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The end is near
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After a long, hot summer of manipulating those around him, Edmund's game is nearly up. With his departure, will Alan be the only bad boy left in Springfield? At least until Jonathan does something new and evil, that is.

After a long, hot summer of manipulating those around him, Edmund's game is nearly up. While some GL fans have been anxious for this story to finally get resolved, since it means that nearly every cast member involved in leaving, I have mixed feelings. While I am eager to see other stories unfold, the thought of losing so many characters I am familiar with worries me a bit.

Not that Edmund doesn't need a serious time out. He's been working hard to reach his goals - which you can admire. Just his method leaves a little bit to be desired. But this is when I really love David Andrew MacDonald, when he's at his bad boy best. With his departure, does this leave Alan as the only bad boy in Springfield? Or at least until Jonathan does something new and evil.

But with the mass exodus from Springfield is a rumor (stressing it's a rumor here, folks) that Grant Aleksander was seen at the studio recently. Grant did a directing gig on AMC when he was on there in the 90's, and this could likely be what this is all about. But a girl can hope that Phillip can make his way back to Springfield soon....

If Phillip comes back home, it would be interesting to see his ex-wife (once convicted of his "murder") in charge at Spaulding Enterprises. Not that I think she can't handle the task. From what I've seen of most Springfield residents, they don't work very much, but their businesses thrive.

This is an interesting time in GL history - with lots of unknown variables. Only time will tell how all of the changes in cast and crew (with the change of studios) will reflect on the show.

I do appreciate all of the emails I have received regarding the show. It's always good to hear what the fans are thinking about things. It seems that many of you share my concern about all of these changes, in so short of a time span, and what they mean for the show. I also encourage you to share your thoughts with CBS at [email protected] - they do read your emails (I've received a few responses). Please keep sharing your thoughts with them - it's the only way they know how we feel.

This week seems to be centered mostly on the Hope storyline, from nearly every angle the story has to offer. So for those who aren't fans of this story, hopefully (pardon the pun) next week there will be other stories to watch in Springfield. Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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