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Greenlee now has the unpleasant experience of running into Jonathan. Can anyone blame her for wanting to get away?

Greenlee now has the unpleasant experience of running into Jonathan. Can anyone blame her for wanting to get away? The man drugged and almost killed her yet Ryan and Kendall expect her to just forgive and forget. I'm thinking Jonathan's not the only one with mental issues.

Speaking of mental issues that would be Amanda. Why is it AMC is having her go off the deep end all of a sudden? First she's portrayed as a slut and gold digger now she's lost it as she plans on drugging Jamie to get him to marry her. How long will it be before she tries to kill Babe? I really dislike the character.

Babe tries to keep JR from driving drunk, but she just can't handle the situation. I have to say I really LOVE Jacob Young. He has done an outstanding job of portraying JR as manipulative, hateful, heartbroken, uncaring and sarcastic. BUT - the writers should not have had him condescendingly shrug off the fact he ran down something --- as he stated "who cares about a racoon." Animal lovers like me don't appreciate that attitude. We see JR hit Amanda instead and at that speed she should have been thrown quite a ways, but that's just a soap discrepancy. Next week I feel sure we'll see more of this unfold and I unfortunately I believe Amanda's life will be spared. Note this was another predictable Friday PV car accident.

Di is released from jail courtesy of JR but she mistakes this gesture for forgiveness. Wrong!!! JR wants Di gone from PV. Di wants Tad and goes so far as to proposition him. Tad turns Di down and throws her out. I really don't like Di and Tad together. I'd prefer if Di left PV and took Del with her. In my opinion --- Tad is long overdue for a trip to the barber/stylist! Maybe even the Glamorama!

We got to see Ethan briefly and I've missed this hunk. Seems there might be a little reconciliation potential between Ethan and Zach but time will tell. This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week is from Angela who shares her thoughts about Kendall and Zach: "I think the writers have teased the audience long enough with the Kendall and Zach story. The storyline is at the point where the two either need to admit their feelings and do something about it or part ways not expressing their true feelings. Enough with the teasing." Yes, we have been teased enough with these two. They do have potential, but I still believe at some point in the future Kendall and Ryan will be reunited. They did have great chemistry and still do which was shown in their recent scenes together.

I've heard from several folks that think Jackson is boring and not needed. Well, I have to take a moment and tell everyone how far this is from the truth. Jackson is one of the sexiest characters around. Unfortunately, the writers are to blame. Jackson and Erica could light up the screen as they have more chemistry than many can even imagine. However, for some reason Jackson's main interests have been relegated to being a concerned father. While this is noble in real life, it can make for a lackluster storyline. Since Jackson had no children, other than the never seen adopted Lily, AMC decided to bring Reggie into the mix and then change history by having Greenlee become Jackson's daughter. While I personally like the actors that portray Reggie and Lily, they could have been introduced in other ways or as Jackson's children, they didn't have to consume Jackson's life. Why is it TPTB don't think anyone over 40 is interesting? They finally allowed Jackson and Erica to get married which only gave us long time fans hope for more and then dashed our dreams by pushing the couple to the back burner with no romance, etc. Shame on AMC!

Lots of comments on Kate Collins returning as Janet instead of Robin Mattson. Everyone wants to know how Kate will be explained. I'm confused as there was no explanation when a "new" Del returned who's about 20 years younger than the real Del. There was no explanation when Josh was recast a few weeks ago --- the viewers were just supposed to accept a new actor. Bringing Kate back is no different than any other recast, except we get the benefit of enjoying a real pro again. Yes, she'll be older than when we last saw her but she's such a fine actress I'm looking forward to the treat! Kudos to AMC for this decision.

Rumors are swirling around the potential recast of Greenlee --- Let me just say I believe that would be a huge mistake. Rebecca is Greenlee and shouldn't be replaced. Let Greenlee just leave PV with a little dignity. Please continue to remember all of our troops in your prayers. See you next time.


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