iota of a moment with Julian, he'd be extremely proud of her. Why is Noah worried about having a steady job? No one else in town works.

Is Jessica going to kill all her johns? Could Jessica please just fall off the face of the earth? It's like the writers need time to fill, so they stick her on with her whiny voice and defense of Spike. Get rid of her please and show us more Simone. Her storyline is far more interesting and I actually can stand to listen to her talk.

How much did I love Kay sticking it to Ivy. She truly has the mama hen over a barrel and I can't wait for them to share more scenes together.

High Point of the Week:: Tabitha commenting on Whitney's "Sister Act." That was too funny.

Low Point of the Week:: What is a global cell phone? In the midst of two hurricanes, have I missed something? Some Random Thoughts:

"I felt for Simone when she expressed her fear of T.C. finding out about her being a lesbian. I'm in the same boat as she is. See, I, too, am gay, and have a long-distance boyfriend with whom things are going surprisingly well. While I haven't told my parents, I know that my mother will be shocked, at first, but I know she'll eventually understand. Unfortunately, after having a leukemia-induced stroke that erased most of his memory and totally altered his personality, my father has become just like T.C. -- he'll blow up at the slightest thing. Finding out I'm gay will set him right off. So I don't know what to do. Not at all. Simone and I could really bond over this, I'll tell you that. This is why I'm rooting for this lesbian storyline to be a big success." Good luck, and remember, following your heart will never lead you down the wrong path.

"Alistair is such a yuck. Now he's after IVY, too? Take away this guy's Viagra, already. I like Fancy, but Noah is a total jerk. He wants to make money and help the family, then takes off in the middle of his first shift to have sex? Yup, that boy cares about his poor old dad." Thanks Mary Jane!

"I can't believe that Alistair wants to hurt and destroy the Lo Fitz Stupids but isn't marrying Terror being a little extreme? Why would Alistair want that 'little twit' (his words) in charge of his empire? Yes she's evil to the core but she is completely irrational. Terror shouldn't be in charge of feeding fish never mind a multi billion dollar company!!!" Thanks Katie!!

Quote of the week: "I've got to tell you I think this whole Katrina thing has brought out a little bitterness in you. This week's scoop was short direct and to the point. I like it! " Thanks Christina.

As a by note, I'd like to express my gratitude and thanks to all of you who sent well wishes and prayers to those of us affected by Hurricanes Kat-Rita. It means the world to me that there are people out there who care about those affected by natural disasters. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next week friends,

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