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Lizzie and Coop have been absent so much lately, it was a surprise to see them last week. Will Coop bail her out of her latest jam? If Beth focused a little more on Lizzie, and less on Alan and his revenge on Harley, perhaps she wouldn't have ended up in this jam.

Halloween is one of my very favorite days. A chance to be someone else for a day. I never really got into being a scary ghoul or goblin, but usually something to make everyone laugh (this year, I'm torn between wearing my green M&M costume or my college graduation robe with a sign "Pick Me" ala the Supreme Court).

GL was certainly getting into the "spirit" of things this week. Although how no one figured out that it was Edmund under that cheesy beard is beyond me. And the theme will certainly continue this week when the lights go out (oooooh) and we see a woman's face (Cassie) change before our eyes and a face from the past return (A-M).

I know from reading the spoilers, that this blackout will be the catalyst for all sorts of new stories in Springfield. And, like many of you, I am so ready for the new stories to start. Hopefully they can pick up the pace a bit this fall, and show more of those beloved characters we so rarely see (well, the ones who remain with the show that is...) And for those who are already missing the actors who have left or are leaving GL, I will certainly try to pass on any information I receive on their activities so their fans can still see them.

One story that I admit puzzles me is the Sandy story. We've had this story on the backburner for so long, and now that Ava has arrived - she's divorcing him already? I had figured that GL would play this out a little longer, but it does make me wonder how this will all play out. You know that Tammy will have to find out about Ava - but before she marries Sandy? I guess we'll have to wait and see. I know that there are a lot of fans out there who are not hoping for a Jonathan/Tammy pairing, this story will certainly get plenty of air time this fall!

Lizzie and Coop have been absent so much lately, I nearly forgot about them! I can imagine the trouble she'll get into with that lone shark - will Coop bail her out of this jam? You bet! But maybe if Beth focused a little more on Lizzie and less on Alan and his revenge on Harley, she wouldn't have ended up in this jam.

One thing that always has me curious is a recast - and we have two this week. While Cassie is literally switching performers in a scene, Alan-Michael (who I will nearly always refer to as A-M) has been off-canvas for ages. It will be interesting to see how the fans take to both actors and their interpretation of the characters they bring to life.

I have to admit that recasting Cassie surprised me - especially after the show let David Andrew MacDonald (Edmund) go. It will be interesting to see where this character goes in the next few months.

A-M was a perfect fit to return to Springfield - especially in the absence of Phillip. This character is part Bauer (his mother is Hope - Rick and Michelle's first cousin), and part Spaudling, too. And he's been married to two Coopers (Harley and Lucy - who is now off-canvas). There will be lots of connections to be made to this character right from the get go. And will he give Harley a run for her money as Spaulding's CEO? Only time will tell. This fall sweeps season should be an interesting one.

Let's hope that GL has lots of tricks - and treats - for their fans in the coming months. Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!


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