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The fallout continues
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We're one week out from the three big reveals - Di really isn't Dixie, Ryan is really alive and Zach lied to Kendall - and the repercussions just keep on coming.

We're one week out from the three big reveals - Di really isn't Dixie, Ryan is really alive and Zach lied to Kendall - and the repercussions just keep on coming. I have to mention first how much I enjoyed the episodes where all three secrets came to light. The writers did a brilliant job of weaving all three confessions together. But on to this week's events...

Poor JR had to deal with Dixie's death all over again, and he decided the best way to handle things was to beat the hell out of Ryan, drown his sorrows in his father's Scotch, and then make a pass at Babe, who for once was thinking of someone other than herself. I did enjoy his confrontation with Ryan, but that's only because I really wanted someone to hit St. Lavery, no matter who it was.

I'm glad that Di brought up JR's past drug abuse problems and I hope the writers continue to mine that troubled past if JR continues drinking. It would be interesting to see how JR would deal with alcoholism, considering the history of the Chandler children - Skye (though not a biological Chandler, she was raised as one) and Hayley, both had similar alcohol problems. How would Adam deal with yet another child of his being driven to the bottle?

Zach and ... Di?

All of you know how much I love Zach and Kendall (and I still do!), but this week I was most impressed with Zach's interactions with Di and Greenlee. It was nice to see Zach and Di commiserate over dinner in his office. They have a lot in common - they both assumed other identities, they are both considered town pariahs, and they both need a friend. And by the way, the scene where Zach looked longingly at his wife's signature on their gaming licence just broke my heart.

As for Zach's visit with Greenlee, it was nice to see someone stand up to the "tiny torpedo." And the fact that he was doing it all to protect his wife endeared me to him even more. Even with all of Kendall's snide remarks, Zach was still determined to protect her - from Ryan, from Greenlee, and most importantly, from herself.

I was a little disappointed with Kendall this week, seeing as she was so quick to forgive Ryan's actions, yet so determined to keep Zach at arms length. Plus, she made me do something I never thought I'd do again: agree with Ryan! I know Kendall's desperate for Ryan and Greenlee to reunite, but Ryan was right - he needed to tell Greenlee the whole truth about his time away from Pine Valley. It's more than a little hypocritical for Kendall to advocate lying, considering how angry she is when anyone pulls that on her.

Calm Down, Kendall

Catherine agreed that Kendall's anger at Zach may be a little over the top: "Yes, I can see being mad for not being informed about Ryan, but that's about all she can be mad about. All the stuff about the pregnancy was all Kendall and Greenlee's doing and they have no one to blame but themselves."

Of course, none of that matters now. As the week ended, Jonathan called Greenlee - his "Surprise!" line really cracked me up! I don't see how Greenlee can muster up any forgiveness for Ryan now. Brain tumour or not, Jonathan did some downright evil things while in Pine Valley. It's not fair to expect the victims (Greenlee, Kendall, Lily, Sam) or anyone else in PV to "get over it" just because Jonny Boy is supposedly cured. As Livia said to Ryan, Jonathan may be legally entitled to freedom, but he's not automatically entitled to live happily ever after in the town where he wreaked so much havoc.

The previews for Monday's show were intriguing. I think seeing Julia plant a kiss on her hubby awoke some underlying feelings in Kendall. Speaking of that kiss - it was awful! There was no chemistry there at all. I hope they have bigger things in mind for Julia, because she's still not working for me. She still exists in a vacuum, without any real support system around her.

Where is the Love?

Francine wrote in about the disappearance of that support system in a recent email: "Where is the rest of the Santos clan? I know AMC brings back characters for guest appearances, so why don't they have a Santos reunion to welcome Julia back? They can have a big party and then go back to their lives. Julia's return doesn't hold true if Anita and Sam are her only family members to embrace her return." Couldn't agree more, Francine!

I really liked the scenes between Stuart and Lily this week. It was sweet to see two of AMC's most beloved characters compare notes on their respective dysfunctional families and I always enjoy when the writers manage to connect characters that you would never expect to see together.

Anything else of interest happen this week? Well, there was some Amanda-Jamie material, but I'd hardly classify that as interesting. I get it, Amanda wants to marry Jamie - now she's planning to drug him all the way to the altar! I just don't care about this story. I'm hoping that Janet's impending return might offer a little more dimension to Amanda. I'm also wondering how they'll explain away Kate Collins playing the post-op Janet, last played by Robin Mattson. Then again, this is a soap - I'm sure they'll come up with some ludicrous explanation.

Your Turn!

Let it never be said that I exclude any opinions that don't match my own. While I have received several emails praising Zach, and his relationship with Kendall, Colleen disagreed: "Not all of us like Zach," she wrote. "I cringe every time he gets near Kendall." Margaret, on the other hand, wrote "One Zach and Kendall scene is worth an entire show ... Thorsten Kaye and Alicia Minshew are doing a great job and I'm excited about what's coming up."

That's it for me this time around. Next time we meet, we'll be in the thick of November sweeps, and I'm sure there will be plenty to discuss. Have a good week!

-- Kristine

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