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Keith needs to go
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Last week, Keith found a kidney for Luke so that he could force Lily to marry him. Would he have let Luke die if she had said no? Lily does not love him anymore, so he needs to just tuck his tail and leave town.

This week, I watched three relatively new characters create a great deal of havoc in Oakdale. What are these people doing: Keith has lost his marbles, BJ never had any marbles to begin with and Iris will do anything to get what she wants.

Keith and His Demands
Keith got a kidney for Luke so that he can force Lily to marry him. Is this the most ridiculous plot since _______? (Please help me fill in the blank.) Would he have let Luke die if she said no? The fact of the matter is that Lily does not love or want to be with him anymore so he needs to just tuck his tail and leave town. The character really didn't have much left after his sister's murder was solved. He can't say that he is there for his nephew that he never sees. So now that Lily and Holden are putting their family back together, Lily is going to break his heart by telling him that she is marrying Keith. I certainly hope that Lily comes to her senses and does the right thing - tell Keith where he can go.

Byron Glass and his Obsession
BJ Greene is very much in need of some serious psychiatric help. He may have a lot of money but he needs to spend some of that money on helping himself. He thinks because he has money that he can get away with anything like making a person disappear or kidnapping or making someone love him. He is a really sad man especially when you hear about his early life. I would like to feel sorry for him but he keeps doing these things like kidnapping Henry or threatening Maddie which does not make anyone want to feel sorry for him. I don't see him staying around Oakdale for a long time if he continues on this path because the writers are definitely painting his into a corner.

Iris and her Schemes
Iris has taken eavesdropping to a new level - she is always standing somewhere listening to her daughter's conversation before deciding what her next move should be. Now her target is Will, I shutter to think what she has planned for him. To hear her talk about Rose's murder makes you wonder what is going to do to get rid of him.
I like Will and Gwen together as they are two teenagers that have had a lot happened to them throughout their lives - now they have each found someone who understands them. This is the first time in a long time that a teen couple has a real appeal and not sappy like Lucy and Aaron or Casey and Celia. On the subject of Casey, I think he has met his match in Maddie; these two might turn into a couple to root for while making Casey likable again.

The Baby Switch
In the last few weeks, I have received a lot of mail about the baby switch story and I believe everyone is growing very tired of this story. So this is what other viewers are thinking:
Rebecca says, "I'm with you on the baby story. I just want it to be over. It's just awful. A mother needs to be with his/her child, and vice versa."
Debbie says, "I'm so happy to hear someone else is as sick of the baby line as I am. I find myself fast forwarding through most of the story because I can't stand it anymore. Between Paul and Emily (who use to be one of my favorite characters and now I cant stand) I have pretty much quit watching ATWT."
Phil says, "I so agree with you on this baby storyline. I was absolutely astounded when Meg switched the blood vials. Wasn't the lab courier standing right behind her anyways? Enough already! It's time to MOVE ON! I'm telling you, if the writers don't get with it, and the show doesn't stop the talent bleeding they are going to lose a lot of viewers, including me."
Charlene says, "It seems that everyone involved is stuck on stupid. Emily and Paul have been a pill to watch as of late. Emily is a disgrace to all women who would stoop this low knowing she is a mother herself. What in the world were the writers thinking?"
Jill says, "I'm starting not to care. I hate that because they did such a great job of holding my attention when Jack was with Julia and couldn't remember Carly. My biggest fear is that when it's all over everyone just forgives each other!!! When is the baby storyline going to end?"

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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