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80s fright night
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Oakdale needs Craig like Luke needs a kidney. The Jen/Paul/Emily side of the baby saga falls flat without Craig there as the antagonist, and it's just cruel to show his face in a dream sequence when he's not on the canvas anymore.

Just so you know, I'm a sucker for an '80s theme party. Add in Halloween costumes and (gulp) Air Supply, and forget about it. BJ's creepy Halloween party was a hoot, leading up to the revelation that he really is a twisted stalker.

Having party guests dress as they were in high school was brilliant. From Katie's cheerleader costume to Mike's football ensemble, the party was fun. But, can someone tell me why Henry would have worn a cape and a pencil-thin mustache in high school? What was he supposed to be, a drama king?

Despite the cape, Henry was no superhero at the party. In fact, he gets the stinker-of-the-week award for turning a blind eye to BJ's weirdness, just to keep a job and a house. Henry should have used better judgment. Actions have consequences, and he knows that. He's not an idiot. And while I understand he identifies with lovelorn BJ, the Henry we know and love would never have knowingly put Katie in danger. Yes, Katie and Mike have been less than friendly to Henry of late, so maybe Henry wanted a little revenge, but he wouldn't have helped BJ if he thought Katie would get hurt.

Don't hate me, but I actually felt a little sorry for the delusional BJ during the whole saga. His heartache was heart wrenching, when he couldn't fathom that Katie was finished with him, after the fake prom fright night. Someone cue Sergio Mendes' "Never Gonna Let You Go." I don't think this chocolate-milk-obsessed freak is finished with his retro madness just yet.

--By now you've heard the news that Luke is being rapidly aged and the part recast. I'm worried, Scoopers. The next time Faith goes into the kitchen for cookies and milk, she may come out wearing a training bra.

--Oakdale needs Craig, like Luke needs a kidney. The Jen/Paul/Emily side of the baby saga falls flat without Craig there as the antagonist. Note to ATWT honchos: It's just cruel to show us Craig's face in a dream sequence, when he's not on the canvas anymore. I kept waiting for him to toss out one of his trademark sarcastic lines, during Paul's drug-induced dream. But sadly, we only got a glimpse of Mr. Montgomery.

--Emily is the one now driving the baby-switch secret. Um, OK. This makes even less sense than Paul doing everything in his power to keep the secret. Does anyone miss the days when Emily actually had a job and something to do, other than obsess about her boyfriend's family? Yeah, me too.

--Thumbs up for the Snyder family bonding First, Jack and Holden and then, Meg and Holden took turns discussing Luke's critical health. It was nice to see these characters involved in each other's lives again and pulling together in a crisis.

--They must be skiing in Hell this week. The impossible happened: Maddie defended Casey Hughes and helped Mike reunite with Katie at the party. Maddie is a bit of a brat, but proved she'll do the right thing in a crisis.

--Note to Lily: Hit the big, red nurses' call button to get a doctor in the hospital room, when your son is having a seizure. Yelling for Holden may be the first thing that comes to mind, but last time I checked, he didn't have a medical degree.

--OK, does anyone else find it strange that the "dead" baby's name is John Dustin Kasnoff? Shouldn't it be Munson or Montgomery? Jen's two-minute marriage to Mike Kasnoff was over before it started, and Craig is the baby's father. I'm assuming Jennifer is back to the name Munson now. I just think Kasnoff is a poor choice for the baby, considering Mike hasn't even mentioned Jen or the child in weeks or visited the gravesite.

--Please tell me Gwen won't leave Billy alone with his alcoholic grandmother again. Gwen should know better, considering Iris' past and her questionable fashion sense. Leather pants to babysit in? Really?

--Don't expect to see much of Sierra or Ben in the future. Mary Beth Evans and Peter Parros were both dropped to recurring status. I'm sure you're not surprised, as we've seen little of their characters lately.

--Bravo to Two Scoops reader Michele who predicted weeks ago that Luke's illness would require a kidney from the one guy in town who happens to smuggle human organs. I didn't see that coming, but Michele did.

--I enjoy that characters' hairstyles are reflecting their current mindsets. Jen is still sporting the wild, crazy curls, since her downward spiral into depression and drugs. Now, Jack is sporting a messy do, too, reflective of his unemployment, instead of his normal cop crew cut.

--So, Keith is going to trade a black-market kidney for Lily's hand in marriage. Hmmm, that's the first time I've ever heard of a human organ used as blackmail material to get someone to the altar. I'm sure Lily would sell her soul to the Devil to save Luke's life, so wedding bells are probably just around the corner. Don't you think Holden is kicking himself now for getting involved with Keith's sister, which inevitably brought Keith to Oakdale?

--Did anyone else need a cold shower after Dusty and Meg's pool game? That was the hottest game of billiards I've ever seen. These two have such great chemistry. It's a shame that their romantic future is already doomed. I just know Meg is going to come out of this baby scheme as one of the bad guys, prompting Dusty to never forgive her. When that happens, I just hope he remembers what he said this week, that he too is a bad guy who doesn't always make the right decisions. I don't see that happening though, as Dusty will probably return to his preachy pulpit of condemnation.

--Is it wrong that I want a t-shirt that says I heart Will? He is quickly becoming my favorite character. Every scene is solid with this guy. At times, he seems to be the most mature man on the show. Jesse Soffer commands your attention every minute he's on, even during scenes that could easily be mundane. His quiet talk with Gwen this week about her one-night-stand with Casey had me glued to the screen. And when he discovered Gwen and Paul's scheme, he sizzled with anger and hurt. Yeah, I heart Will.

--Paul is working my last nerve. His flip-flopping is undermining this story. After his absolute determinedness to lie about the baby, are we really supposed to believe that now he has a conscience?

--Thumbs up this week to the writers for using show history. Mentioning the Katie/Margo liver transplant to remind Luke that the hospital had a history with organ transplants was a nice touch. Then, Will pulled out the history book for Paul and reminded him that Dusty was once paid to break up his engagement. Nice.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Katie shows Mike a picture of BJ from high school, when he looked like a different person.)
Katie: "That's him, before he lost the weight, the glasses and the overbite."

(Iris warns Gwen to avoid a relationship with Will, considering his mental history.)
Gwen: "As if you know a lot about relationships."
Iris: "Well, I know that I wouldn't get hooked up with someone who's crazy, no matter what the doctor said. I mean, once a wacko, always a wacko."
Gwen: "I guess there's no hope for you, then."

(BJ convinces Henry to stay in his employ, despite BJ's weird actions at the party.)
BJ: "So, you won't leave?"
Henry: "No. What's Don Quixote without his Sancho Panza?"
Maddie: "What does that make me, the donkey?"

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Connie.)
"I find Meg's behavior regarding Dusty embarrassing and demeaning, and a little hard to believe. If Meg were much younger, I could see it, but she's old enough to know better than to run after a guy who has clearly made his feelings known by shrugging his shoulders and saying, "Eh." Absolutely love your column!"

(From Two Scoops reader Jamie.)
"THANK YOU for mentioning the ridiculousness for Paul's "reason" to keep the status of Jen's baby secret: Craig Montgomery. Yes, he is IN JAIL! What can he do from JAIL? And even if he were to get out, with his past, what chance does he have over Jennifer? I was beginning to think I was crazy for thinking this, and finally someone else points out the obvious! As much as I love to hate Paul, he is going much, much too far this time. I would expect this from him, if it weren't his family he was doing it to. And Emily needs to get a backbone. She is controlled by Paul, and she is driving me nuts. I hope they both get what they deserve."

(From Two Scoops reader Cate.)
"OK, this falls under the category of, "I know it's a soap, but it STILL defies logic." Rosanna, thinking she legally and finally adopted Rory, left him a trust fund for his legal guardian (Carly) to use for his upbringing. Gwen is maintaining that Rory still belongs to her, because she changed her mind within 30 days, so the adoption wasn't final/legal. So, if Rosanna isn't the legally adoptive mother (and, therefore, Carly isn't the legal guardian), then how could Gwen possibly lay claim to the trust fund (which, she has said, would make it financially feasible for her to raise him?) This is making me nuts."

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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