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After being back in Springfield for a year, it was nice to see Harley and Dinah get together and talk about the past last week. Of course, that was just due to the fact that Alan-Michael is returning to Springfield.

Well, we survived Springfield's latest blackout - short though it was. But while it was nice to see cast members intermingling, it left me with more questions than answers.

Marina and Michelle in the elevator was interesting. I am very glad that they did remember that Michelle and Jenna were in a similar situation all those years ago. It also goes a long way to highlight how complicated Michelle's life has gotten from the days when Jenna was braiding her hair to calm her nerves. But what did their time together resolve? That Michelle was going to go after Danny and fight for reuniting her family? We already knew that. And since we know that Nancy St. Alban (Michelle) and Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny) are leaving November 22nd, we know which woman Danny chooses.

It was nice to see Cassie call and "talk" to Hope - she is a big part of her life. But with the character being written out (with Danny and Michelle) it seemed a little cruel to show the love Cassie has for the child (which anyone can understand) only to have the little girl leave town this month.

Speaking of Cassie, I did like the talk she had with Josh - who really deserves a break. The poor guy has been through the wringer with Reva and deserves a woman who appreciates (and wants) him 24/7. I'm glad to see Buzz playing devil's advocate and showing Reva the error of her ways. Will she listen? Who knows! I love how this couple can always seem to connect in any scene - they are certainly one of my favorites and it's great to see them together and happy - if only for a day.

After being back in Springfield for a year, at least, it's nice to see Harley and Dinah get together and talk about the past. Of course, this is all due to the fact that Alan-Michael is returning to Springfield. I would love to see A-M and Dinah get together, she needs a strong man to play off of (and it's clear that GL isn't going to let Jonathan forget about Tammy anytime soon).

That odd little engagement party really didn't do much for me. I can't imagine having a party that soon after getting engaged - and on Halloween? Of course, since GL seems to want to have this story wrap up in warp speed (with or without a wedding) we had to go along for the ride.

Jonathan and Tammy's little "accidental" meetings make me think that this wedding will go the way of Julie and Dylan (Mallet's sister and Reva's son) - which was halted after a last minute rendezvous with Hart (yes, the one Dinah killed - Cassie's ex-fiance'). I have to wonder why GL is pushing this couple so hard since so many fans are outraged at the "kissing cousins" storyline. Since I only have female cousins, I guess I can't really relate.

And why did Alan orchestrate this whole thing, only to remain behind bars? Did he really need a stogie that much that he couldn't wait to return to the sanitarium? I hope that GL explains that one - since I am stumped. I didn't think his conniving family planned A-M's return to Springfield, but maybe I was wrong.

I guess only time will tell where this little blackout has gotten our favorite characters. Let's hope that one evening in the dark will bring the show back into the light as far as ratings are concerned. Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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