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Katie and her men
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Katie has three men who want her right now: Mike, B.J., and Henry. B.J. has come to Oakdale thanks to the meddlesome Maddie, and Katie has every right to be suspicious of him.

These couples along with Katie and all of her men are the ones who are keeping these moving right now in Oakdale. I am enjoying the happenings in Oakdale these days - the acting is top notch and the stories are okay too.

Watching these two working together against Paul is a joy to watch. Finally, the light has gone on and Craig is suspected of switching the babies. I know it is more interesting to watch it move along like it has but what about a simple DNA test on Rory to prove his parentage. Dusty is falling or has fallen for Jennifer and is willing to go to any length to show her that he believes her. Jennifer, on the other hand, needs to be given a break - she has been through so much lately. I do have one question: is she over the drug thing that quickly - no more craving or anything for the drugs?
I have to mention Paul and Emily because these two are going to be over so fast. What is going to happen to their newfound love when everybody finds out what they did by concealing the truth from Jennifer? I have to wonder if Paul is just admitting his love for Emily just to keep her under his thumb. Paul is not the perfect brother by allowing his sister to suffer such agony.

I guess we all know that they would find their way back to each other. As always, Lily is indecisive about something. She knows she made a mistake by getting involved with Keith. As a result of his shady dealings, Luke ended up being kidnapped. What was the point of this Mexican kidnapping plot anyway - the chance for Holden and Lily to sleep together? I certainly hope Luke has learned a valuable lesson from this near death experience.

I am somewhat surprised at Jack for covering for Carly - this seems so out of character for Jack to blatantly lie to Hal and let a suspect get away. I know he loves Carly and I feel this may come back to bite them later.
Isn't Iris a hoot? This lady is a keeper as she runs around Oakdale creating havoc. I am enjoying her but I don't believe her story about the baby dying. I believe her baby was a girl (Gwen) and she cooked up this death of her son because Ray wanted a boy so much. I believe that Gwen and Carly are half-sisters - look at the similarities between these two women. Carly hates Gwen because she sees so much of herself when she looks at Gwen. I like Gwen with Will and can't wait for them to admit their attraction to each other.

Katie has three men wanting her right now: Mike, BJ and Henry. BJ has come to Oakdale thanks to the meddlesome Maddie - I really like her. It's amazing how Kim keeps getting these partners at WOAK then they turn out to be something else. I like the fact that the action has moved to the TV studio so maybe we will be seeing more of Kim. Katie does ever right to be suspicious of BJ, like she said if it's too to be true, it probably is. Why would a rich businessman decide to take Katie's video and give her a show - I can't remember, did her video do well? This should be fun to see how this all plays out.
On the subject of Maddie, I can't wait for her and Casey to start liking each other. Maddie needs to be away from the adult drama and get involved with people he own age. She could easily whip stud Casey into somebody not so smug.
Finally, I believe that Meg will be the one to solve this whole Baby Mama drama but she will not get Dusty in the process. She is smart and is making all the right moves in getting answers.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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