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There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Harmony in 2002, during the month of December.

As Brandi continues to try to return to some sort of normalcy in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we offer you an encore column from December 2002 -- that's right: 2002. This column took a look back at the year and looked ahead to 2003. Brandi wants to thank everyone for their continued support and friendship and wants to let you know that she will be back next week with a brand new column.

Hello all and welcome to the best and worst Passions had to offer this year. Best Triangle: Kay/Charity/Miguel Poor Kay. She's been in love with Miguel her whole life. Miguel also returned her feelings of affection until his eye caught sight of the beautiful Charity. Miguel fell head over heels for the blond beauty, and treasured every moment with her, while Kay seethed with jealousy. Finally Kay pulled the ultimate trick that will resonate for years to come. She froze Charity in a block of ice and hid her away in an abandoned cave. Then Kay created Zombie Charity in an effort to drive Miguel away from Charity and into her arms. Miguel knew something was wrong with his cherished Charity, but still hung on to hope that things would work out. Zombie Charity meanwhile decided she'd have her way with Miguel and then kill him. She created "Essence of Charity", a potion designed to make Miguel think she was the real Charity. Kay, in order to save him and make her fondest dream come true, stole the potion and then pounced on an unsuspecting Miguel. Miguel thought he had made love to the woman he loved, until Jessica burst in on them and ruined the surprise. Charity was saved from the block of ice, but almost died of heart failure, only to be saved by Timmy, who was also in love with our fair Charity. Miguel and Charity intended to wed, but at the ceremony, Kay fainted and learned she was preggers with Miguel's baby, thus halting the ceremony, and breaking Charity's heart. Worst Triangle: TIE Simone/Chad/Whitney & Antonio/Luis/Beth/Sheridan This is the triangle that really isn't. Chad and Whitney are madly in love with each other. Simone heard Chad mumble in an unconscious state that he loved her (he thought he was talking to Whit), and has believed ever since that Chad is her boyfriend. No one has enough guts to tell Simone any different, and we the viewers are left to suffer through this insipid chaos. On the other hand, the Lopez-Fitzgerald mess is just that, a mess. Sheridan had amnesia and fell in love with Antonio (a.k.a Brian O'Leary). Luis thought she was dead and rekindled the flame with Beth. Luis went to the cottage one last time and there is where he found his true love waiting for him. All her memories came flooding back and it seemed as though the lovebirds would be together once again. Not so fast. We find out Brian is really Luis' brother Antonio and he is dying. So Sheridan feels forced to stand by his side until he passes on to make things better. Luis meanwhile has had enough of her wishy washy attitude and has decided to marry Beth come hell or high water. Luis and Sheridan are going to end up together one way or another because Antonio and Beth were never any real threat to their love. That is why the triangle falls flat. Best Character Assassination: Beth Wallace Beth has always been around to run the Book Café and pine silently away for Luis. This year, with Sheridan's "death", Beth was there to help the love of her life through the most difficult of times. She never pushed Luis, and listened to him go on, and on and on and on about missing Sheridan. All that changed at Theresa's execution. This was one of our first inklings that Beth really is batty. Distraught over his sister's "death", Luis proposed to Beth, found out Sheridan was really alive, made love to her, then broke up with Beth all in the same day. On the outside, Beth has been seemingly sweet and supportive, but behind the curtain she is pulling all the strings. From manipulating Antonio to threatening to put her mother away for good (Shady Pines, Ma!) she knows just what to do to get what she wants, and nothing will stand in her way of becoming Mrs. Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. Worst Character Assassination: Grace Bennett Grace used to be the happy homemaker, famous for her Tomato Soup Cake (she even brought one to Theresa's "wake"). She was such the goody two-shoes, you couldn't help but root for her innocence. Now she is hypocritical and fickle. She loves Sam with all her heart, but can't help but be drawn to David. And new son John is far more important than her other children. Granted Ivy is pulling all the strings to get Sam back, including having David being Grace's "husband", but Grace runs hot and cold. One minute she loves Sam, the next, she's kissing David. She encourages Sam to have a relationship with Ethan, yet balks the minute they seem to get close. While it's not okay for Kay to be in love with Miguel, it's perfectly okay for her to have two men fighting over her. This is not the Grace we know and loved. Best Just Desserts: Ethan and Gwen Marry When Passions first aired, Ethan and Gwen were supposed to be the first couple to be married. Theresa saw to it that the plan never came to fruition. Well this year, Ethan and Gwen were the first couple to be married, and it was all thanks to Theresa. Sick of her lies and deceit, Ethan left Theresa in the cold. Secretly she tried to manipulate him into coming back to her, all the while he and Gwen were growing closer again. Trying to oust her as Mrs. Julian Crane, Rebecca doctored a videotape that showed Ethan actually shooting Julian. Theresa saw the tape, and as planned, confessed to the crime. Ethan tried to save her, but couldn't and Theresa was to be put to death. She was executed and Ethan felt incredibly guilty. It was later revealed to be a hoax to draw out a not so dead Julian, and Theresa confessed that she tried to save Ethan. Gwen gave up, knowing she'd never have Ethan's heart again. But yet the vixen kept lying and deceiving Ethan to the point where he wanted to be with Gwen. Theresa again risked her life to save Ethan when an elevator at Crane Industries malfunctioned. Ethan grappled with the decision as to which woman he wanted to marry, but Gwen was making it for him. She packed her bags and was leaving town. Theresa was ecstatic, until Gwen learned she was pregnant. Knowing Ethan really didn't love her, Gwen still planned on leaving. Ethan begged her to stay, and the two walked down the aisle, but not before Theresa pulled one last manipulation. She had Gwen learn, as she was walking down the aisle no less, that Ethan was planning to go to work at Crane Industries. Best Moment: Tabitha and Julian Have Sex!!! Yes, you read correct. Julian Crane and Tabitha Lennox had sex. Julian was hiding out after being "killed", scared that his killer was still looking for him. Timmy went on a magical journey for the demon's horn to save Charity and ran into a knife wielding Norma, who turned out to be Julian. The two of them headed back to Harmony, but not before taking an odd trip to the land of Oz. Once back in Harmony, Timmy ran off to save Charity and got destroyed by Zombie Charity. He was rushed to the hospital where he tragically died. His heart was given to Charity so that she could live. Tabitha was left all alone to grieve for her special lad, and was surprised when Julian showed up to offer his condolences. Julian recounted the time he had spent with Timmy and comforted Tabitha over her loss. They drank a toast to Timmy's memory with Martimmy's, and comically had one too many. What ensued is sure to go down in daytime history as the most memorable lovemaking scene ever. First Julian was Austin Powers, then Tabby was a man and Julian a woman, then they turned into Tarzan and Jane. When the liquor wore off, both were left in wonderment of what would happen now. Well Tabby is pregnant, and Julian is the daddy, so now it's anybody's guess. Worst Moment: Timmy's Death/Josh Ryan Evans Death It was a strange coincidence of fiction meeting fact. Timmy, the lovable doll passed away August 5, 2002 of heart failure. The plan was to bring him back to life later on this year, but sadly that was not to be as Josh Ryan Evans, Timmy's portrayer, passed away the same exact day, from heart failure as well. The writers have done a terrific job of keeping both Timmy and Josh's memory alive through montages and monologues. Tabitha now has the difficult task of destroying Charity, who received Timmy's heart. It was very touching for Tabitha to wish Charity well on her wedding day and ask her to take care of Timmy's heart. And the scrapbook the Bennett's presented her with on Christmas was especially touching. Timmy nor Josh will ever be forgotten. Best Actor: Ben Masters (Julian Crane) He was gone for the better part of the year, but he still made this show worth watching. No one can deliver a sarcastic line or a heartfelt monologue quite like Ben Masters. He can make you hate him while swirling his brandy and wooing Rebecca, to making you love him while he pines for true love Eve all in one fluid moment. Julian used to be a one note character, a cowardly playboy. Now, his character is being fleshed out a bit more, and Julian is starting to show his heart, all the while giving Ben Masters the chance to shine. He made me laugh so hard while making love to Tabitha, to crying when he calls Ethan son, to seeing how Eve fell so hard for him when he shows her his tender side. Trapped in that elevator, he was determined not to let Whitney be harmed in any way, for he knew it would destroy Eve. Only Ben Masters can take a complicated character like Julian, and turn him into the most loved on the show. Best Actress: Deanna Wright (Kay Bennett) I love, love, love her. She is evil and innocent all wrapped into one nice little package. She plays daddy's little girl and an evil little witch in the same scene. Deanna makes you root for Kay's devilish schemes to get Miguel away from Charity. You hate to see true love interrupted, but you surely don't want to see Kay lose, and that's because Deanna brings a vulnerability to Kay. She expresses her hurt at being passed over for everything from getting Miguel to her parent's attention. She has a one track mind and nothing will get in her way of landing Miguel, and she is using the fragile state of her parent's marriage to ensure that. Deanna also proved that Kay can hold her own against the powerhouses. Ivy threatened Kay, and instead of whimpering and cowering she fought back. Deanna bares Kay's soul to us on a daily basis, showing her insecurities and strengths. She's not afraid of anything, and we know she's going to get her way. Hope you all have a safe and wonderful New Year. See you in 2003. Brandi

Until next week friends,

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